Political blogs are buzzing about this contentious verbal exchange between obnoxious and pompous White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and American Urban Radio reporter April Ryan last week.

Ryan asked Gibbs whether he thought Michelle Obama felt overshadowed by White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and if Rogers invited herself as a guest to the 1st state dinner two weeks ago when she should have been tending to her job (my words and emphasis).

Gibbs bristled like he always does when he feels he’s being challenged instead of just answering the question. First, he ordered Ryan to “calm down” and then compared the black reporter to his child, telling her, “take a deep breath. See, this happens with my son, he does the same thing.”

“I’m older than your son. Don’t play with me!,” Ryan shot back as the other reporters in the room gasped. Would Gibbs have been so condescending if the reporter was black? Can the Obama administration do anything right?