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I've been promised some real dirt on industry exec Mike Kyser, left, posing with Trey Song at his album release party earlier this week in NYC. I can't wait to hear what it is. By the way, sales of Trey's album, Ready, fell just short of the 100K mark for the 1st week. We're hoping Trey won't get Omarioned by Atlantic Records, which spent a grip on marketing for Trey's album. Other than singer/producer/songwriter Johnta Austin, no real celebs showed up for the party.
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Celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie attended the NY album release party for struggling R&B singer Trey Song on Tuesday. That's Atlantic Records PR Guru Sydney Margolis posing with her (he cut off his trademark dreads!). I emailed Necole and asked her if she was going to retire her Donna Summer weave and let her real hair breathe on Real Hair Day on Sept.8. I would post her response, but this is a family oriented blog, and here at, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. I'm just kidding of course.
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Chris Brown's bow tie has its own Twitter account, LOL.

And bitch boy's mama Joyce gives him the side eye on Larry King Live!

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  • LovelyLady

    Sandra tsk tsk tsk, ,leave Neoole alone. Aint nobody thinking about September 8, like someone said why is this such a big topic, is it going to stop world hunger

  • LovelyLady

    And Trey whoaaaa boyyyy

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra you are so hard on necole.

  • Daisy

    Sandra she is giving you the sideye :coffee:

    Well dayum@Trey!

    :rofl: @that pic of CB

  • missmiami

    u stay going in on necole.

  • LadyJustice

    lmaooooo @ THAT BOW TIE PIC. hahahahahaha that is funny

    why does necole always put all that hair on her head? i like her shirt and pants though

  • katgirl33

    About CB.....

    He looked sooooo freakin dumb, and sounded dumb too.....

    I really felt for his mother, she broke down when they started talking about her situation.

    I think it's really diffcult to defend your child, whose now an adult, when he has done something wrong.....especially on some shyt you got some personal experience can you defend your son on some DV, when you were a victim of the same thing?

    CB just screwed up everything....Larry King hit it on the head when he said him beating up on Rihanna is gonna follow him for the rest of his life.

    Look at what it did to Ike Turner...well, that and crack....LOL


    Damn Sandra, you know you wrong for asking Necole about her Donna Summers weave. LOL, you ain't right.

  • Daisy

    @kat clearly you missed his mother say HE WAS WRONG. She was NOT defending him or his actions last night.

  • pinky2083

    Team Trey :)

  • LovelyLady

    @ Kat,

    U missed what his mom said. She is not defending him but she will forgive anyone not just her son even a stranger. Plus thats her son. What do you want her to do, walk away from him. She forgives him and hopefully will be able to shape him into a better man. And you cant compare him to Ike Turner, Ike beat on Tina for years adn years. All we know of is ONE "ASSUALT' case with Chris and Rhianna

  • Daisy

    Sandra is gonna be salty when she finds out Trey sold more than 100K units this week lol

  • Charles

    Sandra air out what that drunk driving whore lemme see what she wrote ill drag that bitcch back to her rented apartment where she don't got her own car or cable

    What a broke ho if you gonna succk and fuck for blog hits u my as well get some cash with it.

    With her nasty ass weave showing her flabby belly

  • Anna

    Daisy Says:

    @kat clearly you missed his mother say HE WAS WRONG. She was NOT defending him or his actions last night.
    I'm dipping. She was only sitting next to her child to give her support, not excuses. Where are Rih's parents while she is trying to buy a $10 million home and street walking everyday? I know two wrongs don't make a right but do we want to see more ppl with money crack because they don't have family support? Britney is a grown as* woman, has millions, mansions, kids and her father is her conserveator(sp) because no one told her "NO"! Parents need to parent their children and not let them run them or think they can handle it on their own. I see Miley burning out in a few years.

  • Dhoward1913

    If it was this Necole's person party, could she have smiled in at least one of her pics? What is that smirk about?

  • ELove

    The CB pic is TOO FUNNY !!!

    The LIKELY-HOOD of a big-time celebrity BEING AN ADULT at age 19-20 years old is probably 10,000,000 to 1 ... Chris Brown is not an ADULT MAN and Rhi-Rhi is not an ADULT ACTING WOMAN

    CB's mother was a grown-azz woman getting her AZZ BEAT on the regular by a LOSER-AZZ Grown Man ... That is a BIG PHUCKING DIFFERENCE !!! Use YOUR Brain and not YOUR EMOTIONS in this regard in deciphering the distinction between CB & Rhi-Rhi situation... IKE TURNER (R U Serious...) :shrug:

  • Charles


    Your a enabler and if you have kids I can see them winding up in prison

  • Daisy

    @elove CB said last night even at 20 he was not yet a man and had alot to learn.

    @Anna I hope Miley doesnt get to far gone in the She should have learned from Brittany who I am glad to see back on top. I was not feeling the stripper pole being part of her(miley) act a few wks back. Time will tell.

  • ELove

    The ODDS of my Daughter or Nieces & Nephews that I have a direct-effect on their lives of GOING TO PRISON are infinitely lower than the ODDS that you ARE ACTUALLY A BLACK HETEROSEXUAL MALE named Charles !!!!!

  • LovelyLady

    LMAO @ E-Love :rofl:

  • yvonne79

    You guys are CRAZY!!!! :rofl: