From ContacMusic:

R&B singer Monica is hitting the gym and rethinking her diet after learning she suffers from high blood pressure.
The Boy Is Mine hitmaker admits she was stunned when her doctor had to prescribe her with medication to help combat the health concern and she is determined to change her lifestyle to bring her blood pressure down.

She tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, “It’s me now wanting to exercise and just learn to eat better; it’s not for vanity purposes. I’m changing my eating patterns. I was addicted to Lawry’s Seasoning Salt on my soul food – addicted to Old Boy seasoning. That stuff was killing me slowly. I ain’t even been around long enough yet!”

Monica confesses it will be a struggle to maintain a regular workout schedule but she has no choice if she wants to avoid following in her family history.

She adds, “I can’t stay in the gym. I’m going to have to though, because I just found out that I have high blood pressure. I’m 28 years old!

“And it’s hereditary; it’s on both sides (of my family). My mum has it, my grandmother had it, my father has it and diabetes, and his mother had both.”