Remember that rush you felt the first time you saw the movie trailer for The Matrix? Well, get ready. The laughs start about 11 seconds into this trailer for the movie 'Hit Girl' coming to a theater near you this Spring. Your kids will never be the same after watching this movie.


  • gypsyeyes


  • nika405

    Can someone recap? All I see is the white box.

  • tori-v

    :rofl: that is soo funny and a little disturbing but im gonna see it

    ok nika405 - its a movie about a little 10yr old looking superhero/Bond girl who curses and kills. she looks innocent and young but she wears a purple wig and leather and is the kid female version of James Bond. nicholas cage plays her homely looking dad!

  • nika405

    Thanks Tori-V!

  • eastpointvet

    oh this looks great cant wait to see it

  • BayArea

    This is some serious BS! Little girl: I'm just f#cking with you daddy? GTFOH!

  • MrzzSmitty


  • whatdoesitmatter

    WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids were standing right here when I clicked play. Thanks for the heads up! Sheesh. Or maybe I'm slow and you did give me one.

  • KunnyLove

    OMG! i feel so wrong for wanting to see this movie!! she is like the black mamba of 12 year olds! im gonna look up more info on this movie on IMDB

  • MizzLeelee

    I was kinda disturbed by the cursing and violence but this movie does look funny though.

  • spongebobfan

    The movie is not 'Hit girl' Hit girl is a character in the movie, the actual movie is called kick ass and it had a few of those 'super heros' this is a trailer featuring only one of them

  • KunnyLove

    spongebobfan you just beat me to the punch...was about to comment on the same thing. Kick Ass is the main character and the name of the movie. hilarious trailers located on:

  • Quitta

    Nah ah. :nono: SMH.

  • ashnic23

    This was funny....but disturbing. lol. Took me by surprised... "Im just fucking with you daddy..." Wha??


  • quannie111

    wow, this shit is off the hook! dont know if i like the little girl cursing so much if kids are to watch this.

  • starr2910

    after hearing her say "i'm jus fukking with you, daddy", I'm most def gonna see this's different..I ain;t never seen ish like this b4 lol

  • 5starchic

    tell me this is a joke