Last night, during the boring game 3 of the NBA Finals, I logged into my Twitter account to check my DMs and I noticed a few “tweets” debating if a certain celebrity Twitter account was real. The fake account was in the name of the Queen Bee, Lil Kim.

When I checked the page, I saw that she had about 26,000+ followers, but her tweets were extremely juvenile. So I tweeted other celebrities on Twitter, Monica (@MonicaMyLife) and Free (@MissFree), to see if the account was legit. But neither of them knew.

Finally, J.Peak of Peak Publicity (@PeakPublicity) got in touch with the Queen herself via text and she denied the account was hers.

But wouldn’t it be truly awesome if that account really was her and she really was going in on other celebrities? Twitter would have experienced a melt down similar to the one that the Boston Celtics experienced on their home court when they lost to the LA Cry Babies.

Two weekends ago, I had drinks with industry insiders at a local bar. Everyone at the table agreed that it really was a young, confused Nicki Minaj in this video claiming she ate Remy Ma’s box.

Though she will never admit it (and we don’t really need her to since it’s been confirmed) — it shows just how easily Nicki can morph into different personalities like she changes her underwear.