Thanks to loyal member April, aka BlackBarbie404, who dug through Florida public records and found that former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P, real name Marcus Cooper, is not registered as a sex offender in the state of Florida.

Click HERE to search the Florida sex offender database.

As you know, even if a sex offender was a minor at the time of his criminal offense, he must still register as a sex offender when he turns 18. The law requires that.

According to April, the only public records on file for Cooper in the state of Florida are papers related to his recent divorce with child support settlement, an unrelated pending lawsuit and a traffic citation for driving with a suspended license.

Click HERE to see those records (thanks April!).

I also received emails today from concerned friends of Pleasure P who question the real motives of the chick who posted these sealed court documents online. She claims to be the daughter of the attorney or paralegal who represented Mr. Cooper. But no attorney anywhere would tolerate such a flagrant violation of the law committed by his own family member.

For all we know, the court documents could be clever fakes. So until there is an official statement released by Pleasure P or any of his representatives, I am not giving any more credence these unsubstantiated claims.