E! Online’s Fashion Police were not all all impressed with Solange Knowle’s African-inspired Burberry outfit that she wore to the Burberry Body bash yesterday at Burberry Beverly Hills. The editor displayed her cultural insensitivity when she referred to Solo’s outfit as a “high-waisted mess.” African Kings and Queens wear the same type of traditional outfits today.

There’s never a dull moment when this outrageous fashionista hits the red carpet, that’s for sure!

At the Burberry Body bash, Solange put her best foot forward in a pair of fabulous tribal sandals by the brand, but add the shiny apron and printed blouse and this is a mismatched tragedy!

We’re just happy that Solange left her over-the-top Diana Ross inspired afro wig at home this time.

Serena Williams’ features look a lot more feminine when she tones down the outrageous hair and makeup, and when she covers up her powerfully built, drug-enhanced muscles.

Photos: Wireimage.com