Last night, a follower on kept on spamming my timeline with the link to this video.

Normally I would block such an annoying pest and keep it moving. But then she tweeted the key words that caught my attention: “MATT KEMP STEPS OUT ON RIH…POST THAT.”

Curiosity getting the best of me, I quickly clicked the link to watch the video.

At first, it appears to be a routine night out on the town for Matt and his boys, captured on video by Hollywood TV as they leave a club in West Hollywood.

At the 12 sec. mark, an attractive LSLH female steps off the curb, pushes up against RiRi’s man affectionately and says, “Matt” — before she spots the paparazzi and blanks out.

It’s the familiarity in their body language that gives it all away. They both acted like they were caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Instead of acknowledging the cutie — because obviously they know each otherMatt walks away like he doesn’t have a clue who she is!

That’s a sure cheat of cheating! If you don’t recognize that sign then you will repeatedly fall for cheating dogs like him! Any woman (gay or straight) who has been cheated on knows the signs. A man who has nothing to hide would have simply acknowledged the chick and played it off like it was nothing. After all, she could have been a fan. Would he ignore a fan?

My favorite part is the cameraman asking Matt random questions and playing it off like he didn’t just see what happened!

We all know Rihanna bats zero when it comes to choosing men. She’s young and immature and she thinks every cute man is a keeper because he’s hot. Ladies, please remember that a hot man always has a backup plan, lol!

I hope Rihanna thinks differently after watching this video. But something tells me she will still be in denial, just as she was until chris brown slapped some sense into her last year.