A couple of loyal readers emailed me to ask what death by "natural causes" means. In the last three weeks we've read about two high profile deaths attributed to natural causes: actress Brittany Murphy and heiress Casey Johnson, who was found dead in LA yesterday morning.

Death by natural causes simply means the deceased had a preexisting condition (disease, long term illness, etc.) that caused the death. Natural causes also applies if the coroner can't find a cause of death and there is no evidence of foul play or homicide.

Hospitals are known to cover up medical negligence cases by attributing a patient's death to natural causes. The patient's death is by natural causes, therefore, there is usually no autopsy performed. It's left up to the patient's family to demand an autopsy if there is any hint that negligence was involved.

In Brittany Murphy's case, she was diagnosed with type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes and was reportedly very sick (nausea and vomiting) for days before she collapsed and died of cardiac arrest. It's very likely that her cardiac arrest was brought on by severe dehydration from vomiting.

  • gypsyeyes

    I don't want to seem cruel this morning and it's sad when anyone does but she looks way older than 30. She was still young so why did she need all that plastic surgery.Plus she looks like a jacked up Linda Hamilton (c) Terminator 2. Oh yeah my PSA for the day: Celebrities, if you don't want to die or go to jail please don't date Teila Tequila. That is all...

  • starr

    I just read that Casey was a diabetic...and had a history of diabetic coma

  • Vneezy

    A disease related death should not be considered 'natural' it should be called 'disease related death' or something. The medical world needs to step their name game up.

  • kwall

    as i said on the other post...casey johnson was a reported very bad diabetic (diagnosed at 11) who did not have a handle on her disease. it has been reported she was good for NOT taking her meds for days and not being a good eater. so i think it is gonna come out that this is medical and not drug related.

    she also may have been one of those "poor lil rich girls" who died from utter loneliness. money can't buy everything.

  • free

    sandra > trapper john m.d.

    sandra > marcus welby

    sandra > house

    sandra > dr. mcdreamy

    sandra > morehouse medical school faculty

    just clowning. thank you sandra!! :champ:

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    he face looks like its been injected with tons of stuff. =/

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  • ReadTheBlog

    Vneezy, you ever seen a death certificate? They usually ask the cause of death (3 options - Natural, Homicide or Suicide) and the manner. That's where you would enter the circumstances, like diabetes GSW (gun shot wound) or Drug overdose. I may have it switched around, but generally, that is how it is presented, in a formal fashion.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Is Tila a post operative tranny?

  • Vneezy

    @ReadTheBlog, yeah yeah I've seen a few and it sure does say cause 1 as a result of cause 2 or something like that...I know what ur saying. Its just something about saying natural when someone is so young but I guess.

  • LadeeA

    Twila, whatever her damn name is, probably killed her with her 2 ton head.

  • ricanlbc


  • Thando

    Being born into money seems to be a curse. I alsways pray the Lord makes me comfortable and able to work to buy a comfy lifestyle. I do not feel the need to be filthy rich if this is what it will do to me or my kids.

    Sensitive example, that bomber. There is no way I would be blowing my backside up for 20 virgins when I can afford as many as I like here on earth! Damn, all that money he has left just to be given free board for life in a prison...smh..

    As for this girl, she seems to have lived life in the fast lane. I hope there is no other person involved. RIP child coz I feel you had a less than peaceful short life on earth.

  • http://mistariesworld.blogspot.com mistarie

    It was has also been said that this child DID infact use drugs and was addicted to prescription drugs along with her diabetes:

    "Johnson, who was diabetic, had a history of drug problems and had been through rehab several times."

    These people are dieing way too young. Please, are these drugs worth your life? Let it go. Damn

  • starr2910

    cocaine is a helluva drug...

    but bobble head is gonna be milking this like crazy!! she already tweeted yesterday that she wanted privacy, then had lie 5 more tweets following that tweet..aha..smh..she aint getting no money though cuz apparently Casey's parents had control over her money..Ha!