Over the weekend, the social networking website Twitter.com was all atwitter over an alleged “hit” put out by one of the NBA premier superstars, Carmelo Anthony.

The drama began unfolding on Saturday (Aug. 28) when Carmelo tweeted this message to his 300,000 followers:

Apparently, a mentally challenged woman who calls herself Kat Stacks sent private messages to Carmelo, who then responded in kind. Maybe ‘Melo didn’t realize who @iHateKatStacks was and that she would make his private tweets public.

In a panic, Carmelo tweeted the “hit” to his Twitter followers in an overblown macho attempt to prove to his wife that he wanted no parts of the Stack — and that he was even willing to have the troubled woman roughed up to protect his marriage.

Carmelo then tweeted a photo of the $5,000 hit money in crisp $100 bills for anyone who doubted his word.

Not surprisingly, the tweets and the photo later disappeared from his account followed by a tweet from Carmelo yesterday claiming his Twitter page had been hacked. He also stated he was in China — as if he had no way of tweeting from China.

We would probably be inclined to believe him were it not for the fact that his wife, LaLa Vazquez (@lala), co-signed everything he tweeted on Saturday!

As you recall, Carmelo has been accused of stepping out on his wife when she was just his baby mama.

LaLa’s tweets supporting her husband’s show of bully machismo have now disappeared from her Twitter account, though she doesn’t claim that hear account was hacked.

“Sounds fishy to me,” said one Cleveland-area woman. “Sound like Carmelo Anthony realied he’d posted a threat on Twitter and possibly broke the law by advocating violence, so know he’s backpedaling and blaming Twitter.” [link]

In the interest of fairness, I should point out that LaLa’s people contacted Sandrarose.com on Friday (Aug. 27) requesting to work with us in some capacity on her upcoming reality TV show. They did not say what that capacity was. Only that LaLa herself asked them to contact us.