Exactly one month to the day after 6-year-old Jasmina Amena succumbed to leukemia, her mom Thea took to her Twitter page to lash out at singer Rihanna.

In a tweet posted today to the social networking site, Thea wrote:

It has been a month since Jasmina's passing. Still not even a card or text message from Rihanna. Did she use my child for a publicity stunt?

It was Rihanna, who, along with other celebs, pushed Jasmina into the spotlight by publicizing her urgent need for a bone marrow donor.

Jasmina passed away on January 27th.

Thanks to loyal reader Nioka for the tip.

  • Daisy

    Are we sure this was really sent by her mother? I :pray: ppl dont start going in on a mother who recently lost a child.

    If this tweet was really from the mother I can understand where she is coming from but things could have been handled decent and in order.

  • starr2910

    her child has passed and she's worrying about a card from Rihanna? really now??

  • Anna

    Do celebs owe anyone anything? I would not have prayed for this little girl nor know who she is/was if it were not for a celeb caring and sharing her life with us. So I say "Give Me A Break".
    Thea, kids are a gift and your child was special to all of us who knew, loved or found out about her illness. Some ppl don't know how to say "I am sorry for the loss of your child". It does not make them bad ppl, and it does not make them forget your loss.

  • DivaPT

    My guess is that she must have received text messages and cards from the other celebs for her to be expecting something from rihanna but i wish people would stop expecting things from other people i guess she really needed a sympathy card or for someone to feel sorry for her people kids are dying every minute shes not the only one who lost a child

  • yokiyamee

    Thea... :rolleyes:

  • DivaPT

    and my prayers go out to marie osmand family depression i something serious i wish her well

  • Daisy

    :welcome: new ppl

    @Yoki that baby is WAY CUTE in your gravi!!


  • ms.truth

    Hi Everyone!! I'm new here, but have been lurking on the site forever...any who, exactly how did Rhianna come into contact with this child? She's a user to get to the top...ask Chris Brown...can anyone tell me who to add an avatar?

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Rest in peace Jasmina. Maybe this will get Rihanna's attention.

  • militaryspouse1

    RIP Jasmina...@ Daisy, thanks for the welcome

  • militaryspouse1

    @ms. truth...just stroll up right before the comments start, and youll see where it says create avatar

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Rihanna raised awareness for the cause. I don't think it was a publicity stunt. This mother is hurting.

  • Ebony

    Testing my new gravi

  • Daisy

    @MsKay THANK YOU! I am not even a mother and can understand that the mother is hurting and more than likely is lashing out IF she is the one who really sent the tweet. Nobody knows what kind of relationship the mother thought she may have had with Rihanna.

  • Ebony

    testing 1 2

  • Ebony

    I cleared my cookies

  • Anna

    Ebony Says:

    I cleared my cookies
    I see you Ebony. You pic is cute.

  • Ebony

    This is a sad story, but I always thought RiRi was using her :(

  • Ebony

    Thank You Anna :hug:

  • Mahogany03

    DivaPT Says:

    and my prayers go out to marie osmand family depression i something serious i wish her well


    What happened w/ Marie Osband?! Has she been hospitalized?

  • Daisy

    Marie Osmonds son committed suicide very sad bless her heart

  • Mahogany03

    OMG :sad:

    There is too much going on this year already (deaths, earthquakes, etc). I hope 2010 isn't a repeat of 2009 :crying:

  • laugh911

    Riri does not owe the mom anything! The mom seems like she is looking for more than a text or card...I am new, please tell me how to change my Gravi, Thanks!

  • Lala11_7

    How sad...

  • jazi65

    If she was really concerned she should have confronted rih rih like a woman...hmmmm isn't she now doing the exact same thing she's accusing rih rih of?

  • Anna

    Daisy Says:

    Marie Osmonds son committed suicide very sad bless her heart
    Life is hard. We have to remember that we are loved. I feel so sad right now. I know Marie mentioned her son had a hard time even before her father passed away. The tabloids wanted to leak out that her son was in rehab. I say, "leave ppl alone", Boner from "Growing Pains" also took his own life. SMH in anger that mental health is not taken seriously.

  • Daisy

    We dont know IF she tried to reach out to Rihanna in a private manner or not I still want to know IF she really sent the tweet it seems so random and out the blue :shrug:

  • Ebony

    I just thought about something. If she's so mad at RiRi why is RiRi in the twitter profile pic

  • Anna

    Ebony Says:

    I just thought about something. If she’s so mad at RiRi why is RiRi in the twitter profile pic
    You make a great point.

  • electrik

    yes it was for publicity. i heard that she said she was devastated in a press release. if she's so devastated why didn't she send her condolences to the girl's mother? that's what most human beings would do. instead she was frolicking with matt and have midget strippers perform at her party. sounds extra shady. but the mother should focus on how her daughter was happy in her last days. being upset at riri won't help. it's really just an interesting tidbit if anything

  • Daisy

    There are reports that she shut down her twitter account after jasmine died which is why I am not convinced she really sent the tweet it may have been hacked

  • winenroses

    I think Mom should be more concerned about her own

    personal tragedy that whether or not she's contacted by a

    popular singer. It was a good thing that Rhi and others

    brought the little girls plight to the public's attention.

    Why does she even care that she hasn't heard from Rhianna?

    Her baby girl is gone nonetheless. Nothing is going to

    bring her back. Not a call from Rhianna or

    anyone else. After reading what the Mom wrote, I have to

    ask, is Mom using her own child's acquaintance with

    Rhianna to shine more light on herself. Sounds like she is.

  • trynabeme

    I thought Rhi was doin' it for pub (at the time) also... :shrugs:

    & YES @yokiyamee...that baby is just too cute for words!!!!

  • vetta

    Wow, if I just lost a child the last thing on my mind would be who came to the funeral, who showed their respect, etc. Heck, after only one month I would still be in mourning--no celebrity contacting me would ease my pain.

    #31, I hope that is the case.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qm2_ppqtZk missy

    @Ebony-FAB PIc

    I don't know if the mother said that sooooo..... YEA

    R.I.P Jasmina...

  • https://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Daisy Says:
    There are reports that she shut down her twitter account after jasmine died which is why I am not convinced she really sent the tweet it may have been hacked


    I had my suspicions when I looked at the page. I'll wait to see if it's her, and if not I'll remove this post.

  • wtf

    rihanna is FAKE and its no secret...the least she could have done was send a card..she sure was a friend to jasmine and her family when she was alive but i guess it dnt matter when she is dead..the family also dnt deserve a simple card to say her condelences..what a sad pathetic world we live in if that is acceptable..celebrity or not, i know i would have sent something to that family but hey rihanna does not owe them anything and life goes on..

    anyways what happens in the dark always comes to light..no matter how you hide something, your spirit always shines through..RIP jasmine!! even i can take time out to say that and i did not know her!!

  • masonmom

    yea this seems pretty fishy!!! HEY DAISY N SR FAM!! I MISS YOU GUYS, but i just cant keep up with the 200+ comments sometimes, lol. im loving how wendy williams shotted out sandy a few wks ago in hot topics ;)


    WHAT????? IF this is true does the mom believe that touching the hem of RhiRhi's garment will somehow change things or make them better??? Would a card or text from a "celebrity" bring closure after the loss of her child? Perhaps if people didn't treat "celebrities" like gods they wouldn't act like it.

    I hate to seem cold but besides the fact that this particular child garnered the attention of celebrities what makes her any different from the other kids in St. Jude hospital suffering with a terminal illness?

    I just thought the purpose of getting the "celebrities" together was to shed some light on the illness and to give Jasmina her dying wish NOT to make posthumous BFFs for her mom!

  • pointhimout

    i'm not gonna go in on the mom, but she also shouldn't expect rhianna to stop her life to do anything. when you're a celebrity, everything is about publicity, whether they admit it or not. could janet or a taye diggs (less famous) really do anything like this and the press not find out, even if they dont want you to????

    were they best friends all of a sudden. it's like make a wish; she came and saw the kid and her work was done. i mean really.

  • http://youtube.com yesindeedio

    I believe that Rihanna truly loves children and Jasmina's story was definitely something that appealed to her and other celebrities. They all wanted to help Jasmina. A fringe benefit of helping someone is publicity especially in the industry because most people don't. Besides, Rihanna does enough things to garner publicity all by her lonesome. She didn't need to use Jasmina for publicity, too.

    The mother is grieving and my heart definitely goes out to her. I will say that whether she gets a card or text from Rihanna is not going to bring back her daughter. It's so unfortunate that Jasmina lost her battle at such a young age. RIP Jasmina.

  • Bella

    Ok, even if Rihanna did use her daughter for publicity, at least it put her daughter's plight into the limelight, thereby encouraging people who may not have known they were looking for a donor to consider donating.

    Like seriously, the mom needs to stop. And don't tweet it. Confront Rihanna directly.

  • Chgoprime

    I'm sure Rhianna is sorry for her lose. But I'm not sure Rhianna owes anybody anything. Jasmina's mom owes it to herself not be giving this any attention. Rhianna would be the last person on my mind after losing a child.....

  • http://www.twitter.com/karazinatl KaraZ

    Wasn't the whole purpose of bringing Jasmina's story to the public, to bring publicity to the need for minority bone marrow donors? Jasmina's life & death wasn't in vain, her mom should perhaps focus0on that, but I also believe :rolleyes: not likely that a grieving mother is worried about what card she has or hasn't received.

  • Grownman

    If this is the mother saying all this, she strikes me as self-serving and self-pitying. Rihanna doesn't owe anyone anything and she should be commended for using her celebrity to draw attention to Jasmina's case.

    Sandra use to be a big Rihanna fan right? What took place that called for this fall out? lol

  • tampa813

    People deal with death differently, but I'm not convinced this mother would personally attack a celeb after losing a child. Rihanna doesn't even seem like the type to even show compassion anyways so whoever posted this should focus on the memory of this beautiful angel and nothing else.

  • Ebony

    @ Missy. Thank You sweetie!

  • http://totallytiny.com Janay

    I First off want to say god bless jasmina and her family and rest in peace to this beautiful baby girl.I (also) don't think this is her mothers twitter page,And if not shame on the low life who posted this.If this is her mother i again agree with some of your comments(@starr2910,@DivaPT)I Don't really understand rihanna these days(then again who does)..Rest in peace jasmina

  • RemieBaby

    @ Ebony
    I agree, if this is really the mother and she is really upset at rihanna. Why is she in the profile pic??
    You dont have any pictures of your child by herself?
    I think this is iffy. :rolleyes:

  • godschild504

    things that make you go mhhhh!!!

  • mirsmommy

    Heyyyy yall. *waving*

    I don't believe this was sent by the mother, but if it was, maybe her mom thought she, Rhi Rhi, and Jasmina had some type of bond or friendship. So maybe that's why she's thinking Rhi Rhi should have done something to send her condolensces. :shrugs:

    But RIP to little Jasmina. My heart and prayers are with her and her family.

  • Quitta

    First, RIP Jasmina.

    If this is from her mother, I don't know why she would be pressing Riri to send a card or anything. I would think you were too distraught to even think about who sends what because you just lost your precious child. And anyway, you know Riri is too busy worrying bout her rude boy.

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    That could be a fake Twitter account for all we know.

  • http://oneperfectassistant.com ggouch

    i am taking the side of this being a fake twitter account (twitter is the devil)...I don't see a mother being concerned with who sent a card or a text after the passing of her child. Really? would that have made all the difference in her healing after the loose of a child

  • ajonesy

    sounds like this mom was looking for a card with a little money in it. cause lord knows thats the only reason i open cards to this day. lol. sad but true. cards are nice, but in my heart i'm always hoping money is on the inside ...

  • dani818

    I pray her mom wouldn't be that petty to post it on something as public as twitter.

  • ReadTheBlog

    That's sad if she really thought that Rihanna would care. She's got a good point, though. Rihannas publicist or manager or someone could have sent condolences on her behalf just on GP...

  • missknowitall

    See I'm feeling some kind of way about this... Is the mother expecting RiRi to be a BFF to her now that her daughter has passed????? Gimme A Break your daughter has passed and you conveniently noticed that you got no text or card from Rihanna seriously did you get one from Lil NaNa that also got up close and personal in a photo :rolleyes:

  • Nthabi

    While I feel deeply for this woman's loss, Rihanna does not owe her a letter, postcard, text or anything.

    The woman is seriously deluded. She needs to focus on trying to get through the recent loss of her child and her grief.

    That is all.