Stacey Dash has a story to tell. She is a victim of domestic abuse and she wants the world to know. But here’s the problem: all of Stacey Dash’s men have abused her, according to the actress.

That would indicate that the thrice married Dash, 44, subconsciously seeks out men who will ultimately abuse her, and that’s a problem that won’t fix itself just by leaving them.

What causes a beautiful woman like Dash to continuously walk into men’s fists when the signs that he is a potential abuser are apparent before the abuse begins?

Instead of telling her story to the blogs, she should talk to a therapist who can help her work through the childhood issues that keep her trapped in the willing victim role.

Although the three time divorcee is speaking out publicly about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her last husband Emanuelle Xuereb, privately she’s telling friends that all of her husbands abused her physically. How sad.

According to a restraining order filed in January 29 and obtained by TMZ, Emmanuel would regularly beat Stacey on her face, head and body during their marriage and once violently pinned her down to their bed and claimed he was going to give her “the worst night of her life.” Stacey says that while they were married she was too afraid to report the domestic abuse to the police.

Now Stacey has a restraining order on Emmanuel which requires him to stay 100 yards away from Stacey and her two children from a previous marriage.

Domestic violence in Hollywood has been in the news a lot recently: news just broke of a Survivor producer being named a suspect in his wife’s murder. It just goes to show that even the rich and famous can be victims of domestic violence. Read More…