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Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter went on an unhinged rant in a livestream after a court appearance last week.

He wore a blue tailored suit and tie, as he represented himself in a New Jersey courthouse on Friday, April 19.

Kevin, 51, owes Wendy $112,000 in alimony over-payments that he wasn’t entitled to.

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After arguing his case in court, Kevin lashed out at women on his social media page who told him to get a job.

Kevin also claimed he has a big announcement to make next month — “I just gotta take care of this court stuff.”

“I can’t save Wendy. Only Wendy can save Wendy.” he said, before referencing her controversial documentary on Lifetime TV.

He claimed nothing has changed in Wendy’s financial or mental condition since the documentary aired. He accused people in her orbit of taking advantage of her.

Kevin called out influencer Blac Chyna, telling her to “sit down” before he airs out the real reason she appeared in the documentary alongside Wendy.

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Kevin’s followers mocked him because he can’t afford an attorney in his divorce case.

“You miserable women, please stay off my page,” he said. “Pray for the people that’s involved, pray for my ex-wife. Pray for Wendy Williams. Pray for the family, pray for everybody that’s involved.”

He continued: “Whatever I’m out here doing. Whatever people think I’m doing, guess what? If I don’t go out here and do it, who the f*** is gon’ do it? What we gon’ do? Whatever the display is, whoever’s in charge, they clearly don’t care.”

He added: “And I’ve been minding my business. I’ve been doing what I gotta do to make these announcements that I’m about to make to show that I am working hard. And gon’ keep working. My legacy’s not over.”