Last night’s episode of Adult Swim’s The Boondocks cartoon subliminally outed director/playwright Tyler Perry and his fetish for casting light skinned pretty boy actors in his movies and plays.

Despite the fact that Perry’s sexuality is no secret, the episode titled ‘Pause’ triggered a storm of tweets on the popular social networking website The comic’s creator, Aaron McGruder, became the #1 trending topic as a result.

A study done by me shows that the majority of sistas still refuse to believe Tyler Perry is gay. It’s amazing to me how blind some black women are to the obvious sexual preferences of 68% of black men in our community.

The Boondocks follows the comical attempts of two brothers, Huey and Riley, to assimilate following a move from Chicago to the boonies.

Perry, a classic narcissist who can’t tolerate the slightest criticism, will no doubt react publicly to McGruder’s outing of him. And when he does, I will post it!

Shout out to World Star Hip Hop for uploading this!