Last night I received a phone call from a local star who wanted to know if she could give my phone number to a celebrity makeup artist who said she knew me.

It took me a minute to recall who Jai Jai, of Dream Face, was. She reminded me that I met her at Lenox Square Mall last Christmas while she was shopped with her then friend, rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob.

On Wednesday, another blog that specializes in tabloid style junk journalism posted revealing pictures of Jai Jai. An embarrassing move made even more humiliating by the fact that Jai Jai’s ex-boyfriend of 6 years, rapper Shawty Lo, was the original source of the photos which were taken off his Myspace page.

In captions under the photos, Shawty Lo gave the impression that the celebrity makeup artist was a random groupie emailing slutty pics of herself to the rapper. But there is always more to every story — and this story runs deep.

Jai Jai and rapper Shawty Lo in happier times

The story begins back in 2003 when the young stylist met the struggling rapper and the two fell in love. Jai Jai was there for Shawty Lo through the lean times, and provided a source of support on the outside while the rapper served a year in prison.

After they broke up, Jai Jai met local emerging rapper Oowee and had a baby by him. Tragically, the baby girl passed away and the young mother was forced to bury her only child. “Over the time I’ve actually developed from a teen into an adult and I’ve grown through many transitions and transformations,” Jai Jai said.

Rapper Shawty Lo helps Jai Jai blow out the candles on her birthday cake

During their on again, off again relationship, Shawty Lo met another woman who favored Jai Jai and started a family with her. But through it all. Shawty and Jai Jai remained close, exchanging phone calls and text messages. But recently, their relationship became strained due to the insecurity of his baby mama. Jai Jai and Shawty Lo’s baby mama finally came to blows inside an Atlanta nightclub last weekend.

“I wasn’t even talking to her man,” Jai Jai said. “She was in the club moving her hand in a motion like she had a gun, and I thought that was threatening to my life. So I walked over there where they were, reached across him and went wham!,”

The fight was broken up quickly by club security and Jai Jai says that afterwards Shawty Lo followed her to her car apologizing profusely for his baby mama.

Jai Jai believes the fight stemmed from the growing resentment that Shawty Lo’s baby mama felt towards her for being in Shawty Lo’s life. Jai Jai has reason to believe Shawty’s baby mama may have been stalking her as recently as last week. She said she found personal items outside her home that may have dropped from the woman’s purse.

A few days later, Shawty Lo called Jai Jai asking her to remove photos of himself from her Myspace page because his baby mama was upset. Jai Jai said she complied with his wishes and scrubbed all signs of him from her Myspace page.

By Wednesday night, half naked photos of Jai Jai that were taken from her cell phone appeared on Shawty Lo’s Myspace page. Jai Jai said her cell phone began to blow up almost immediately with messages from concerned friends alerting her to the pictures online.

“I just want to clarify that I did not send those pictures to Carlos Rico Walker “Shawty-Lo” as fan base or as a “groupie”, the entertainer and I have dated on and off for about 6 yrs now,” said Jai Jai. “During this time I have developed from a teen into a young lady and I’ve undergone many different transition and transformation since then, so what I once thought was something holds no value at this present time. However, I don’t have anything negative to say towards his actions or in reference to him. Clearly the worst has already been said, considering that, this affair has ran its course and I am more than proud to say that I have and will continue to survive this!!!!! Loyalty is Royalty; Everyday a star is born…. Clap for him!!!! I wish you well” Success is the best Revenge!!”

“I don’t want to say anything bad about him. It’s not in my nature to do anything like that. I just care about my reputation behind this. For him, I think it’s an ego thing. He [posted the pics on his Myspace] while he was in the studio surrounded by a bunch of hard legs. Before he was Shawty Lo, this was my life.

“Not to put him out there, but he’s really not that sexual. He doesn’t have like a big sexual drive. He wouldn’t even ask me to take [pictures] like that. I’m not upset but it just hurts a little because, like, six years? Are you serious? And then you try to fake like I’m just a fan?

“Do you know how many pictures I have of you and me together? All the letters that you wrote me from jail where you can’t even spell correctly writing these letters? Do you really want me to expose you to the people that don’t really know you?”

“Once I was up under his wing because I was too young to realize how big I was. But now I realize how big Jai Jai is! So really when he’s blogging about me, he just makes my life extremely larger aside from everything else I’ve got going on!”

“He just lets me know that I’m that colossal! Let’s advance to the next level, hopefully nothing but greatness comes from what was once thought to be disaster! The Devil is the author of confusion!”

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