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Singer Alicia Keys, 29, and her husband Swizz Keys took a romantic stroll in St Barts yesterday. The couple were spotted holding hands while shopping in high end boutiques such as Edgar and Louis Vuitton. Is there a celebrity who isn't in St. Barts this week?

Is it me, or does Alicia look like she's pregnant again?

Rapper Nicki Minaj was seen covering her face as she and her goofy looking boyfriend left their hotel in New York City last night. Her boyfriend wears many hats as Nicki's hype man, producer, bodyguard and Twitter gangster.

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Male socialite Raz-B was spotted leaving Million Milkshakes in Beverly Hills yesterday. Raz B, 25, is a star now that chris brown snatched his wig on Twitter the other night. The former B2k member apologized for his part in initiating the juvenile Twitter spat. He swears he didn't do it for attention or anything like that.

Sean Combs' baby mama Kim Porter, 44, was seen leaving St. Barts with her twin daughters D'Lila and Jessie, 4, and sons Christian, 12, and Quincy, 17, in tow. Kim and her brood spent 7 days of fun in the sun on board a yacht rented by Combs.

R&B singer Usher, 32, was spotted lunching at the same S. Beach hotel where Beyonce and Jay Z stayed last month.

TV mogul Ellen DeGeneres, 52, and her wife Portia de Rossi, 37, were also spotted out and about In St. Barts yesterday.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    So now Nikki is one of Santa's Elves and not a barbie :coffee:

    Lawd at Kim looking like she just got off the freedom ship

  • YSoSerious

    Alicia does not look pregnant but whatever that baby was doing for her face has definitely worn off...

    Why Nicki's man gotta be goofy looking...

    Raz B needs to get right with himself...

    Ursher is very chimpy in that pic...

    I like Ellen...

    Good New Year's Eve morning to everyone. :yahoo:

  • Peachpussycat

    Why does it look like Nikki has a mustache in the first pic?

    Razzy Bootie sent cho' ass all the way down in 2011, mmkay? :thumbsup: What kind of shoes does his milkshake booty buster have on behind him? :shrug:

    Ellen and Portia, do you bishes! Yea!

    Good morning! :coffee:

  • flsun99

    Aren't Kim & Puffy's twins like 4 years old...why are they are always being carried around? They are big girls who need to use their feet. Anywayz, hope they had a good time in St. Bart.
    I've noticed that celebrities ARE NOT original. They all vacation at the same spots, wear the same clothes, and same freaking hair styles (the women w/their weaves) etc. Geez, it’s sickening.

  • Bird

    Alicia and Swizzy still have that adorable newlywed swag.

    Well its nice to hear Nikki's boo has her back, but what is going on with her ensemble?

    Razberry is a socilite? Ain't that nigra on foodstamps and a mental check?

    Ahh, I see Diddy and fam came back just in time for him to spend New Years with Cassie. Isn't that sweet?

    I really like Ellen and her boo together. Very cool couple.

  • Sandra Rose

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! :party: :yahoo:

  • buddapecan


  • KeepingitRealSince1979

    Nicki looks a hot mess as usual. I wish Usher would get a hair cut. And, it looks as if Ellen does not shave her legs.

  • winenroses

    I guess it is you, Sandra, cause NO, Alicia Keyes does not look like

    she pregnant again!

    Kim Porter took the Baby Mama business to a whole new level. I guess she

    had the twins to cover her old age, Social Security drawing years.

  • Dee1127

    is that Ricky Romance behind RazB with the stripe shirt?

  • Atypical

    “Male socialite Raz B” :rofl:

  • Sandra Rose

    Dee1127 says:

    is that Ricky Romance behind RazB with the stripe shirt?

    That looks like Raz B's boyfriend, or girlfriend as the case may be. :coffee:

  • Dee1127

    Sandra Rose
    That looks like Raz B’s boyfriend, or girlfriend as the case may be.

    LMAO! Turned away from the camera because he didnt have his make-up on.

  • Sandra Rose

    Dee1127 says:

    LMAO! Turned away from the camera because he didnt have his make-up on.

    He turned away from the camera because he didn't want his real boyfriend to see him with Raz B. :lol:

  • aqtpie

    The former B2k member apologized for his part in initiating the juvenile Twitter spat. He swears he didn’t do it for attention or anything like that.
    :rolleyes: Sure he didn't. He obviously needs some counseling and rightfully so and get his a$$ off twitter!!!

    Alicia doesn't look pregnant to me.

    I didn't know that Kim was 44.

    Ellen and her wife look good together.

  • Dee1127


    Bwahahaha!! You are a mess lady!!

  • Binki

    :newbie: but not really. I may as well be because I can never comment because I can't check the site until after work so I'm always super late lol

    Anyway, How does Raz B get capitalization and Chris Brown doesn't? :wtf:

  • H.B.I.C

    Alicia the adulteress from head to bottom: her forhead looks like a pizza w/ everything on it. And from the waist down she looks like a baby elephant. Slime Sheets was all lovey dovey and handholding with Mashonda in the beginning as well......... :waiting:

    Nicki Minaj: Wot de blood clot Nicki a wear?!

    Ellen is one mo dude fo sho

    Is Raz B in therapy? cuz baby boy needs to be on somebody's black couch 4 times a week addressing 'how does that make you feel' No pun intended. Chris Brown just proved that in the words of NeNe "Ain't nothin change boo-boo"

    Kim Porter: :pray:


    What is that behind RAZ B.... HMMMMMMMMMM

  • Phrozen1der

    Could'nt have said it any better... after Chris Brown verbally pushed his cap back... :rofl: #CLASSIC!

  • talkingwithtami

    Celebs grab their kids when they see the paps coming. Makes them look like they are such the great parents. Side Eye then as soon as nobody about they handing their kids over to the nannys! :rolleyes: #satdown

  • Cocoabana

    I was hoping you ALL noticed the cat daddy in back of Raz-B. And he said he's not a homosexual? Yeah okay.

  • roni990507

    Happy New Year Sandra!!!!
    Can't wait to see what 2011, will bring...
    Be safe everyone!

  • CandyGirl

    Happy New Year! 2011 is a New Year..

  • CandyGirl


  • Daisy

    Akeys looks uber cute and casual! #teamakeys

    Sun and sand sound real nice

    Happy New Year

  • JL

    Lmao @ h.b.I.c
    boy alisha keys has a big a** bump on her bottom lip. say check up plez


    damn JL ....yo ass right WHAT IS THAT SHIT ON HER LIP????? Ewwww....just nasty... She need to take her Valtrex lip gloss wit her!!! He he

  • JL

    :lol: @ alovelymess
    Walgreens,cvs,rite-aid,kroger r open 24 hrs

  • txvirgo



    ...hey guys! I'm a newbie to this site!

  • Nicksocrazy

    What Nikki got on...

    and Usher need to cut his hair. Damn naps ansd ish aint cool.