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Fame is a funny thing. For some, fame can be as fleeting and elusive as a Spring shower. Take Fabolous' brother Ruggs, for instance. Though he's well-known within music industry circles as Loso's brother, Ruggs always flew under the radar for the rest of us -- until last week when, in a moment of anger, he (allegedly) slapped the taste out of a groupie's mouth, and it was all caught on video.

Now Ruggs is a celebrity of sorts. And he no longer flies under the radar. So we chose him for our style segment this morning since this is the type of thug that women flock to these days. You have to admire a thug who is color-coordinated and even neatly folds his socks and underwear.

At LisaRaye's 1st Annual B2B (Back 2 Business) Memorial Day Weekend in Puerto Rico, groupies pointed Ruggso out at parties, hollered his name and asked him to pose for pictures.

Ruggs, whose Twitter username is THATSME_RUGGO seems to be taking his newfound attention in stride. He posted these pictures from LisaRaye's all-white party in Puerto Rico on his Twitter page over the weekend.

In addition to stylish clothing, Ruggs also has impeccable taste in luxury timepieces. This Franck Muller King white gold watch that he wore to LisaRaye's all-white party on Sunday night retails for $19,000 used.

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  • CivilEngineer

    Well-dressed?? :shrugs:

  • yvonne79


  • lexdiamonz

    sandra STOP PLaying rugg-rat i am sorry what is his name again..... fab def got all the looks in the fam and that wal-mart ensemble is not the bidness NEXT POST!!!!!

  • militaryspouse1

    Punk azz

  • ggouch

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! Slapped a groupie? I be damned!!

    Yvonne is that you in the gravi? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • KK76

    Ummm so he laid his clothes out on the bed, walked back and forth double-checking it, took a picture of it, and actually SENT it to someone?? Stop playin'! It's the club not the first day of school :rofl:

  • nyvixen

    This is who slapped Kat Stacks? Someone needs to bitch slap him. I know she won't press charges.

  • ShoYaRight

    *Blank Stare* Who cares what this hoodlum punk is wearing.

  • The Doll

    He looks like a woman beater.

  • His_Mommy623

    cute. a fashion pause on a fool who slapped a female? (a rather horrid looking one but thats not the point) how sad..

    ummmm is he manorexic?

  • Choco

    He's such a kid acting like it's his first day of kindergarten :rofl:

  • MandaPanda0408

    He's related to WHO? Maybe a different daddy cuz woah he's not cut at all :nono: Also what is with the Star Trek dress the woman next to him has on? NOT CUTE!!!


    he also was busted for taking $ for performaces for FAB an running off with the deposit ...just read that

  • luvly1957

    yes and everybody has put his azz on blast for bookin shish for FABO and taking money and FAB not knowin anything about it.

    Not well dressed at all looks like it needs an iron ran over it...

  • TruGemini

    Those socks still got the 'Polo' wrapping on them...looks like he just pulled that sh't outta the bag, laid it on the bed and then took pics of it...sounds pretty lame to me :rolleyes: .

  • TruGemini

    Oh and forgot to add..."with his big head". He looks kinda "special" :blink: in that first pic

  • Al-Ameera

    Sandra, This post is so many things…

    First, what GROWN man lays his clothes out and takes pics like it’s the first day of school tomorrow. My son stopped doing that when he got to 8th grade.

    Next, the clothes…are they supposed to be fashion forward or something and what dude over 18 that is not a block hugger still rocks Air Force Ones??? Geez and this is a self proclaimed baller-industry cat so to speak… and really? If you had featured T.I. or Young Dro in this post I would have said OK cuz both of them generally dress pretty nice IMO.

    I really think this is one of those times when you are gettin’ at the person on the low and you want people to go in on the person in the post, cuz you can’t really be serious…AND if he is the person that assaulted the girl in the video, how dare you give him any shine!

    SR, you get the serious side eye for this one!

  • Redeemed777

    All I wanna know is how come these so-called-thugs are so strong when it comes to dealing with their own people, but they quickly turn into slaves when dealing with the white man?

  • Shauny

    Punk ass. Hit a man bish ass ninja...SMH

    I love how they actually tried to say the incident was staged by ole girl too. Yeah, Fab and Bow Wow are going to agree to have their peeps slap and threaten someone they're publically beefing with.....FOR WHAT GAIN on their end?


    He hit the right one cause I know some chicks that could rock his little arse!