If troubled rapper Kanye West didn’t know his career is on the rocks, he certainly knows now. Kanye’s Patelle Clothing line is officially dead before it ever got off the ground. You see, celebrity clothing lines are usually always backed by rich investors who act as silent partners behind the frontman celebrity endorser whose face is on all the ads.

But when said frontman celebrity endorser goes berserk and snatches the microphone from a white woman’s hand on national TV, well, that spells disaster in every language. Rich investors will pull out faster than 2-minute-man Sean Combs.

Poor Kanye thought his super celebrity powers would protect him from the wrath of a public fed up with his childish antics.

In other news, Lady Gaga, who dropped out of a tour with Kanye last week, will be going out on tour without him. They say tickets to her show are selling briskly, unlike the tickets to Kanye and GaGa’s tour.