According to Elliott Wilson over at RapRadar, rapper Fabolous is under investigation in connection with the death of a Brooklyn rapper:

Police are exploring a possible connection between Fabolous and the murder of 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper, G-Baby. The young upstart was shot three times in the back last March as he left club Amazura in Queens. Surveillance cameras show Fab leaving the venue moments before the shooting.

G-Baby’s mother told the NY Daily News:

“My son was going to talk to Fab in a car, and he got shot three times,” grieving mother Roxanne Brown said. “I don’t know what’s going on. I just want to know who killed my son.”

Why am I not surprised? Every time you hear about a shooting, a groupie beat down or a $200,000 car getting jacked, Faboulous’ name is always somewhere in the middle of it. Soon his luck will run out.