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'Precious' star Mo'Nique didn't let the weather rain on her parade at the 67th Golden Globes 2010 last night in Hollywood. Mo'Nique took home the first Golden Globe statuette presented for her portrayal as a sadistic, abusive mother.

As most of you know, Mo'Nique caught flack for refusing to help promote the film and being a no-show at awards ceremonies last year.

But on Friday, things didn't go so well for Mo'Nique. While backstage after accepting her Critics Choice Award for Best supporting actress, one reporter grilled Mo'Nique and pressed her to explain why she snubbed the movie's promotional events.

Rather than rip the newshound apart with her razor sharp tongue, Mo'Nique stood back and allowed her husband to handle him.

Mo'Nique called her husband Sidney Hicks to the press room stage to answer the question on her behalf.

He calmly told the media, "She's the first woman of African-American descent to ever have a late-night TV show, she's also a comedienne... In conjunction with that, she's a mother, she's also a wife.
"She hasn't been at all of them, but she has been at some... She'd rather portray a bad mother in the movies than actually be one in real life."

That's a beautiful thing! The mainstream media got a rare opportunity to see a black man standing by his wife's side and defending her the way a husband should.


  • Anna

    "Sharp tongue" What about sharp legs. Not a good look to want to show the shoes when the legs are never shaved.

  • missy

    Monique was getting her chubaka on ..Go girl...

    She still looked fab...

  • crzasallgetout

    She looked gorgeous!! I love what Sidney said because it's true. Monique's speech was so classy. I LOVE her.... hairy legs and all.

  • wtf

    standing ovation for her husband...well said!!!

    yep those legs dnt looks so good!!! pull your dress down mo!!

  • licia

    congrats to monique. i can admit i was a tad bit salty that she didn't help to promote the movie considering she was a major part of the movie.

  • Anna

    licia Says:

    congrats to monique. i can admit i was a tad bit salty that she didn’t help to promote the movie considering she was a major part of the movie.
    I don't think she knew the impact this movie was going to have, and didn't care to go out of her way to help promote it.

  • cheeks8683

    Way to stand up for your boo!!!! On another note I guess I need to see this Blindside movie because I thought for certain Gabby was gonna get best actress.

  • M3z

    Way to support your wife! Black love is beautiful :cheer1:

  • M3z

    And ya'll leave her alone with the hairy legs; she is not trying to conform to any beauty standard. Obviously she is comfortable in her skin. GO MO'

  • CWhatsHerFace

    Yes, I thought Gabby had this one in the bag for sure! But Congrats to Mo, and good job @ Sidney for sticking by your boo!

  • licia

    @ anna they have been winning awards for that movie since the sundance festival in which she attended. she knew something good could come from the movie. i'm trying not to come down on her so hard because i understand she had other obligations.

  • crzasallgetout

    I knew Gabby wasn't going to win. There was too much competition in her category. I haven't seen Blindside either but I really want to see it. Especially since Tim is in it. :)I was happy for Drew though.

  • licia

    cheeks blindside was such a good movie .

  • cheeks8683

    @ licia and crzasallgetout. Yeah I'm gonna have to see it at a matiness or something, I think I missed the boat because alot of my friends already saw it and said it was good. Plus Sandra has been in the game a loooong time, and I like her. Foe this being Gabby's 1st role she already has beat all the odds and she should be proud.

  • cheeks8683


  • crzasallgetout

    I hope she is honored to just be nominated. I would be. Mo definitely deserved her award.

  • licia

    i would have been happy if gabby had won beingthat it's her first role and she did good, but sandra played the h*ll out of that role in the blindside.

  • gypsyeyes

    On a personal level this movie did so much for incest survivors. My mom is 61 and it gave her the strength to talk about what her father did to her. I hope that it does that for all incest survivors. It's amazing how much this happens in our community. So bravo to Lee Daniels for exposing the truth.

  • cheeks8683

    :offtopic: Did any of y'all see how mickey rourke tore up gappy's name when he was naming off the nominees in the best actress category??? Man that made me so mad. I mean he knew he had to name off the names, he should have practiced, such an insult in my opinion...

  • Jamillah

    Monique wanted to be paid to promote the movie. Her husband is her manager so he would defend that decision because he is the one who made it.

  • gypsyeyes

    @Cheeks-Micky Rourke is so screwed up I don't even think that he knows how to pronounce his name. I've never seen someone who has changed their face for the worse.

  • licia

    jamillah i didn't know he was her manager. i did hear that it was about money .

  • cheeks8683

    @gypsyeyes...yeah, cocain is a heck of a drug huh? lol poor face looks like it done just melted off

  • kwall

    i don't even LIKE mo'nique yo...nd i am getting madder by the second as i do not see not one maintream media outlet with golden globe info about her....typical tho. i am not surprised...just ticked.


    congrats mo.

  • kwall


  • licia

    hey kwall

    you know how that goes. :shrug:

  • kwall

    yeah @ licia it is sad too. how you been lady bug?

  • Shauny

    I don't care about her hairy legs, it's her preference.

    Unfortunately, Gabby isn't even the runner up in winning best actress. Sandra is first and another woman is said to get it if she doesn't but none of the critics think Gabby will get it.

  • attorneymom

    You go, Mr. Sidney!! But tell the truth, the money wasn't right. LOL. Get the money right and Mo'Nique & Sidney will be there. LOL

  • licia

    @ kwall i have been ok. just working and stressing. the usual . how about you ?

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    I can't be mad Monique for not promoting the movie. They wanted her to pay own travel expense with absolutely no compensation for promoting the movie. She doesn't travel alone, she would have to pay for her staff to fly with her.
    Oprah and Tyler should have pitched in to pay her salary to promote the movie...uggh!
    Monique and all the other actors did the movie at a reduced actors fee. Wasn't that enough sacrafice?

  • indsopblkwom

    I am so happy Mo'Nique won and she was very classy and real during her speech. Blindside is good...I've watched it twice. Sandra played the part so well and definitely deserved the award.

  • Daisy

    The Blindside was a good movie

    Congrats Monique her hubby is a cutie

  • Natasha

    Love it:danban1:

  • Natasha


  • tbrown

    Congrats to Monique. I kind of figured Gabby wouldn't win, but to have been 'nominated' says so much. It was a good show. Was a tad surprised at Sandra's win and Avatar for Best Picture? Ummm...yeah.

  • Anna

    TMZ has a close up of Mo's legs. Not cute.

  • therapist1911

    Congrats to Monique.....well deserved. I'm sure it's been a long journey and too see your hardwork and dedication pay off is very gratifying. Not to mention, to see a dream that you envisioned since you were 14 years old come to fruition. Patience and perseverance is a virtue.

    On the Legs: Hey yall love to see natural women .....she gave yall natural...guess legs didn't fall under the category?

    Blindside was a great movie...not sure if it was Sandra alone moreso the story was great.

  • starr

    I thought sandra was good in Blindside. You win some you lose some. I"m just glad REAL black actresses are getting the credit they deserve for their work....

  • wtf

    umm hell no..if monique can take time to do her toes she sure can take time to get a looks gross and it just make u think how her coochie is?? eewww!!

    anyways congrads to her!!

  • mistarie

    Anna Says:

    TMZ has a close up of Mo’s legs. Not cute.

    Did they also get a close up of her award? :coffee:

  • mistarie

    Anyway, congrats to you Monique. Hometown homie!!!! She makes B-more proud. In the words of the incomparable Ms, Daisy, WORK BISH!!!!! :danban:

  • artistman999

    Sidney laid down the law on that reporter, Good Job. Good Job.

  • NubianJ

    Not too long ago hairy arms and legs wasn't a big deal and now it is? You ppl are something else leave those woman's legs alone! I don't shave my legs that often and ain't never had a man turn me down due to a little hair. Who cares? Since when shaved legs became part of hygiene? lol ppl are a mess.

  • STLVixen

    First off, I am proud of Mo and happy she won. I was not happy when Gabby didn't win but Sandra has been in the game for a long time and it was time for her to win, plus she was that good in The Blind Side.

    I think that if an actor signs on to do a film, they should promote it as well. I would think that would've been in her contract, but I also understand where her husband was coming from.

    I noticed that Paula Patton wasn't there last night and she was an integral part of the cast.

    Well done Mo!

  • Daisy

    Paula Patton was there last night prg and all!

  • KrayZKat

    I am so proud of Mo. I know people criticize her, but she is down for her people. Another thing I like about Mo is that she is who she is, and seems comfortable with herself. I admire anyone like that especially in this hypercritical society we live in. Kudos for Sidney for defending and protecting his wife.

    As far as her legs are concerned, whatever. To each his or her own. I'm minding my own business.

  • bklynchick

    I am so happy for her.....she deserves I finally watched Precious this weekend and it was really dark and deep to think there are people in the world that treat their children that way is sad...but my fav part was one Precious had cooked those pig feet and Monique said "you cooked pis feet without no damn collard f'ed it up now eat it up

  • bklynchick

    Deserves it and she looks so pretty hairy legs and all

  • onlinefan

    Congrats to Monique. I thought her speech was really good too.

    In the beginning when she was not showing up for the premieres and stuff and asking for money to appear was wrong. I'm glad someone got in her ear and told her that all the praise she was getting from people in the film world would turn into many opportunities for her in the future.

  • s_johnson07

    Kudos to Sidney! I love seeing such strong love manifest through devious people's attempts to throw shade. I'm so happy for Mo'Nique. Her acceptance speech was sincere in her thanks to God, Sidney, Daniel Lee and others.

    Yeah, I noticed it too. And to tell you the truth, I figured he would screw up her name. He's just so....ugh! Like the other poster said, cocaine is one hell of a drug.

  • scandalous1

    EWWWW...She is disgusting. Shave those damn legs gurl!!!

  • ReadTheBlog


  • Crislex

    Even though I am estatic to see mo'nique win, I do not defend her actions for not promoting the movie. If she had to pay her way she shouldve done it. Mariah did it, as well as Paula Patton and Gabby Sidibe. That is not excuse. She travled for other films she been in the past, she wanted to be greedy with this one. THE ONE MOVIE THAT SENT A MESSAGE!

    but all boolshyt aside, I am happy to see that she has won, and how far she came from where she once was.

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