Loyal reader Marteeta C. sent in this video of her adorable 3-year-old son, Jayson, after watching this disgraceful video of a child being videotaped “riding it” to Ciara’s song.

Jayson gives us all inspiration, and gives me hope that all is not lost in our community as long as we have parents like Marteeta who instills values and importance of education in our children!

Hi Sandra,

Just watched that video of that little girl and I weep for my people! We should be educating our youth not destroying them with all of the graphic sexual images on TV, videos, video games etc.

This is my son, Jayson in the attached video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atM9T0YOvy4
he was 3 years old in the video and he better not ever bring a little “heffa” like that to our home. My husband and I believe in training our children to be assets to this society and not liabilities.

Have a great day Sandra!

PS(I know that the word is heifer…I can spell and I happen to be a college grad)

Another reader emailed me to say she knows the father — yes, the father — who videotaped his daughter performing sexually suggestive dance moves. Apparently the child’s mother is in prison.

I urged the reader to call her local child welfare authorities to report the father for uploading that video to the Internet and exploiting a minor child.