Word is that Evelyn Lozada, star of VH1’s popular Basketball Wives, is currently dating NFL player Chad Ochocinco. This is disturbing news because Evelyn seems like an intelligent woman who wouldn’t be interested in a known dog like Chad.

Chad is typical of self-hating brothas who dated sistas until he became well known, and now only LSLH chicks are good enough for him.

At first I wasn’t going to run this story, until I reached out to one of the show’s producers who told me that “it’s pretty much definitive” that Chad will be “Evelyn’s love interest” on the upcoming season VH1 The Basketball Wives. Consider this a scoop and remember where you read it first.

I reached out to Evelyn’s rep last night who told me, “as a policy we don’t comment on who our clients may or may not be dating.” — which is double speak for, yes, they’re dating but you know I can’t confirm it.

I’m told that Chad has been in Miami for the past two weeks courting Evelyn heavily. He starts training camp at the end of the month so he had to work quickly.

According to my source, who is very credible, Chad began sending Evelyn DM’s on Twitter.com a month ago. The tweets gradually became “sexually suggestive,” which alarmed the mother of one. Chad, who has four children by two baby mamas, followed up his tweets with expensive gifts to Evelyn.

According to one of Evelyn’s good friends, Evelyn didn’t know what to think about Chad’s aggressive pursuit of her. Evelyn is 35 and ready to settle down now that her only daughter is a senior in high school. If Evelyn has second thoughts about dating Chad — she should. Chad is a male whore who needs her to stay relevant, not the other way around.

My source told me Chad and Evelyn finally hooked up on Tuesday in Miami for an intimate dinner. But I find it hard to believe that they both have residences in Miami yet they’ve never bumped into each other prior to Tuesday night.

My reliable source also told me that Chad’s tweets to Evelyn were “very sexually suggestive,” and Evelyn told her, “I never met him. He’s just sending crazy, suggestive stuff to me!” The two exchanged phone numbers via DM on Twitter and began making plans to meet offline.

Here’s another scoop: VH1’s Basketball Wive’s will be extended from 30 minutes to a full hour per episode, and the show’s executive producer Shaunie (Shaq’s ex-wife) will get more face time on the show this season.

Supposedly, there’s a new cast member on Basketball Wive’s 2nd season, which begins filming on July 13. Gloria will not be back, but that was a no-brainer based on the fact that she refused to appear on the Reunion show. I’m told that the new cast member is white and she’s dating a current NBA player. The remaining cast members are all coming back this season including that annoying Jennifer. The contracts are all expected to be signed by next week.

There’s also a rumor that there will be a huge scandal this upcoming season of Basketball Wives. The scandal involves the posh private school in Miami and a certain birth certificate on file there. But you didn’t hear that from me.