One of celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie’s BFF’s was busted this morning for grand theft. Now Necole is going into damage control mode to distance herself from her friend.

Apparently, Juanita Crimiel, 26, who passed herself off as a successful celebrity cook named Chef Juanita, befriended Necole who then introduced her to all of her industry friends.

Crimiel, as Chef Juanita, wove an intricate web of lies and deceit in order to scam Necole’s industry contacts out of $20,095.21!

One of the celebrity victims who fell for the so-called “Chef” Juanita’s lies was BET 106 & Park‘s co-host Rocsi.

Crimiel’s latest caper involved shaving her head bald and pretending to be a cancer patient. Two weeks ago, she used a bogus email account to email me claiming “Chef Juanita” was dying of cancer. Two days later, I received another email from Juanita informing me that “Chef Juanita” was dead.

Knowing I was dealing with a disturbed individual, I took to my Twitter page and posted a request for info on Kyser and Necole’s relationship. I did this under the pretense that I was writing a post about two of them because I knew Juanita herself would respond.

Sure enough, she tweeted something about “people” being so evil. I knew she was referring to my tweet. So that’s when I let her have it.

Later that night, Crimiel went out to dinner with Necole Bitchie and some of the people she would later be accused of scamming.

In that same email (and in every previous email), she never failed to mention Atlantic Records exec Michael Kyser (who was supposedly her fiance) and Necole Bitchie’s relationship. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that she was obsessed with Kyser.

I knew all the emails were being sent by Juanita herself because she always mentioned Necole stealing “Chef Juanita’s fiance” from her.

She also emailed me pictures of Necole and Kyser, claiming Kyser (whose Twitter username is @Littleburger) was assisting Necole to launch her career as a rap artist.

Even if none of Crimiel’s allegations are true, Kyser’s unusually close relationship with a celebrity blogger should earn him a side eye from his employer and other bloggers.