God has blessed Beyonce Knowles with a new family addition — a baby boy named Nixon. Although this baby wasn’t exactly planned, I’m sure his sisters Beyonce and Solange will welcome him with open arms. Even though the newborn’s very existence proves to the world that their father Mathew Knowles is a shady, immoral, sneaky, dishonest, lying adulterer and male slore.

The girls should accept the baby anyway because, after all, he is a gift from God:

Beyonce Knowles is officially a big sister again — a DNA test has confirmed that Mathew Knowles is the father of Alexsandra Wright’s brand new baby boy … sources tell TMZ.

With the DNA test a match, we’re told lawyers for Knowles and Wright are in the final stages of negotiating a settlement for baby Nixon’s child support.

Wright filed a paternity suit last October against Knowles — who was temporarily ordered to pay $8,200 in monthly child support.

Wright claims she had an 18 month affair with Knowles. Read More…