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According to, Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel now says she lied to cover up for Woods when she said she didn’t have an affair with him.

Uchitel probably thought her loyalty would earn her brownie points with the golf legend — until his other jump offs came scurrying out of the woodwork like roaches hoping to cash in.

Uchitel, who hired famed mouthpiece Gloria Allred to represent her, will hold a press conference today hoping to regain her place in jumpoff history as THE #1 reason the Woods were fighting before he crashed his SUV into a tree early Friday morning in his Orlando, Florida subdivision.

Expect a bunch of lies and total fabrications from Uchitel when she goes before the cameras today. She has to make her story look good if she’s to get the jump on her competition, who have text messages and voice mails to prove their claims of infidelity.


Apparently, Gloria Allred and her client Rachel Uchitel have reached a financial agreement with Tiger Woods.

According to TMZ, Allred, Uchitel and reps for Woods were in communication last night and a financial offering might be on the table. TMZ has no details, but they do say Allred has never canceled a press conference in her life!

Being a jumpoff is a very lucrative profession.