Normally, I don’t post emails like this one (and trust me, I get a lot of them). But I had to post this email because it had me cracking up! No disrespect to the ladies who fell for this man’s games, but come on. How desperate do you have to be to believe that a man you just met at a nightclub is going to buy you a car before he’s even gotten to 1st base with you?


We must expose this man. He is running around Atlanta saying he is the head surgon at Emory and he’s been doing this for a long time. I found him on after he decided to claim he was buying me a Audi for my brithday. He’s a regular liar! Please expose him, I am scared he will do this to a little young girl and hurt her! I am going to send you text messages from him as well if you want! I have a string of emails too!

Here’s a link to his profile on in case you meet this dude in the clubs.

There are several profiles on this man but I wanted to create one that would come up in any search since I didnt see them at first when I looked him up on the net. Things didn’t add up really early on but I couldn’t believe that someone would lie to this extent. Just like some of the girls on here have said, he lied to me about being a doctor, he asked to marry me… he even gave me a ring and a bracelet (BOTH FAKE) and said he got them from Tiffany’s. He wore scrubs almost every time I saw him. He would always want to come here but never wanted me to see his house… HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE! When I got a call from the woman who he lived with (who was paying his phone bill by the way) she told me that when she met him he was sleeping on his brother’s couch. Everything he said was a lie, there is no money, no country club membership, no hard luck sob story about growing up without parents – who lies and says things like that about their parents, his mom is alive and well and still supporting him. He even lied about his age. He didnt go to Morehouse or Hopkins – women please be careful this man isnt a doctor HE NEEDS A DOCTOR!!! Another woman made a photo bucket with pictures of him Liar/ his email address is and some address about orthopedics but HE IS NOT A SURGEON

Apparently, another chick on that site fell for his tricks as well…

OK! So he did the same to me at Fox Sports grill. He drove a silver Malibu and said he would buy me a car for my birthday. Showed up at the dealership in scrubs. Said it will take 3 days to get money from the bank. Even had them put a SOLD sign on the car. He is HUGE like 400 lbs huge. I’m sure he thought he would get some *** from me in these 3 days. NOPE! Not even a kiss on the lips! Also, he emails me from the same and said he is 35, divorced for 3 years, goes to New Birth church. Never told me where he lives or anything.

Said that he left his credit card and asked me to pay for lunch… Man, he is good lol. He said he is the head of Emory surgery and does hip replacements! I cant believe someone would go this far. I’m just glad I caught on and he didnt get a chance to hurt me. I feel sorry for anyone who would actually sleep with him. Ladies watch out! I even called Emory and they dont have a Dr. Blake Hollins. LOL. Only in Atlanta…