No wonder Devery Broox seemed to show no love, concern, or caring for the well-being of the young boy in the shocking video he sent to

According to, Broox is not the boy’s biological father.

Orlando cops busted Broox on September 26 after they were tipped off by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who viewed the disturbing video online. Broox initially claimed the off-camera whipping was “staged”. He also told the unidentified child to lie and say the scars on his legs occurred when he fell off a bicycle.

The boy later told police “that Devery ‘whips’ him ‘all the time’ ” and told him to lie about the whipping because he didn’t want to go to jail.

Orlando police describe the 25-year-old Broox as a “mentor” of the seven-year-old boy, with whom he has “no familial relationship.”

Loyal reader, Kim M., who sent us the link to the Smoking Gun article was disgusted by my readers’ comments defending Broox for brutally assaulting the boy.

It is clear that our attitudes toward violence — even when it is perpetrated against small children — proves that we routinely resort to violence to resolve conflicts because we lack basic communications skills.

The fact that the majority of black people who viewed the video were unable to tell the difference between discipline and an all out assault on a defenseless child is disturbing. The reactions to the video demonstrates the lack of basic parenting skills in the black community. The natural ability to give birth does not qualify some of us to be parents.

When questioned by police, Broox admitted posting the video on YouTube and Tumblr, but claimed that the off-camera beating was “staged.” When officers disclosed that the child said he was beaten by Broox, the suspect “repeated several times that he will take responsibility for his actions,” adding that he regretted putting the video online.

The jarring video, which was filmed September 14, opens with Broox questioning the child about misbehaving in class. Broox, standing with a leather belt around his neck, and the seated boy are seen inside a bathroom. Broox, who told cops that he met the child through the boy’s grandmother, said he was “recommended to the family as a mentor.”

Broox appears angry that the child has ignored his demands (and those of the boy’s grandmother) to respect his teacher and other adults. “You want us to reward your bad behavior,” Broox tells the boy, who answers questions with “Yes, sir” and “No, sir.”

A spoken word performer whose Facebook page lists his employer as the United States Navy, Broox announces to the child, “Your hair is gone,” as he picks up an electric razor. He then proceeds to shave a haphazard pattern into the boy’s hair. “You want to be a class clown? I’ll make sure you go back to school looking like a clown. So that everybody can laugh at you,” he adds.