Yesterday I received these pics in an email from Patrice Horton over at TuffLuv Management who represents NFL player James Hardy. But by the time I received the pics my day was already over.

I broke the story right here on that James Hardy and reality TV personality Toya Carter had split up. So Honey magazine immediately reached out to the new bachelor for a fashion spread.

We know that James Hardy is all man so why would he allow himself to look sooo gay in these pictures? There is no reason on God's green earth why a man should have on this much makeup. I'm just being real.

Sometimes you have to tell the makeup artist to go easy on the brush. My suggestion to ball players who don't want to look light on their feet in a photo shoot, is to ask for a mirror before the photo shoot begins. If you can't see your skin through the makeup, ask the makeup artist to do it over with less foundation.

Don't just take the makeup artist's word for it. To them, more is always better. You're a man and there is no reason for a man to look more made up than B. Scott.

By the way, the photographer is Rob Ector who studied under Derek Blanks. How Y'all Doin?!

  • missmiami

    He looks so much better in these pics. Seriously, I didn't think he was that cute on the show. Guess makeup & photoshop can do wonders. LOL Sandra, he doesn't look gay to me. It's called SEXY ;)

  • missmiami

    BTW, I love a man that can dress for EVERY occassion. There is a time and place for everything. Get sick of the sneakers & jeans all the time.

  • SunnyPA

    This guy is HAWT!!! Thanks for the morning wood.

  • Tyzgurl

    He is fine as a mofo. MMMM MMMM Good! And he doesn't look gay. I especially like the last!

  • 2thick4u

    Ummm...hmmmm....looking scrumpscious in this photo spread :) !!!

    James looks very handsome in these pictures, not at all gay :) !!!


    heavy make up and a lot of photoshop

  • LadyJustice =)

    he does look a lil like tyler perry's cousin in that first pic. nonetheless hes still handsome

  • Anna


    heavy make up and a lot of photoshop
    That's it, nothing more, lets keep it moving! Did he break up with Toya or was it reality tv dating?

  • thaspinaltruth

    I wonder if they used Mac, Bobby Brown, or Mary Kay on his skin? Anyway, he looks nice, but I really don't care for men with MakeUp on.

    Mummm, I wonder if he is looking down at Tyler in that first picture????


  • ELove

    @LJ and @Anna
    WHEN did MEN wearing make-up become A Masculine-n-Sexy thing ??? :lol:

  • licia

    i'm digging the 3rd picture. he looks nice.

  • LadyJustice =)

    @elove all celebrity men wear make up in pictures and film - it helps hide blemishes. some are just more noticable than others :shrug: i didnt say SEXY though lol, i said "handsome"

  • Krysi J

    way da rest of em'??!!

    can i get ah few mo?

    *drooling* :love:

  • Anna

    ELove Says:

    @LJ and @Anna
    WHEN did MEN wearing make-up become A Masculine-n-Sexy thing ???
    It doesn't have to necessarily be makeup. I have a pic on my desk of my kids and ppl think I have 3 daughters. It's photoshopped so much I had to question if they put makeup on my kids. None of my kids have a blemish in sight in the pic. They do this with school pics now also, If you look at a kids year book for the past few years, no kid has acne.

  • tbrown

    Yeah I agree ladies, his smoove skin textures could be the result of that smudge/blur feature in photoshop. :lol: Oh and he's looking mighty tasty :)

  • mizzdallas

    who is ed hardy...? anyways he is NOT handsome n if this is morning wood this is an #epic fail. like seriously give me a real man with real chest hairs a la Idris Elba :coffee:

  • ELove

    THAT'S why I asked you because you didn't say he was Sexy :wink:

  • Sheena215

    he actually looks nice. i like the red blazer.

  • lexdiamonz

    cotdamn!! how toya go from wayne to that mary,jo-jo and k-ci
    he fine!!!!

  • ELove

    @mizzdallas ... :rofl:

  • Anna

    mizzdallas Says:

    who is ed hardy…?
    Ed Hardy is a clothing designer. Jon the jerk from Kate Plus 8 wears his clothes. The guy in this post is James Hardy. LOL.

  • LovelyLady

    Sexy But Funny Looking.

  • LadyJustice =)

    mizzdallas Says:

    who is ed hardy…? anyways he is NOT handsome
    LMAO :rofl: imma pray for you mizz.

  • Silhouette

    that is so true my child is in elem. school and they enhance their pic and they aren't even old enough to have acne yet. I am not sure how I feel about it just yet.

  • wiggy2272003

    love bcott! I also love love love MissJia. She is definatley one to watch. I really hope she gets a gig with national exposure. She has IT. I wasn't gonna type it but I see you like her site too Sandra.
    If they can put Niecey on Hollywood Insider they can put MissJia on tv.

  • alexander

    he needs the makeup

  • Krysi J

    Now Mizzdallas...tell me you do NOT check for a nicCah sporting taco meat chest hairs?? LOL!

    James looking too fly in these pics Sandra.....I just became a fan of ummmmmmm what team he play for again?

  • ELove

    Buffalo Bills - WR ... He HAS no stats because he hasn't played in ANY GAMES so far this year

  • ~LovLi~

    Yeah those first too pics are too pretty for my taste. The second two are better.
    I like the clothes more than anything.

  • LovelyLady

    Krysi you stuoppiddddddddd :rofl:

  • browni007

    lol @alex and mizz

    James looks nice in the pics. everyone is aribrushed these days.

  • free

    he looks like a light-skinned lance gross. i can't believe these makeup artists.

    @krysi, i like hairy chests too and the line that goes down to the groin. i also like a lil ash on the knees and knuckles, believe it or not. lol.

  • Daisy

    I hate taco meat chest hair but I still :heart: Idris!

    This guy doesn't make my panties moist either :coffee:

    @wiggy I love bscott and miss jia as well!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    He's just airbrushed to death - that's all. Still a VERY handsome man!

    Yummm Yummmm Yummmm

  • Mspeng

    He's a very manly looking man compared to Lil' Wayne. The best word to describe him is handsome

  • Daisy

    @free I LUV the groin line lawd have mercy! Don't let a man be bow legged its a WRAP!!!!

  • pointhimout

    Elove, LL has been wearing make up for years. hahaha seriously.

    This here guy looks sexy to me, for some reason. And when I saw Derek Blanks was married, my all too common stance too over--BLANK STARE. Unlike SR, i'm not gonna go in on anybody and try to call em out, but I didn't see that one at all.

    Dear James,

    i'm here for you. you can tell me all the things toya wouldn't or couldn't do. is he on twitter, really, and not some bogus page? i need to follow him. get a good look from behind.


    lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..HE AN GET IT SIDEWAYS !!!!!!!!






    sandra please bring the smiley's back......cause me trying to figure out the symbols is not working!

  • Silhouette

    :rofl: @ point "get a good look from behind."

  • Ateya

    Yes I think its airbrushing.But he is a handsome guy.But I loved him with Toya.Will keep on praying for them both.

  • ELove

    @point... Regarding LL - EXACTLY and My Gurls never thought he look REMOTELY Masculine-n-Sexy PLUS they say He's waaaaay too short for their liking !!!

    This DUDE is at least 6'4" and even with the make-up HE LOOKS like a STR8 Cat (No Homo of course) :lol:

    And GOOD LUCK on the twitter feedback (WHO KNOWS...) :rofl:

  • pointhimout

    ^^^^ lololol. found and following on twitter.

  • Tommykimon

    I'm not feeling these pictures much but I thought he was FINE on Tiny & Toya's show.

  • Bird

    Sandra, I don't know what you are talking about. This boy looks fine as blackberry wine.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Very sexy. I fell in lust with him when he appeared on the Toya and Tiny show.

    Wonder why him and Mrs.Weezy F. Baby broke up? Sandra I know you know and since that is friendinyourhead, I'm sure you won't release the details. I hope he didn't cheat on her.