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Common and Jennifer Hudson confirmed their relationship again during his appearance on her daytime talk show.

The couple have urgently ramped up their “Yes, we’re dating” tour with public appearances over the last several months.

During his appearance, the rapper, 51, and the EGOT winner, 42, discussed marriage and what they’re looking forward to in their relationship.

When Jennifer jokingly asked if he’s dating anyone, Common answered by listing the attributes he’s looking for in a woman — including an EGOT winner who has her own daytime talk show.

This led some on Black Twitter to say the aging rapper is simply hitching his wagon to a successful star.

Photo may have been deleted

Common also confirmed his romance with J-Hud in a guest appearance on “Today with Hoda and Jenna.”

Despite his history as a ladies man, Common insisted he’s the “marrying type.”

“I feel like I have grown and the work that I’ve done on myself has allowed me to see that I am a marrying type,” Common told Hoda Kotb after she asked whether J-Hud could “be the one.”

Common said he’ll “know when the right time is,” and he’ll let Jennifer know when he’s ready to tie the knot.

“I would communicate with that person and if she’s feeling that, then why not?”

Common told Hoda and Jenna about his appearance on Jennifer’s show, which aired Monday.

“We had a little fun,” he said. “I felt like, why not just be loving and honest with who I am and who we are. And it felt good, it was fun, we had a good time.”

He added that he’s a “very private” person when it comes to his personal life and “things that are sacred.”

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