After weeks of speculation and rumors of domestic abuse surrounding her relationship with Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, pop singer Rihanna now says she's single.

Rihanna chose a colorful dress for her performance on Ellen for an episode that will air Monday.
The 21-year-old pop star talked about her tattoos, her love life and the future.

Here are the highlights:

On her love life:

Ellen: “I read that you said you’re going to fall in love by 31 years old. That is your goal that you have to be in love by 31. Is that real? Did you say that.”
Rihanna: “No, but I hope I am. 31 is a decade away. I better be in love by then.”
Ellen: “Are you dating anyone now?”
Rhianna: “No, I’m single.”
Ellen: “Really, what about that guy we keep seeing you with…”
Rihanna: (Laughs)


  • EricaDenese

    After finding out that Matt Kemp has a history of :shotsfired: , she'd better run!

    Ugly dress though... :coffee:

  • EricaDenese

    Oh yeah, LMAO @ Ellen's boots! I :heart: Ellen.

  • mizzdallas

    Damn! where do I start on her fashion disaster, nappy weave or her lying azz?

    Well, first let me start, that dress look a like mini clown suit 2nd, that bish and her ex-publicist love putting spreading rumors about herself, or did camel tell her to break up with ole dude 3rd I never believe this bish just another ghetto hoodrat flop

  • biglegs36

    How was it a stunt! She is single now, because the media put his women beating ass on blast!

  • mizzdallas


    that lying bish only said that after finding out about matt's past u is a stupid whore

  • MissGauzzz

    :blink: is she serious? that bish still with CB! say what u wanna!

  • Mother Jefferson



  • biglegs36

    MissGauzzz Says:

    is she serious? that bish still with CB! say what u wanna!

    i have always thought that too!

  • Negrito

    You don't claim someone as your girlfriend/boyfriend after only dating a few weeks. Is she in a relatonship? Probably not. Is she letting Matt Kemp tap dat ass? OH, you better believe that.

  • SangriaSugar


    What is this chick wearing??? She looks like she should be hopping out of a car with a gang of clowns and squirting water in people's faces!! Somebody's fashion sense is still on vacation cause this is an EPIC FAIL!!!

    On the other hand I like Ellen's outfit but it would look better with different boots!! That is all...

  • Daisy

    She looks so cute :yes:

    Don't care about her and Matt,both her and CB never really claimed each other we just saw them boo'd up over time.

  • Carmez79

    when she was dating CB and they were all in the stores together and photo'd at kfc she was saying he is just a good friend too. she and CB are using these people for stunts they are still together. believe this koolaid if you want

  • Vyolet20

    @ mother j

    lol, agreed :)

  • iscream

    Is she going as a loaf of burnt wonder bread.


    & aren't those boots a lil fem for the butch? :shrug:

  • MsG

    This little girl lies too much for me.

  • Choco

    RiRi is bi-

    I wanna know why do we care what a 21 year old is doing...I mean honestly she's not saving the world or anything of signficance-Eff Ri I'm so over all these R&B Hip Hop fakes...

    :rofl: at that dress and them boots

  • SangriaSugar

    One another note...

    At least her hair is looking a little moisturized cause when she was in Cabo I got this feeling that if I parted her hair with a comb a big azz dandruff flake woulda hit me in my eye!! I would be walking around with a patch saying AAarrgg matee!!

  • Lovely One

    Rhianna outfits have been terrible for some time now. Did she switch stylists?

    Rhianna always seemed to move to fast after the Chris Brown she was trying to prove something. She's a trainwreck waiting to happen.

  • Choco

    Good one at Sangria arrrrghh matey LOL

  • Milan Millian

    me too...i love ellen...she's funny in her own way.....

  • Milan Millian

    That dress is horrendous but it's cute on her for some reminds me of one of those marachi mexican dresses

  • OutsidetheBox

    So here I am thinking the heavy winds carried my pinwheels outta my yard, and it was Rhi's fucking stylist! At least give me a nod. Sheesh.

  • mirsmommy

    iscream Says:

    Is she going as a loaf of burnt wonder bread.


  • iscream

    @ Choc


    I was talking about Ellen.

  • Daisy

    She still has the same stylist she just doesn't always use her. The dress is playful cute n different not my fav but I have seen worse. She still looks FAB as usual!

  • LaTechGrad02

    I heard that Rhianna was banned from performing at the Grammy's this year and might be banned permanently for not calling to let them know that she wasn't coming last year. Is there any truth to that? Sandra? Lisa Raye? Anyone? jk :)

  • LadyLew

    Man I used to rock the h3ll outta them swirls(earring) in highschool...that is all!

  • LaTechGrad02

    Oh Choco, Daisy, Outside, thank you for your positivity yesterday. The interview went well

  • Daisy

    @LA Anytime and again GOOD LUCk and keep us posted!

    I cant wait to see Ellen and Simon interact on Idol.

  • gypsyeyes

    I think they switched boots before this pix.

  • OutsidetheBox

    Great! did you feel about the place? Do you want to work for them? Ive been turned off by places after an interview (tours reveal a lot) ...

  • attorneymom


  • Daisy

    #random Luda is KILLING his new verse on the remix to How low can you go :dance:

  • EricaDenese

    mizzdallas Says:


    that lying bish only said that after finding out about matt’s past u is a stupid whore

    Oh, I agree completely! If it wasn't for that, she'd say that they were "good friends".

    I can care less about who she's :hump: ... Matter of fact, I can care less about her!

  • CivilEngineer

    Publicity stunt?? They were breaking headboards :lol: she never said he was her boyfriend...friend with benefits

  • CivilEngineer

    :rofl: Ellen is hilarious...looking like a streetwalking elf! I think the dress is ugly but Rih looks nice...great legs :yes:

  • Al-Ameera

    Are we not tired of this child yet?

  • terika83

    Heck she might have even been single when we did see her with him. His PR said they were "friends"...obviously friends with benefits.

  • onlinefan

    i love the Ellen show. she is as big of a fan of these celebrities like we all are. she won't let you sit on her couch and not ask about your current relationship or latest headline story.

    rhiana has a pretty smile.

  • Lyssa02

    Hmmm....she looks nice. I don't get it did she lie? Just cause she never said he was her many other celebrities do that? I guess they are liars as well.

    I may not agree with all of her choices...but she's young. Eventually (hopefully) as she gets older, she'll gain more wisdom and maturity from life experiences. People talk as if they forget this girl is just 21 (I think)...she's not 30...the only difference is, she has to live her life in the spotlight so all her antics are blown over the top, when half the time, she's not even doing half the stuff alot of ppl her age are doing and more.

    People need to realize sometimes that "celebrities" are people just like the rest of us. They will make mistakes and fall short, just like we do at times. That's life!

  • Lyssa02

    By the way...I :heart: Ellen's show!

  • FloridaChick813

    Ummmm, I dont see where it says it was a "publicity stunt"... I mean, cant two people enjoy each others company without all that bull ish??

  • FloridaChick813

    OOh and I see ya Ellen!!!!!

    With ya cute lil hair do and over the knee boots...

    GET IT BISH!!!!!

  • purplexxe7

    uuummmhhhmmm............Rihanna U R over-rated. I feel sorry 4 her talentless behind. Why on Earth does she continue 2 make an azz out of herself. The biggest publicity stunt is HER!!! Sorry Auntie but I have 2 call it 4 what it is. I swear if she was not that 'attractive'...U know light skinned with light eyes U KNOW darn well NO 1 would be this tolerant of her. Let's be honest.



  • pointhimout

    now this bish is the one who keeps rewinding her 15 minute clock. isn't she washed up yet?