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Hopefully all of my SR moms had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Yesterday I took my mom to Phipps Plaza across the street from Lenox Mall to buy a couple of outfits. I LOVE Phipps Plaza because you can shop and star gaze in peace while avoiding the hordes of young thugs at Lenox Mall wearing saggy jeans with their hair twisted up in multi-color braids.

Of course, when you shop at Phipps, there's always that danger of running into the likes of Tameka Foster who also loves to shop there. I try my best to avoid her because certifiable loons are very unpredictable.

But this post is not about Trampeka Foster.

It's about the "kiss" seen around the world yesterday on Young Quincy Brown, the spawn of singer-turned-radio jock Al B. Sure and socialite Kim Porter, posted this pic on his Twitter page as a way to honor his mom on Mothers Day.

But the pic had unintended consequences on Twitter. Instead of giving people a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, it set off red flags.

In my opinion, Quincy is too old to be kissin' on his mother like that. A peck on the cheek would have been more age appropriate. But I could be wrong.

Shout out to loyal reader ashland for the tip!

  • m9ser1

    i have issues with it.. but the issues are mine.. it seems innocent enough ... that's his mama... if she doesn't have a problem kissin him on the lips..cuz we all know where her lips have and he's been hanging wit fleusey's and tierra marie... so we might know where his lips have been too...

  • allwrightyden

    Quincy is Kim's child. She can kiss on him if she wants. You're never told old to show affection towards your mother. I still do and I'm old as hell. My mother is my best friend. People are always making something out of nothing. Instead of dealing with the REAL sick people in the world, they would rather twist an innocent moment between a mother and her child. That's crazy as hell to me! :coffee:


    I know lots of parents who kiss their kids on the lips. For some reason this pic doesn't give me that creepy feelin like LR and her daughter, I don't know if LR seems more intimate or what the case is but it just creeps me out. With my baby nephews and nieces when they try and kiss me in the mouth even though it's innocent I'll pull my lips in so they're not kissin me directly on the lips.

  • Al-Ameera

    :rofl: @ Tameka being metioned in the post....I don't get what she has to do with it

  • angeliamichele1

    I'm 46 and my mom still kisses me on the lips, forehead, cheek... wherever she wants! It was innocent. I can't remember the last time I kissed my grown sons on the lips, but I can't say I haven't done it! Everyone should remember, no child has ever become a problem because of too much love...

  • flsun99

    I don't see anything wrong with the picture. It's not all creepy like LisaRaye kissing her daughter. I don't see anything wrong with it.

  • Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

    I didn't see anything wrong with that kiss , no one had their tongues down each other throat !!!!

  • pyt305

    I always kiss my grandma on the lips...but not like this lol

  • Danielle84

    I don't see any problem with a mother kissing her child. No I don't kiss my mother or Father on the lips but I know people who do. This pic doesn't bother me at all.

    Like a couple ppl mentioned the Lisa Raye thing does creep me out. I think because her daughter really seems like she doesn't want it and she is bent on kissing her and the way she does it. Its weird I agree!

  • eastpointvet

    yeah i dont see a tongue so looks fine to me

  • LadyJustice *\o/*

    I was kinda like O_o at first, but thats his mom. at least they arent Lip locking

  • Jessie

    A little more intimate than I would do with my son but I see nothing wrong with it if that's how they roll.

  • Daisy

    Morning fam

    I got nothing :coffee:


    Mornin Miss Daisy

  • Nupe4Life

    I am 33, and I kiss my momma like that everytime I see her - nothing strange about it. If that was his daddy then I could see a small red flag. Maybe more mother's should kiss their sons like that and we would have so many "pants on the ground" running around our neighborhoods.

  • Daisy

    @nupe are you single can't remember if I asked u that before :coffee:

  • ShoYaRight

    Well it's weird to me.

  • SangriaSugar

    Good morning Fam.

    Its really not a bad picture. But things like parents and kids kissing on the lips after a certain age really freak me out...but thats just me & how I am personally.

  • Nupe4Life

    I get married Sept. 25th! Can't wait



  • Daisy

    @nupe that's my daddys b day CONGRATS a black man not afraid to say I do :cheer:


    To be honest when I first saw this pic i thought that it was a pic of two lovers kissing. That makes me a little uneasy, but people have different ways of showing affection. This is his mom, and that's her son.

  • gypsyeyes

    I'm baaaacccckkkk!!! What's up? Well I hadn't seen my son since January and he is soon to be 18 and I sure did kiss him on his lips. I was in labor with him for 14 hours and most times he is my rock. That is my child and I love him dearly so I see nothing wrong with it. I don't know about this lisaraye thing but if my child was uncomfortable about it than I wouldn't.

  • meanNsurly

    How U Doin Fam!!

    This picture makes me feel a little uncomfortable. But I know some ppl have that sort of relationship with their mother (i.e. Lisa "1 hit wonder" Raye and Kai). I only kiss my momma on the cheek though!

  • Soulstar81

    If this is their way of showing affection and they are okay with it, so am I.

    Good morning everyone!



  • ggouch

    1ST> God's morning to all my SR FAMILY!!!!!! I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful mother's day as a mother or with your mothers.

    2nd!! Trampeka .... :rofl: :rofl:

    3rd really!!!! This is a mother and son!!! This is her child!! That is his mother. There is nothing wrong with this kiss!!! I kiss my kids on they lips all day long and dare any sick minded person to assume anything dark or twisted about it..hell I wiped asses, cleaned up puke, cooked, cleaned and payed for eduction!!! Kim should tell the world to pucker and kiss her ass!! if you don't like the relationship she has with her CHILD!! Feel freaked out about letting the dude in the club rubbing his hand up your ass. Or feel freaked out about the MF who just asked you for your number and the 1st text you get from him is of his D*CK!!!

    BY the way BROWN!!!!! IT is always nice to see your LUSHES so early in the morning. MMMWHAWWW!!!!!

  • ms.truth

    see this is why people on the outside believe that black people have a problem with incest...he is entirely too old to be kissing his mother like that, and who is to say that she doesn't have visions of Al B. Sure when she kisses him?? I mean he looks JUST like him, so that wouldn't be hard to do. but whatever floats their boat. :shrugs:

    Good morning...

    @Nupe...that's my wedding date also! Congrats!

  • SangriaSugar


  • SangriaSugar

    @ms.truth...I didn't no you were getting married!! Congratulations!!!


    GG I blew you a goodbye kiss friday but I guess you had already left! I cosign

  • Daisy

    @gyp glad you had a good visit w/your son :welcome: back

    :popcorn: may be needed n 5 4 3 2 1

  • TruGemini

    Nothing wrong with a boy kissing his mama in the mouth...BUT this kiss just looks nasty. Even if they weren't mother and son, it still looks nasty. Too much lip-poking or something...just looks :hurl:


  • luvly1957

    I see nothing wrong with this pic, like someone else said if it was Didd y and him and I would have all kinds of problems but my son is 18 and we kiss on the lips and he has no problem with it.

    Congrats nupe a black man proud to say "I do" makes me still believe so much in BLACK MEN, my nephew is getting hitched on Sept 18th so Congrats to u both...

  • ggouch

    ms.truth says: and who is to say that she doesn’t have visions of Al B. Sure so that wouldn’t be hard to do

    First good morning...secondly (I consider you my e-sister in my head)...but you get a blank-stare for that one.

    People..this is an area that one should not play around with this sort of insinuation. My son will be 24 in september. I kiss him on his lips, his DAD kisses him on his lips!! and trust me..neither one of us are thinking about each other via our son!!!

  • ggouch

    @ Brown!! I saww-WE!!

  • Silhouette

    I don't have a problem with this kiss. My son is 9 and I kiss him on the lips and so does his dad. I think it is important to show your child affection and that you love them.
    Now the way LR damn near attacks her daughter when she is kissing her makes me uncomfortable.

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  • ms.truth

    @Sangria, thanks!

    @ggouch, there's nothing wrong with you kissing your son on the lips, but I'm sure they're usually pecks right? Correct me if I'm wrong. This picture just rubs me the wrong way and obviously rubbed other people the wrong way also. The kiss looks a little too involved, and they are a part of Hollyweird, so who knows what goes on. :shrugs:

    as far as the Al B. Sure thing, that's just something that came to my head. I usually say exactly what I'm thinking, unlike a lot of people who hold out for fear of people not agreeing with them.

    :hugs: you're my e-sister in my head also. You don't have to agree, and that's totally understandable.

  • ggouch

    Can I just say wow!! I am shocked at how many of us have issues with the kissing on the lips. I thought we were the most affectionant people towards our children and parents. I am really really in awe at how many of you oppose.

    I didnt knwo that the older my children get, I should become less loving or I should limit my display of my love...I didn't get that memo...can some one shoot that to me...


    @ Silhouette
    :rofl: You hit the nail on the dam head when you said "attack" because that's exactly what she does! She looks at her like she's bout to mount her or somethin!

  • iscream

    A picture is a snap shot. The kiss could've taken 2 sec. Muah and it was over.

    Good Morning everyone.




    I have heard some dumb shyt in my life but......I cant....I just cant.

  • 2thick4u

    Okay once I realized that it was Kim and Quincy...I thought awe how cute :) !!!

    I'm not a mother but I'm sure when I do have children I will still kiss my babies on the lips, nose, cheeks, ears, eyes!!

    I still kiss mmy mom on the lips!! Nothing wrong with a little affection :) !!!

  • ggouch

    @ truth, My sister!! Yes, just a quick peck (I would probally kiss Brown longer...I kidd I Kidd)....Can we determine from the above pic tht it was not a peck?

    Okay ma, it rubs you the wrong way and I wont counter that...

  • ggouch

    Okay fam, off to do my part at the EMORY Commencement. Congrats to all the graduation seniors EVERYWHERE!! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!!

  • Silhouette

    :rofl: @ Brown Yes the way she was crawling on the floor towards her I was like "Run Kai!"

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Kim Porter probably mistaked her son for Al B. Sure.... since they are near clones of each other.

    That kiss is disgusting. I am VERY affectionate with my Mom but I ain't neva kissed her on the lips like that. WTF? That's a GROWN AZZ MAN TOO. Smh. I guess it's still ok if she wipes his azz too.

  • teneicee

    Goodmorning! SR family...yeah I really don't see anything wrong with the kiss,some people are more affectionate than other's,and like some have already stated this a mom and her son,nothing wrong here...

  • Daisy

    Really ppl are scared to speak their mind on SR out of fear ppl won't agree w/them :rofl: Mstruth thank u for my morning laugh!


    so u playin with my emotions GG ???????

    VIBABY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Nupe4Life

    Thanks for the Congrats shout outs; yeah I put my playa jersey in the trophy case a few years ago - gave up the easy route for the one less traveled ... it will be fun; I'm ready. Congrats Ms. Truth.

    The whole kissing your parents thing is perfectly acceptable. Only sick folks think of their parents and kids in a sexual way. I kiss my momma because she carried me for 8 strong months, wipe my behind, fed me everyday (at least 3 times), sacraficed parts of her life, gave me money to chase the ice cream man down (you know they keep going on purpose), delivered me on her 25th birthday ... hell I owe her all the affection she could want from me. I hug my dad real strong, but we don't kiss. If I was a female I would kiss my pops too. This is border line the same misguided views that people have about praying in school. We want to rid the world of what we need ... SMH. I respect everyone's opinions though!

  • Cinderella

    Good morning everybody. I don't see anything wrong with the pic of Kim and Quincy kissing. I come from an affectionate family where I kiss my grandparents on the lips. We have to stop looking at things from a sexual point of view.

  • Man, I just don’t care™


    I KNOW you are going to give a thread to Lena Horne babe!

  • Cinderella

    Congrats on your upcoming marriage, Nupe4Life. It may seem tacky, but I hope you and your bride shimmy down the aisle.

  • AllNYC

    No one in my family (both sides) kiss each other on the lips unless they are married/in an intimate relationship with each other. We kiss on the cheek, hug, put an arm around each other. Everybody has a right to physical boundaries even with family.
    If this was a father and a daughter, I don't think as many people would co-sign on the kiss.

    That being said, this is a picture. It could have been a quick peck that got caught by the camera and looks more salacious than it is.

  • biglegs36

    I personally think that is weird! My girlfriend does her mom and her kids like that. YUCK! I have never kissed my mother or father on the lips. Grown people are nasty, and I don't see me kissing my child on the lips after i have licked all over my husbands or boyfriends nuts! EEWWWWWW! IMJUSTSAYIN!

  • Krysi J

    The kiss is not a big deal....when you're a mother, or a know that a kiss is just love, on the lips, on the cheeks, on the don't think about it in an erotic way because its your damn child or you're MOTHER!! :rolleyes:

    People who have there minds in the gutter may look at it and see otherwise, but thats a personal issue of their own :shrugs:

  • Nupe4Life

    @Cinderella - I almost choked on this cereal when reading your comment. We will be shimmying at the reception no doubt!!

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    "I personally think that is weird! My girlfriend does her mom and her kids like that. YUCK! I have never kissed my mother or father on the lips. Grown people are nasty, and I don’t see me kissing my child on the lips after i have licked all over my husbands or boyfriends nuts! EEWWWWWW! IMJUSTSAYIN!"


  • Ebony

    Maybe she was trying to make Diddy jealous :coffee:

    Lisa Raye kisses her daughter like that Sandra and you didn't call her out for it :(

  • Redeemed777


  • Choco

    This is crazy my son is twelve and he's going thru puberty so kissing me on the lips like he did when he was a few years younger is no longer-as a mother I understand that cuz he has kissed a couple of girls his age so I get him not doing that with me however I miss our moments as mother and son when he was a younger boy (operative word: younger) so at 18 imo it's inappropriate but's that's me...and since my son has stopped that already I don't see it being reincorporated in the future...

  • Al-Ameera

    iscream says:

    A picture is a snap shot. The kiss could’ve taken 2 sec. Muah and it was over.

    Well these are my thoughts exactly. It is a pic and to be honest it looks like they are just being silly. I mean who really makes duck lips when they kiss. It was done for the pic and they are attempting to be cute.

    My son is going to be 18 and August and we could be at the mall and he will loop his arm thru mine or walk hand in hand with me. I don't remember the last time I kissed him on the mouth but if I did it would be a quick peck just as I'm sure this was and nothing funny/nasty about it.

    Another thing is, people always say that just because they don't have children doesn't mean they can't relate but really you have no clue, sorry. Having a niece or nephew or godchild is NOT the same as carrying a child in your womb and going thru the labor process. Just like long term dating or shacking up is not the same as being married.

    Of course you would not kiss someone else's child in the mouth, no matter how close you are too them.

  • Choco

    Well no one really saw the whole kiss Lisa Raye actually move her mouth around on her daughter DISTURBING...

  • Choco

    Your comment is a little confusing you have a girlfriend but you wouldnt be kissing your kid after kissing your husband???

  • Choco

    Disregard my statement I thought you meant girlfriend as in bad LOL

  • ms.truth

    @ggouch - yes ma' rubs me the wrong way. You're right, we can't know it wasn't just a peck. But the way their lips are all on each other... :eek: Yep, still rubs the wrong way.

    @Daisy - I guess you're welcome for the laugh, but I've seen all too often that someone will speak their mind on here and then change it when people lash out at them.

    and everyone should know by now that my comments usually aren't what the masses believe... a) I grew up in a rural area b) I grew up with too many males c) I grew up with too many older people. d) I grew up in a Jehovah's Witness household, but discovered the true Jesus Christ and goes to church now ... I probably think differently than most of the people on here. :shrugs: don't shoot me for it because I still love everyone on here :hugs:

  • Chgoprime

    I think it's fine. I don't have children but thats how I kiss my nephews because they are just sooo yummy to their auntie. lol My oldest nephew is 21 this is how I kiss him, he'll always be my baby I just love my pookies I want some suga from my pooh poohs now.......


    I don't know anyone that goes to kiss someone else in the lips after lickin a man's nuts unless it's a 3sum! People act like they are going straight from givin head to kissin their kids in the mouths! If that's the case what about all the women and possibly men your husbands or boyfriends have eaten out before you??? IMO some people are takin it to the extreme.

  • biglegs36

    Choco say:

    Your comment is a little confusing you have a girlfriend but you wouldnt be kissing your kid after kissing your husband???

    Choco I meant my girlfriend as in my friend that's a girl! Not my boo! I am strictly dickly baby!

    People can do whatever they want to do. I wouldn't do it, simply because I am an adult and an 18yr old is considered an adult as well. Son or not, you will not be kissing me on lips!

  • Ashley

    Yeah... it is a little odd. But, this is his mother. If Lil Waynes kiss you a man that is not his father and @ his age didnt make him lose respect and money...this should not be a huge firestorm.

  • Ashley

    TYPO fix: Yeah… it is a little odd. But, this is his mother. If Lil Waynes kissing a man that is not his father and @ his age didnt make him lose respect and money…this should not be a huge firestorm.


    :rofl: @Brown Come join me in the kona sweety........

  • Choco

    :danban1: @Mrs.Truth


    VIBABY what i do *bats eyelashes to look innocent*

  • Daisy

    @mstruth sometimes ppl clarify what they meant/said because somebody may have mis understood their comment. I have never seen somebody change their mind cause somebody didn't agree w/them. I grew up in a rural country town and other SR fam mbrs grew up JW as well #justsaying its all good that was just funny cause I know I speak my mind and I feel everybody else does as well. Just like w/this topic some have a problem w/it others don't :shrug:

  • KaraZ

    Looks like a regular MUAH kiss that I give even most members of my family that I like. Nothing wrong with this snapshot...its not like either of them is holding each other down to force the kiss.

  • Choco

    I gotcha girl I'm a tad bit slow this morning and lmao at myself - but I agree with the 18 yo and adult reference but I think what I find is odd is that their family is open with a lot of things like Diddy having so many baby mother's just leads to too much speculation for her to be kissing her son like this cuz Kim is not wrapped to tight...

  • Anna

    TruGemini says:



  • ms.truth

    @Daisy, it's not any of the regulars...I know we all speak our minds and stick by it. the people that do it, usually don't come back and comment. :rofl: so yes, I can see why you haven't seen anyone do it.

  • Choco

    :clap: OMG I didn't log on yesterday so Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful strong mother's out there.. :hug:

  • ms.truth

    Choco says:

    I gotcha girl I’m a tad bit slow this morning and lmao at myself – but I agree with the 18 yo and adult reference but I think what I find is odd is that their family is open with a lot of things like Diddy having so many baby mother’s just leads to too much speculation for her to be kissing her son like this cuz Kim is not wrapped to tight…


    that's really what made me make the comment that I did ... they have a lot of weird stuff going on in their family, so the kiss alone didn't help me come to that conclusion. It was stuff I had already heard about Diddy and the baby mommas. From the things that Sandra and other bloggers have posted, it wouldn't surprise me if Diddy was d1cking down Quincey :rofl:

  • Al-Ameera

    Brown get yo azz in the kona now please...Time out is officially in effect! :rofl:


    :blink: and you'd laugh at that????? WOW

  • Choco

    Girl I will take it one further and GOD forgive but I say in jest I wouldn't doubt it if he has asked Kim and Quincy to have sex in front of him I think Diddy is a voyeur as well----

  • iscream

    @ Krysi & Al



    Ameera what I do????

  • ms.truth

    @Brown, are you typing to me?

    @Choco, :hurl:

  • mirsmommy

    Good Morning, peoples.

    I don't see anything wrong with a mother kissing her baby on the lips.


    it's some sick minded people in here

  • eastpointvet

    yeah just think some folks grew up with affection and some didnt and thats bottom line. if thats something you used to seeing in your life or getting then this pic is no big deal. like somebody else said they making like duck lips and almost looks like quincy is about to laugh and he probably did after the pic both of them probably laughed. even still in most cultures its still perfectly acceptable for adult men to still kiss on the lips

  • biglegs36

    My friend has two sons, one just turned 18 and the other is 15. She kisses them on the lips, they come in the bathroom with her, and shyt like that. Get your mf'n azz outta here! I even said something to her about it. Because is was disgusted when she did it, WTF! Why are you kissing these teenage boys in the mouth? She was like what you don't kiss your mom and dad like that. Hell no, firsT of all my mom would be stop me dead in my tracks! Don't put your lips on me, I don't where they have been or who they have been on! I feel her on that. I will hug my parents and kiss them on the cheek, but that's it!

  • ceeburg

    Awww...c'mon ya'll. The kiss was exaggerated for the picture. Just see the beauty in the love that they have for each other AND that he as a young man is not embarrassed to show his mom how much he loves her.

  • pointhimout

    too much lip, but they appear comfortable. some woman will appreciate him being affectionate so i wont knock him. sandra can you post the chilli and tron kiss so we can compare?

  • Choco

    LOL at hurling girl I know I need to think clean, pure thoughts...

  • texaspaine

    Sandra, since the new look of the site, I have had problem with the front page loading. when i goin in and out of the comment section. Just maybe one or two post will load. and that even after refreshing.


    mstruth yes I was typin to you when I asked if you were laughin at that. It was directed towards your comment at "Diddy d1cking down Quincey"
    I just thought that was extremely gross

  • Choco

    We are here my mother would look at me sideways I hug and kiss her on her cheek and my son does not come into the bathroom I've stopped letting him see certain parts of my body and OMG don't let me accidentally walk in the bathroom when he is using it LOL


    *walks in* This post is filled with FLUCKERY..... *walks out*

  • ajonesy

    i dont give a damn what ya'll say. this is f-ing gross. i have THREE boys and trust me there are thousands of ways to show u love someone without kissing them on the lips.

    there is a BIG difference between a peck with your lips closed and clearly being able to taste someone elses spit and the last thing they ate. which is what they are doing.

    i dont often agree with SR, but this time? i'll have to.

  • Carrington

    I don't have a problem with it. My "baby" is a 14 year old boy and he had a show at school on Friday, after it was over, I went back stage and he gave me a kiss right on the lips - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I love my baby boy and if he wants to kiss his daddy on the lips when he's 50 years old, "smmmmmmack!" and I couldn't care less that anyone thinks it's "inappropriate" because people are always going to find something bad in something good.

    Black people have waaaay too many hangups about NOTHIN. There's no better sight than a black child showing love to his or her parents. We take issue with the wrong $hit, in my opinion. If this were two random women kissing, we would have no problem with it, but a young man kissing his mom is "troublesome"? I don't think so.

    Y'all act like she was licking him IN the mouth, She smacked her son on the lips... do you, Kim.

  • Choco

    Your dog is soooo cute I thought recently bought an all black shih tzu and he is so much fun : )

  • Choco

    Your dog is soooo cute I just recently bought an all black shih tzu and he is so much fun : )

    If double post forgive me.

  • pointhimout

    @92, EPV, I totally agree with you. The Wayans brother's kiss each other on the lips all the time. And I see nothing wrong with it. I also feel more men should openly kiss on the lips (each other). Wouldn't you agree, EPV?

  • mirsmommy

    pointhimout says:

    @92, EPV, I totally agree with you. The Wayans brother’s kiss each other on the lips all the time. And I see nothing wrong with it. I also feel more men should openly kiss on the lips (each other). Wouldn’t you agree, EPV?


  • renegadesince1985

    Some people must not have been hugged/kissed much as a child....

    :cosign: @vibaby

    Really....people on that fu@kery


    :rofl: VIBABY who let yo azz out?????? People tend to take issues with somethin they don't understand and if you didn't grow up with that type of affection then naturally you won't understand it but don't act like she's layin him down gettin ready to f!ck him either! And yes incest runs deep in black families too just like any other race but don't try and tie this and incest together because you dont understand it and you weren't shown that type of affection!

  • SangriaSugar

    This is just my .02.

    I don't have a problem with parents showing affection to their children. My mother kisses me on the forehead and cheek whenever I see my family we just don't kiss on the lips but thats MY FAMILY. After a certain age my mother stopped kissing us on the lips does that mean that I missed out on love and

    MY PROBLEM is parents who kiss their kids on the just freaks me out...but thats just me!!! Its not a hang-up and I don't care what they do in their household cause it doesn't have anything to do with me.

    As I said before the picture isn't that bad because for all I know this was a 5 second kiss...once again this is just my .02 :hugs:

  • attorneymom

    What is Sara Chapman's opinion about the picture?

  • mirsmommy

    renegadesince1985 says:

    Some people must not have been hugged/kissed much as a child….

    :lol: I was, but it stopped by the time I hit like 2nd grade. That's why I make sure I hug and kiss my babies. :yes:

  • attorneymom

    Sidebar: I don't see anything wrong with the picture. Next.


  • Krysi J

    Yeah… it is a little odd. But, this is his mother. If Lil Waynes kiss you a man that is not his father and @ his age didnt make him lose respect and money…this should not be a huge firestorm.



    you just made half of everybody who reads this MF side eye the SHYT outta Lil Wayne!!! :eek:

  • cahjan

    I loved it! I thought the kiss was being exaggerated for the show love for mom on Mother's Day! :cheer1:

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mother's of the world, the good and the bad. (You know who you are!) As for this pic, my son is 23 yrs old and I can't ever remember kissing him in the mouth. I never kissed my mother nor father in the mouth, God rest their souls, one just didn't do this sort of thing back in the day. Heck, we hardly ever kissed each other til we got older. To each his own but let me say this: there are some freaky folks in this world and stranger things go on behind closed doors. And if I saw this pic without knowing who it was, I'd think they were boyfriend and girlfriend. But again, to each his own. You know your intentions.

  • Al-Ameera

    Good lord the SR crew is cuttin up in here, but that's what keeps us coming back....Proceed!

  • Cinderella

    @ Carrington, I love that you show affection to your son. Black children need to experience that from their parents. I am sure your son is well-adjusted and knows how much he is loved.

  • iscream

    just because something isn't done in your home doesn't mean its wrong when its done in your neighbor's home. Its like the show Trading spouses. I love to watch how judgemental people can be about the way others feel they should raise their family. There are different religions who state different things so how can people say what's right & what's wrong.

    @ Ms. Truth
    In regards to your comment about people changing their minds. I have done that here before. (Ex. The Census forms topic) Sometimes people will have a view of something and reading the comments can help them see things in a different light and make them have a change of heart. IMO its called being open minded.

  • attorneymom

    RIP Lena Horne!!

  • qtipthecat

    I really don't see anything wrong with this picture. My mom always kissed me goodbye on the lips when she left for work everynight.

  • Choco

    Thanks I still am showered with love and affection from family members, nephews, children still no kissing them on the lips- Aunts, Uncles no lip action....

  • pointhimout

    @113, exactly. aint nothing wrong with 2 men kissing openly. I tip my hat to lil wayne and his (suga) daddy. and of course the wayans brothers too.

  • Anna

    cahjan says:

    I loved it! I thought the kiss was being exaggerated for the photo…to show love for mom on Mother’s Day!
    That's all I saw.

  • Yadda Yadda

    As much as Kim gets on my very last nerve, this picture makes her seem more human to me. Anyway it's a nice picture :shrugs:

  • ms.truth

    @Brown, lighten up. that's why I put :rofl: behind it so it wouldn't be taken seriously.

    @iscream, that's understandable. but it's obvious the ones that flip flop just to fit in...they never come back after people get through roasting them. You're a regular, and I've never seen you change your position, so that really didn't include you. It really didn't include any of the regulars because most speak their mind and keep it moving.

  • Choco

    Also those in here who feel it's inappropriate are not judging I read a lot of the disclaimers that say that's just me so just because it's not happening in our homes doesn't mean we are less loved or too prudish I do believe Sandra asked our thoughts!

  • ms.truth

    @Choco... I have a shih tzu but that heffa crazy.

  • Choco

    I have had Parker for a month and he is sooooo amusing-funny, crazy acting as well and I love him for it...

  • Krysi J

    If this were two random women kissing, we would have no problem with it, but a young man kissing his mom is “troublesome”? I don’t think so.

    :yes: :cosign: Gay men can kiss in the mouth, lesbuns can kiss in the mouth....when people turn their noses up with it, all kindz of members come out of lurking to protest and support that shyt....SO, please do not degrade a mother for loving her child... :rolleyes:

  • SangriaSugar


    My weakness is Wife Swap...I always ask myself "where are these people from?" especially the ones that get over on their husbands/wives. Like the ones who let their wives do anything and everything they want...

    But the worst one is the one with the family that eats everything raw and believe that cleaning is bad...I would have had a heart attack in their house!!! Brushing teeth with butter :nono:

  • Krysi J

    @113, exactly. aint nothing wrong with 2 men kissing openly. I tip my hat to lil wayne and his (suga) daddy. and of course the wayans brothers too.


    :rofl: @ Point, "you ain SLICK"

  • free

    this one seems more cute, exaggerated, and spur of the moment. lisa raye damn near tongues her daughter down every chance she gets. if it was a tony braxton/trey songz kiss, then we could talk about it.

  • FloridaChick813

    Im not feeling that kiss at all :nono:

    I kiss my baby on the lips all the time, but if I were to even THINK we looked like that, then its a wrap. Cause they look like lovers..


  • pointhimout



  • Choco

    Okay I saw the Chili photo with Tron all I can say is I'm glad I've stopped kissing my child in the mouth while I'm certain there is no malicious intent on both mothers the pictures look scandalous and I know Chili nor Kim are seducing their sons but WOW what a reveal...

  • biglegs36

    SangriaSugar says:


    My weakness is Wife Swap…I always ask myself “where are these people from?” especially the ones that get over on their husbands/wives. Like the ones who let their wives do anything and everything they want…

    But the worst one is the one with the family that eats everything raw and believe that cleaning is bad…I would have had a heart attack in their house!!! Brushing teeth with butter

    I wanted to call the Health Dept on them so bad! That was so nasty!

  • SangriaSugar


    I know...I mean I could understand some of their teachings like raising your own animals and being able to take care of yourself but who is going to want to be with those kids when they get older. They don't go to school, they don't really have any friends (that I saw), and they are disgusting (who would want to live with them)!!!

    To top it off their stupidity showed when they went out to eat. They know they eat raw meat so why in the world did they think their bodies could handle deep fried foods. When they thought they were about to die the next day I was like these dummies need to be in school...SMDH

  • yerkesbabe

    I know I'm late! BUT this kiss is as innocent as it comes. Kissing a offspring on the lips regardsless of the ageor gender is FINE. I'm 32 years old (female) and still kiss my 55 years old mama on the lips. Nothing wrong with that. I also kiss my 14 years old daughter on the lips. And will continue to kiss them juicy lips until she is 1000 years old. I love it. I don't have a son, but Lord knows if I did, he'd get it too.

  • KrayZKat

    I haven't read through all the comments, but to me, I don't see anything wrong with this picture. It just looks like a peck on the lips between mama and son. Shoot, I grew up in a family that was very affection like that all the time and we do the same with the kids in our family.

    Sorry if I offend anyone, but this is a lot more - how can I put it - decent (for lack of a better term) than how Lisa Raye was kissing her daughter. THAT was a bit much. I know some people disagree, but oh well. JMO.

  • ohpretty1

    There's nothing wrong w/ kissing your children on the lips no matter their age. Some used the word 'peck' and this isn't a peck. IMO, mine, there's too much lip going on.

    Truth be told, I stopped kissing my parents on the lips the first and only time I walked in on them :lol: That's my story. :rofl:

  • biglegs36

    I was about to throw up when i seen them eating that damn raw meat! Nasty azzEs, and then when they got sick from eating hamburgers, crazy person you haven't eaten anything fried in how many years! Why wouldn't you think you would get sick? I wanted to the dr to sneak off and call CPS!

  • chase

    I see nothing wrong with it, I'm not a fan of Kim's but this picture does make her look more human to me..

    I kiss my granny on the lips when I see her, I also kiss my 3 year old on the lips all the time. My 13 year old I don't kiss on the lips only because he is going through puberty and kissing all those little girls in his school right now just grosses me out. When he gets older I will begin to kiss him on the lips again. Yesterday he got made at me because he said I don't kiss him on the lips anymore, I told him I will start it again once he stops kissing different girls at school.

    My hubby and son kiss on the lips as well as my hubby's brother...

    Different strokes for different folks..

  • Bird

    I think it's sweet. I've said many times how much I love the fact that the Wayans brothers kiss each other on the lips all the time and don't care who sees it. There's just something so loving about it.

  • Ms.Everything

    Around the age of 5 or so my mom stopped me from kissing my dad on the lips and once I got to a teen I no longer kissed my mom on the lips. I tell my kids to kiss me on the cheek and no one on the lips although my mom will still kiss that way. After a certain age and especially once you're grown its no longer okay no matter how innocent. Like when Angelina kissed her brother at the Oscars or whatever award show just not okay period for adult children and parents. At that point they are both kissing other people and know the intimacy of a kiss. But that's jmo

  • Tommykimon

    Cute pic and I don't see nothing wrong with him kissing his momma

  • pinksghetti

    I'm not a big fan of kissing your kids on the lips (cheeks will do), but it is definitely better to show affection than to not show it at all. As far as my mom can remember she was only kissed once by her mom (never by her dad) and she only kissed my brother and me on the cheek a few times back when we were real young. I can't lie me & bro both have issues, LOL(?)More love in the family and in the world!! :)

  • Ms.Everything

    Ok I'm reading through the comments (halfway through) and I'm very affectionate with my children wihout kisses on the lips. We hold hands cuddle, I give kisses on the cheek, forehead, top of the head, we hold hands, and hug but I just wasn't raised that way and prefer my kids to know that kisses on the lips are reserved for when you kiss a special someone. They saw me kiss their dad on the lips, their married grandparents kiss on the lips so once they are past baby age lip kissing stops in my home. Not judging but there are sick people out there who will give sloppy mouth kisses to children cause they so called love the kids and my kids know already thats never ok. It doesn't mean I'm any less affectionate than those that do and I'm not judging really just giving my perspective

  • H.B.I.C

    I'm all for appropriate affection between parent and child but for all of you that are writing this off as innocent {and in this case I believe it is though still inappropriate} trust me after 20 years in social services it never ceases to amaze me how Black folks trivialize blatant warning flags but get mad as hell when movies like Precious go mainstream claiming it puts "Us" in a bad light but these same people sit silent or pretend to be blind when ish like this is going on around them. And no it is not just men that are molesters or just White women trying to turn their son's into their husbands. In this day and everyone that see's this photo should rightfully give it the side eye.

  • electrik

    @Ms.Everything i completely agree. to me, kisses on the lips are reserved for romantic relationships and i would never ever do that to my mother or father. they would never think of doing that to me but we are still very affectionate. this whole "the people complaining must not have been shown affection as children" argument is really lacking. i don't know anyone who does this yet we all live in affectionate homes and we all turned out great. i just don't understand why you would need to kiss your child/parent on the lips when that is known to be a romantic gesture? why is the cheek not enough? lol i'm so confused

  • Pinky4u

    I kiss my mother and father on the lips I have been doing it all my life since birth ...there is nothing wrong with it it's purely innocent I am in my late 30's these people gave me life there will be a time you will wish you can hug and kiss your parents again.... I see nothing but love in this pic of a mother and her child!

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