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NBA star DeMar DeRozan is proud to be a “girl dad.” The 33-year-old Chicago Bulls star has two daughters with his wife Kiara Morrison.

But is he also hiding an outside son?

Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Compton, California native broke up with Kiara during the 2016 NBA season, however they later reconciled and got married. He fathered 2 daughters with Kiara.

The story should end there. But rumor has it that DeMar fathered several children outside of his marriage, including an adorable son named Zino. In addition to his wife, he reportedly has two baby mamas in his growing harem.

Photo may have been deleted

This probably isn’t news to Kiara. There are photos of him with his 5 children all over social media. Plus, one of his baby mamas is very active on social media. She’s not at all discreet.

Photo may have been deleted

The following is an email from a loyal reader.

Hi there,

I have tips on NBA player DeMar DeRozan who fakes being a Girl Dad and fakes mental health cause he wants people to think he’s a nice dude just like Kobe was so people can leave him alone so he can juggle his bms in peace and it has worked so well so far but not anymore now that kids are involved and that he was seen recently with his “hidden family” at
different occasions…

He had 3 kids in about 14 months with his 2 Blasian babymamas Kiara and Shavonti, the former being the mother of his daughters aka the PR crew meaning the family he uses to look good out there, and the latter of his son.

It goes Dayah born 03/14/21, Zino his son 11/11/21 and Reezen 05/25/22.

So he’s the real “Mr. 3rd Trimester” cause everytime a girl goes 6 month pregnant he abandons her and goes back to the other one. My best guess is he doesn’t like sex with a pregnant woman that is showin lol…

Besides he’s been blocking folks that’s tagged him in pics of Shavonti and his son but he was just at the Beverly Hilton partying for Zino’s birthday, so he’s like ‘hiding him’ but not hiding either this is very strange to say the least like “if you don’t want pics to end up on social don’t party in Beverly Hills simple”… But Shavonti is a BH socialite and part of a crew named #GD4L consisting of Hazel Renee Green (sidechick-turned-wife of Draymond Green) and Jordan Craig (Tristan’s first babymama) so this is a baller obsessed crew of birds we’re talking about here…

You can check @Shavonti.derozan on IG for receipts.

Thanks for your time and report on this story, looking forward to speaking with you soon.

[Name redacted]