I have no clue what’s going on, but I’ve been hearing whispers about why Tiny took her girls Shamra and Keisha (along with her daughter Zonnique) to NY with T.I., but not Toya or Reginae. Whatever it is, I hope it’s not serious and the girls can work things out peacefully between them. I love their friendship.

Loyal reader Layla writes:

Hi Sandra, Just wanted to first say that i love your site . Its My Guilty Pleasure LOL. My question is i haven’t been seeing any tweets from Antonia Toya Johnson Carter directed to Tameka ‘ tiny’ Cottle, Keishababi or Shamrastar for the last week or so , They girls usually tweet regginae but they havent in a while ! hmmmmm ‘ . They usually tweet each other faithfully. The OMG GIRLZ are in New York doing shows but without Regginae . Now Toya is tweeting about Regginae Attending Acting Classes in Atlanta. Toya Seems to have some things on her chest for the last few hours! What’s Really Going On?”


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