Remember back in the days when singer Trey Songz was 3X harder than he is now -- or at least he pretended to be. I dug deep into the SR archives for this video jewel.

Back in 2007, Trey was performing in a hole in the wall club on the chitlin' circuit when a hater tossed a couple of ice cubes his way.

"Who throwin' ice?" Trey demanded to know. When a chick raised her hand, Trey and his bodyguard leaped off the stage and beat ol' girl beat down! Trey would probably look back on that azz whippin' as the highlight of his career.

I bet some of you ladies yearn for the good ol' days when Trey at least pretended to hard as a rock.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    I saw his VH1 special and I'm surprised you haven't jumped all over that Sandra :coffee: You're slipping.

  • MandaPanda0408

    :coffee: Okay? And............

  • yvonne79


  • FloridaChick813

    Yes Sandra, We love Trey much more when he's beating up women :rolleyes:

    IDK about ya'll, but I prefer the "Invented s3x" Trey - That damn video was HOT!!! :hump:

  • Daisy

    I always thought Trey was a cutie braids and all. I also like both his old and new music.

    Didn't watch the video :coffee:

  • Ebony

    Fu@k Tremaine Neverson :coffe:

  • Ebony


  • Smokie


  • allwrightyden


  • Ashley

    Hey, gay men can fight too. Him beating up someone isnt a show of his "manliness" or behing 'hard'. He was just plain stupid then as he is now.

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    Trey aint GAY. (I didnt watch the video) LOL

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    I just watched the video. How you figure they beat up a female again?? Cuz I didnt see all that. :coffee: