Brothas, be very careful not to bite into your girl’s breast implants during rough sex or foreplay: they’re poisonous!

In weird news from around the world: a trained boa constrictor took ill and died of silicone poisoning hours after biting into a model’s breast implant.

The incident occurred during a photo shoot in Tel Aviv, Israel. The model, Orit Fox, was instructed to pose seductively with the snake as it slithered around her scantily-clad body.

According to London’s Daily Mail tabloid, the snake took offense when Fox began kissing and licking it. The snake latched onto her left breast and sunk its fangs deep into it.

She let out a high-pitched scream, as did a voice off camera who appeared to be directing the shoot.
An assistant rushed in to help her pull the snake off and after a few seconds of struggle the creature released its grip.
The peroxide-blonde model was rushed to a nearby hospital and given a tetanus shot.
However, the snake wasn’t so lucky and died from silicone poisoning. Source