According to E! Online, troubled musician Kanye West gave the media the silent treatment as he walked the red carpet at the CDFA Fashion Awards yesterday. He told reporters multiple times that he wasn’t answering any questions and he barely made eye contact with the press.

In addition to not speaking to the media since after his album dropped (and flopped), Kanye hasn’t updated his Twitter account in months.

This silent treatment behavior by a narcissist is known as ‘mental murder’ because, in a sense, you are dead to them.

The silent treatment is one of the tools in the narcissist’s sinister arsenal. It is the ultimate rejection. In the narcissist’s arsenal, the silent treatment is a form of mental abuse.

When someone you love deeply gives you the silent treatment, the pain can be especially intense. The narcissist can ignore you for days, weeks, or even years. The narcissist usually ignores you until you apologize to them — even though they were the cause of the conflict in the first place!

This is why the behavior is so abusive because the narcissist knows that no healthy person would apologize for something they didn’t do. In this way they prey on your weakness and break down your defenses.

If you find yourself in a relationship with anyone who gives you the silent treatment for longer than 8 hours, please RUN!

Even if you think they are just upset with you — no one, not even children, will stay angry or hold a grudge for that long. Healthy individuals get over it and move on, or they seek to resolve the conflict.

The best way to deal with a narcissist who attempts to ‘mentally murder’ you by using the silent treatment is to pack your things and LEAVE. Cease all contact with him/her. Don’t try to beat him or her at their own game because you can’t win. Just leave with your dignity and your self esteem intact.

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