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Wendy Williams’ court-appointed guardian wants her ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. to return $112,500 in alimony that he was “overpaid”.

Wendy’s guardian Sabrina Morrissey filed court papers demanding that Kevin Sr. return $112,500 after she claims he was “overpaid” in Wendy’s divorce agreement.

In the court filing, obtained by The U.S. Sun, Sabrina also asked the divorce judge to issue a gag order to stop Kevin from speaking about the case.

Sabrina says that, according to the couple’s Marital Settlement Agreement, Kevin was to receive “severance payments” from Wendy.

“The payments to Mr. Hunter were to terminate if [Wendy’s] yearly earned income is less than 2 times her then yearly income (as of February 1, 2020),” according to the documents.

Wendy, 59, had not hosted The Wendy Williams Show in her final season due to dementia and other health issues.

Sabrina said Wendy wasn’t paid her full salary in October of 2021, but Kevin, 52, continued to receive alimony.

“She continued to pay Mr. Hunter… As a result, [Kevin] has been unjustly enriched by the receipt of $112,500 ($37,500 x 3 months) belonging to [Wendy],” the documents read.

Sabrina is asking a court to demand Kevin return the $112,500 that he was overpaid.

Earlier this year Kevin reopened their divorce case and demanded two years back alimony.

The father-of-2 said, “I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses and having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly.”

Last year, a judge ruled Wendy did not have to pay Kevin alimony in their divorce case.