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Police have found the bodies of up to 30 children buried in a mass grave at a home in Texas, it has been reported. Officers from Liberty County, in Texas, were tipped off about the alleged mass grave, located in a rural county east of Houston. Up to 30 dismembered bodies are thought to have been discovered at the home by authorities, with the majority thought to be the corpses of children.

The FBI are investigating and about 15 police cars and sniffer dogs are on the scene, at an intersection of two roads between Hardin and Daisetta. A 16-year-old girl who lives next door the home where the bodies were found neighbour said the occupant of the property moved out a week ago. The woman is thought to have lived at the home with her fiancée and her her parents, who are long-haul truck drivers.


Update I, 7:18 p.m.:

According to

The FBI is at the scene of a potential mass grave along with state and local law enforcement who are awaiting the arrival of a search warrant to begin digging at a home in Liberty County, Texas.

Local police received a telephone tip “from a psychic” of a mass grave containing thirty dismembered bodies, including children. When police arrived at the location they found nothing.

The psychic then advised police that they went to the wrong house.

“They go back out and go to the house and see something dark that could have been blood, and do a persumpting test that it was human blood.”

Liberty County sheriff’s spokesman Rex Evans said officers had not exhumed any bodies.

“At this time we have not recovered any bodies,” he said. “We only received information of a possible crime scene here at this location. Upon our arrival we determined that there was a need for a search warrant. Once that warrant arrives at the scene we will further our investigation.”

The FBI are investigating and about 15 police cars and sniffer dogs are on the scene.