Remember the shocking video of a black man harshly disciplining his son for acting up in school? His name is Devery Michael Broox, 25, and he was locked up on Sept. 26 after Orange County, Florida child services viewed the video online and notified the local authorities.

In the video originally posted on, Broox lists the 3 steps he takes to teach the boy discipline to keep him out of prisons.

First Broox shaved the young man’s head bald. Then he whipped him with a belt before forcing the youngster to run laps and perform push ups outside in the courtyard. As a final humiliation, Broox sent the video to Q at WSHH to publicly embarrass the kid.

Well, now Broox is in jail and his son is in the custody of the state -- the last place that Broox wanted him to be.

  • datsmdubya2u

    Why is that parents get in trouble for disciplining their kids. Yet if the same kid gets in trouble with the cops and they beat his azz then it's all good? There is a video online just today of a cop body slamming a kid in a school cafeteria. But that seems to be ok.

  • bombchelle.

    That child needs his father in his life. Not in state custody. So upsetting.

  • vero

    When this kis turns 18 and acts up, they'll be wondering where his dad was. SMH

  • sdsthomas

    I'm sorry! I don't agree. This is the main reason why it's hard for me to go up to my kids school and tear that butts up. It's better that I discipline them now than have the officers do it later in prison. As I see it, he's being proactive. I think he did a great job. As long as he's not beating the boy all day everyday for no reason, he did an AWESOME JOB! That was a lesson to get his a** in check! I've learned that kids hate to be embarrassed in front of their friends. This hurts them more than anything.

  • sdsthomas

    Exactly Vero! Exactly!

  • AndThenIHitMyDougie

    I saw that coming. I'm kind of with the parent though. If beatiing my kids ass will keep him OUT of prison, then its worth even if my ass ends up going IN. Lol. Authorities are so stupid. You don't want the parents to discipline the kid, then launch a whole campaign when that sam undisciplined kid is bullying a bunch of other ones. Pick a damn side and stay on it.

    The father was dumb for sending the video to WSHH though. Everyting doesn't need an audience.

  • ShireeSongz

    sandra finally let me him...yessss hey all!

  • vero

    Right @Sassy. I'm not sure about sending the vid, but the beating wasn't abuse.
    The authorities are really picking the wrong battles. There are so many perverts, criminals, drug dealers out there, and you're going to put in jail a guy who's trying to do his job as a dad ? Disciplining his child???
    I'm not getting it and I'm pissed.
    If my child grows up and needs his butt whopped once in a will, he'll get it. I hope no teacher, no social worker will come talk to me about child abuse.

  • vero

    I know @Sds

  • phoenyxx

    i hope this guy gets his child back THOUGH i believe he definitely needs some parenting classes. i also agree that everything does not need an audience.

  • Femme Fatale

    Dumbazz shouldn't have filmed and posted the proof. Idiot!

    Next time find another motive...other than props...for beating and humiliating your child.

  • datsmdubya2u

    @ Vero

    vero says:

    When this kis turns 18 and acts up, they’ll be wondering where his dad was. SMH

    And if the cops beat that kid up or worse kill em everyone will blame the parents.

  • ShireeSongz

    i meant *let me was the excitement :yahoo:

  • vero

    Parenting isn't easy.. but at least the guy tried to do something.
    I don't get it and I don't know why I'm so upset over this

    good night folks !!

  • datsmdubya2u

    @ Vero

    Parenting isn’t easy.. but at least the guy tried to do something.

    He needs some parenting classes not jail time

  • Sweets2u

    Wait! He got arrested for beating his son?? Oh Lawd!! They're gonna be knocking down my door and arresting me next!! :hailnaw:

  • ssweetheart85

    Dumbazz he brought that on himself..why would you send a video like that to WSHH? Smh...I hope he does get his son back, parenting classes prob will help. But I def believe in azz whoopings...smh...but there has to be many methods besides spankings. Spankings may not work for every child or even be necessary..but they never hurt nor scarred me for life as some ppl like to make it sound. Ppl make it sound like spankings are the worse thing ever. My granny was quick to tell us to go get a switch off a tree...and we turned out fine. :coffee:

  • Jerrica

    If he wouldn't have taped it, he would be home with his son. That was his mistake. I think if more kids got their ass whooped the world would be better. Shoot me getting my ass beat with a toy wrestling belt that one time taught don't go around kicking holes in walls. :coffee:

  • So U Fancy Ha? Hehe Only U Think It

    Wow I hope he gets out! They would have to take my son to cuz if I can't do whats needed to raise him take him with u! Shame

  • Posche

    I'm on the fathers side. He needed his azz spanked.

  • Sandra Rose

    Then you all agree that slave masters were correct in beating their slaves with whips for disobeying them?

  • PrettyG07

    My ex-brother in law was in this situation a years ago, only his son was 16 at the time. Lil dude thought he was grown and had a party while his dad and my sister were away on a little vacay. He would have gotten away with it but dad just so happen to pick up the phone while lil dude was bragging about all the tail he got that week and how live his party was. So dad went into his room and roughed him up while he was still on the phone. He had a knot on his head but he was okay otherwise.

    His silly ass went to school and told his teachers that he was being abused at home so my brother in law was arrested. When he went to the hearing, he explained to the judge that Lil dude had a party in his home with no adult supervision without his permission and there was alcohol involved, and then proceeded to tell the judge that he would go upside his head a third time if it happened again. When the judge asked him if there had been a second incident of abuse that wasn’t reported, my brother in law told her (paraphrasing) “Not, yet. When I get home he’s going to get dealt with for lying to his teacher’s and dragging child services into the situation when he knew he was wrong and was just being vindictive”
    Apparently the judge was not aware of the party and alcohol and ended up dismissing everything

    Turns out Lil dude’s friend he was talking to when he got pieced up told all of their friends what happed and they were clowning him hard.

    Needless to say my ex –brother in law tapped that ass again.
    Apparently it didn’t matter anyways cause lil dude is now serving 4 years in prison for robbery.

  • JMO

    @pretty ... Thats crazy!! Thats one if the things I fear about being a parent when I have kids is not being able to reach them after a certain age whether its through discipline, motivational talks etc. I have a cousin like that who would act up no matter what. He got punished, whooped, talked to, scared straight etc and it didnt work. He's also been in and out of prison

  • lola773

    It's sad you can't discipline your own children. Then when they become unlawful as adults they are put in jail. :no:

  • JMO

    I never watched the video because I dont like watchin kids get spanked (most of the time). I got yelled at and thats all I needed but my sis was another story lol

    Now that video of a boys uncle clowning him for acting like a thug on facebook is hilarious!! Anyone seen that?? In the video he said "tell these people u lied and that we dont do that gang bangin sh*t... and post THAT on ya wall"! Lol

  • I Run New York

    I bet this father feels real stupid right now sending the video to WSHH. He was looking for some fame and attention and look what he brought on his kid. SMH

  • spongebobfan

    Wheres the mom? why the 'state' has him? or the grandmom who was mentioned in the video, im sure more was going on in this boy life than this one incident. hopefully he'll be placed with nice adopitve parents, or maybe his real parents will take some parenting classes and get him back

  • JMO

    spongebobfan says:

    Wheres the mom? why the ‘state’ has him? or the grandmom who was mentioned in the video, im sure more was going on in this boy life than this one incident. hopefully he’ll be placed with nice adopitve parents, or maybe his real parents will take some parenting classes and get him back

    :cosign: Where is the rest of the family??

  • Jazzy Mommy

    I don't think it's necessary to beat on a child for everything they do that's wrong. I watched the video...days before Sandra posted it...and I had already made my mind up once I saw the emotion in little man's eyes as he was doing the push-ups. It's one thing to discipline your kids. But it's a whole 'nother line that's crossed once you humiliate them while simultaneously attempting to encourage positive behavior.

    I do pray that he gets the little boy back though because his intent was out of love but his actions crossed the line.

    :welcome: ShireeSongz!!! :blunt:

  • dopedillema

    there is no reason why an(intelligent) adult cannot control the behavior of a child without resorting to violence. We should be able to pull something from our bag of tricks besides "whippings".

  • vero

    @Sandra are you.looking for controversy? You're not really comparing a parent disciplining his child to a slave master acting as his a human being was his property, right? :shocked:
    Kids react differently. Ass whooping what was not I needed when I was a kid. I was a pathological liar between 5 and 9 y-o. All my mom did in the end was make me read John 8:44.
    But the belt helped when I started to talk back. It happened only twice. I didn't need it a 3rd time.

  • Yardgirl

    No one should be surprised by this out come :no: HE had this posted for the world to see, including CPS and now he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions. I do not believe in beatings, I was not beat and I do not beat my child. I do not judge anyone who believes in this form of punishment, but if you cross the line, be prepared to defend your actions :shrugs:

  • LaTechGrad02

    :cosign: Yardgirl.

  • Starr

    I saw this coming.

    The line between abuse and discipline is thin, but its not blurred. He crossed it. And he was so proud of himself, he decided to humiliate his son for the world to see.

    This child for he knows could have some kind of special need, more likely emotional, because it doesn't appear his situation is stable. Psychical discipline is not for every kid. Watching that video you can't tell me that kid was getting anything positive out of it.

  • Nasir Rahim


  • Redeemed777


    '' But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.''

    [ 1 Corinthians 2:15 ]

  • Redeemed777

    Who is he that is spiritual?

  • Smonae80

    The dad is not too bright, why would u post this azz whooping for the world 2 see,, I get what he was trying 2 do, but he could have accomplished that minus the azz whooping,,, but comparing this to slavery is a huge stretch

  • therapist1911

    I'm torn!!! Although I don't agree with the parent being placed in custody. I think the discipline should have been a private matter. That's where he messed up. Oh yeah shaving the eyebrows was a bit extreme as well.

    I jsut had to contact CPS on an allegation. FK my head up but I'm a mandate reporter!!

  • Starr

    Alot of people who come from abusive homes, turn out to be criminals as well

  • RoderickXYZ

    lola773 says:

    It’s sad you can’t discipline your own children. Then when they become unlawful as adults they are put in jail.

    Hun, it would have stayed between him and his son if he hadn't sent in the video.

    Besides he didn't have to humiliate his son by shaving his head so I doubt that the only thing that got him in trouble was spanking his son.

  • AbsurdVanity

    I agree with therapist. Locking a man up for discipling his OWN child is ridiculous. I don't see where there is a problem (besides the fact he recorded the incident). The child had been misbehaving in school. He didn't learn his lesson the first time he got his arse beat so his dad had to step it up a notch.

  • free

    people are actually upset that this man beat his child's ass and shaved his head and eyebrows? we have become soft. most of our households are led by women so we've forgotten what it's like to have a father enforce discipline and order. and if a man speaks to a child, he had better back it up. boys should FEAR their parents but we all know they don't fear their mother and grandmothers. they don't fear their teachers or neighbors. so now they're running wild and running thangs while the female(s) in the home just shake their heads and make excuses.

    this shyt happened WEEKLY in our house and that azz whupping wasn't even that bad. my brothers would look at this and laugh! in the 5th grade, we had a class clown whose mother used to always show up and he clowned anyway. one day his FATHER (who was separated from his mom) showed up and beat his azz with a belt in front of the whole class. we didn't even clown him about it because it was like the whole class got a whipping. no police officers showed up, no cps showed up, nobody got fired, etc.

    dude did the right thing for his family and it's his call. he ain't burning him with a damn cigarette or raping him or killing him so he's cool with me.

  • free

    Sandra Rose says: Then you all agree that slave masters were correct in beating their slaves with whips for disobeying them?


    SR please. there is no comparison with white people STEALING other human beings, FORCING them to work with no pay, FORCING them to have sex and do other sordid things, SELLING them away from their families to others, and WHIPPING them for having a problem with it. please don't.

  • Creamychic

    :coffee: I told yall in the older post that he was gonna get arrested, I said now child services is gonna get involved, and he going down, SMDH, this is where People mess up at, if you want your kids to stay under your authority, for all the new parents

    1. Stop signing up for these folks birth certificates (it's Voluntary)
    2. stop Signing up for these folks Social Security Card (it's voluntary)
    3. make sure thereis a parent that can teach home schooling (it's Legal)
    4. to make a scene as to what goes on in your home( Video)(that's just Dumb)
    5. use common sense in your judgement
    6. you dont need eyewitness to how you discipline your child, as long as it's not abuse.

    ***Disclaimer***, this is intended for education purpose only, I am not responsible, for any action taken with any parents about their children, please research any information that is given. to make sure you stay within legal limitations. :coffee:

  • free

    and it terms of humilation and publicity, who wasn't humiliated by their parent when they were a kid? parents would beat your ass on the spot in front of your friends, send you outside looking crazy if you did something stupid, but that was the old days.

    these days, the kids run shyt and they know it. what used to be consequences are now deemed harsh, embarassing, humiliating, abusive, etc. these children are crying out for discipline but we no longer equate discipline with love. you can't love your child if you whip him or shave his eyebrows? or make him do pushups? that ain't shyt?

    i would love to hear what MEN have to say about this.

  • pointhimout

    now if yall want to petition and fight for rights, do it for this guy. aint no way in hell this man should get 10 years for running his own home. before he gets into the govt's system, i'ma put his lil ass thru my system.

    they played this shit on v103 this morning. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. I would not have shaved his head/eyebrows (cuz that's more time I have to spend), but that ass whoopin and the drill sergeant method gets a thumbs up.

    seriously, this dude should not be in jail. Oh, I wouldn't have sent the tape in the WSHH either. I did want to know y the grandmother was the one seeing the kid off to school and not the mom/dad. does he live with his dad or grandmother? I ask because I DONT believe in PT discipline where the kid lives with someone, but the parents show up just to whoop the kid. I dont agree with that.

  • kingstonn

    so its illegal to discipline ur own kids? well chit, they probably would have gave my Grandma a life sentence for the way she used to beat my brothers. its amazing how backwards society is these days. :rolleyes:

  • pointhimout

    my nephew cries when he gets embarrassed, but guess what, he goes right back the next day and does the same schit. so i feel what dude did. you get tired of saying the same thing again and again to thz lil entitled phuckas. where the petition to free abusive daddy?


    I think there's a difference between discipline and humiliation but that's just my opinion! His dumb ass shouldnt have taped the chit and sent it in for the world to see!

  • kingstonn

    this story is about as ridiculous as the dad who got on the bus and cursed out the kids who were teasing & bullying his disabled daughter. the people these mofos need to arrest *coughs Casey Anthony* they're not. :no:

  • kingstonn

    although i think his dumbass shouldn't have taped it knowing ppl would take it as child abuse. what was his reasoning? to show other parents how chit is sposed to be done or...?

  • ShoYaRight

    Was this "father's" actions about discipline or was it really an opportunity for him to get some internet fame?

    Why would a parent shave their child's head and eyebrows? What is the lesson behind that? There is none! He is trying to make this video as sensational as possible for the viewing audience. He is trying to entertain us. His internetions are not pure and therefoire his actions are not either! I was disciplined by my parents and grandparents and they NEVER shaved my head or eyebrows. WHO DOES THAT?

    Why would you submit this online so that this will follow this child for the rest of his life? SO HE CAN BE TEASED AND RIDICULED during the most fundamental and developmental years of his life? Where is the responsible logic behind that? This father wasn't concerned about the best interests of his son, he wanted some internet props and kudos. He wanted to be a star! Well you are having your 15 minutes and I hope you enjoy it!

  • Doc Holiday

    His mistake was VIDEOTAPING it. Some disciplining your OWN child are not for public scrutiny. This is a lesson learned. Some of yall will learn this internet is nothing to play with....

  • Doc Holiday

    As you can look he looks like he is in his early 20's, and very immature. His son has a clean haircut but he still wearing nappy dreads?? He wanted online fame...and got a nice charge

  • Tainted_Love

    Smh. I believe in disciplining children. I've had friends that were abused and nothing this man did in the video was abusive. I commend him for being in the boys life and actually taking action. What's the first question asked when a young black man is arrested or does something idiotic ...Where was his father???

  • Sandra Rose

    I see that no one answered my question about slave masters whipping their slaves. Is that because you realize how crazy it sounds for a grown man to whip another grown man? Yet you see no problem with a grown man whipping a small child. We are descendants of Africans. Whipping is something we learned from white people when our descendants were brought over here in slave ships. We did not whip our children in Africa. It was not our way to whip children for being children. I see some of you still have the chains around your brains. Kudos to ShoYaRight for pointing out the obvious in Mr. Broox's actions. He is an ignorant young man who should not be raising a child.

  •! His_Mommy623

    i won't be the one to sit here and call this man dumb. the internet is used on a daily bases to promote all kinds of fukkery. these "new generation" kids are something else and IMO he went the extra mile that some dads seem to be too busy for nowadays...if i gotta watch bitter babymammas and fake drunk italians use social media and er'thang else to push "that hot ish" I see nothing wrong with him posting it...again its my opinion....

    all of this is stupid...and Sandra u are a mess for comparing disciplining ur child to slavery :wtf:

  • free

    pointhimout says: they played this **** on v103 this morning. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I would not have shaved his head/eyebrows (cuz that’s more time I have to spend), but that ass whoopin and the drill sergeant method gets a thumbs up.


    i heard it and it brought back memories. my mom whipped me and my dad whipped my brothers. neither one of them stopped to talk in between though. once the whipping commenced, all the talking was over.

    my husband said his mom used to make him get on his knees with his face in her crotch, backside out, and whip that azz and smoke a cigarette at the same time.

  • Tainted_Love

    @Doc Nappy Dreads really? I know grown educated men with logs. Locs does not determine rather a person is educated/immature or not. They're plenty of people walking around with haircuts with far worst behavior

  • vero

    We did answer your question Sandra. You can't compare a slave master to a parent disciplining his own child

  • Tainted_Love

    @Sandra Yes we are descendants of Africans. Most Africans I know are strong disciplinarians. My friends that are from West Africa received whippings just as us here in America.American Blacks are not the only people to physically discipline their children.

  •! His_Mommy623

    omg its too early and this is wayyyyyyyy toooo stupid.

    who gives a damn what someone in africa did/does to their children. WE are NOT in african and this is not pre-slavery days. these fuggin kids are KILLING people...and when they do, er'body hops on whatever site they fancy and types about how much ass they would have kicked and blah blah blah...this man shaved a head and made the lil nigga exercise..and yeah he got a spanking. is the boy dead? no, right? its smh..

  • Bootcampgirl

    :hi: Good morning all
    On topic: This right here is very sad. I agree with most of the posters who are saying that he has every right to discipline his child. I do not see any problem with his methods. Where I work at as soon as the person arrives he is shaved bald(not the eyebrows), if they get in trouble of to the sandpit they go to do an hours worth of intense excercise, so I'm not getting what the problem is with that :shrugs:
    The only thing that I do find stupid is why in the hell would he record it and send it in for the world wide web to view :smack:

  •! His_Mommy623

    thank u @Tainted, i was getting ready to mention that. Where did SR find out this bogus info that africans didn't discipline? :coffee:

  • Doc Holiday

    @Sandra Rose

    Do you have a link to a site that states that our descendantsin Africa did not "whip" their kids?

    Also the societal structure then was completely different. Little kids were doing grown duties prolly by the age of 10.

    You cant compare

  • free

    Bootcampgirl says: The only thing that I do find stupid is why in the hell would he record it and send it in for the world wide web to view


    i think this is an internet generation where everything is recorded and passed around. i don't think he did it for kudos but really just to show that the boy got consequences for his actions and some of these other lil boys need to also.

  • sfrenney

    Now mind you shaving the head and eyebrows was a little too harsh for ME; however I see nothing wrong with what he was saying to the child or when he was whipping him. I have a son and I think that it is very important that a young man receives discipline from a male figure. Now it was very stupid for him to send the video in though.

  • free

    Sandra Rose says: I see that no one answered my question about slave masters whipping their slaves


    cause it was whack! and did you consult with a professor or expert in african history to know what the discipline measures were there back in the 16-1800s?

  • ATLPrincess

    Personally, I think the punishment was too harsh. I have two children and I rarely have to physically discipline my children for them to behave. if you raise your kids right in the first place, they will want to respect you and they will want to make you proud.

    Beating the shit out of your kid just makes them fear you, not respect you. My mom beat my ass and I was bad as hell and it never stopped me. Pain only lasts for a night, more shenanigans came in the morning.

    I think alternative parenting methods and disciplinary methods can be used.

    No, I'm not saying I don't spank my kids. Because given the right circumstance, I would tear my kids' butts up but you just don't always have to and not to the degree he chose.

  • Doc Holiday


    Yes nappy dreads!. Your kid has a clean cut, but you look like you dont give a damn. What you saying is true, but guess what, I got a haircut when I went on my job interview. The world is the world and how you "feel" things should be are not how they are.

  • Sandra Rose

    Children are products of their environment. They are immature pre-adults who need to learn how to develop social skills by watching the mature adults around them. You can't whip the childlike qualities and behaviors out of them. Children learn how to behave appropriately in society by watching YOU. In order to teach your child discipline YOU must be disciplined yourself. So if you come home from work and rant about how you cussed out your co-worker, guess what your child is going to do at school? If you cuss out your husband or boyfriend around your kids it diminishes their abilities to socialize properly with others. I can see by your comments that a lot of you are not disciplined yourselves. So how can you expect a small child to be what you are not? Oh, yeah, I forgot: by whipping them. :eyeroll: Well, the jails are full of black men who were whipped savagely when they were young. I worked as a nurse in two jails and I asked them if they were disciplined harshly by their parents or caretakers. Every one of them said "yes."

  • Doc Holiday


    perfect example...I will GUaRANTEE that I have a WAAAY longer rap sheet than this guy, but if a job we both applied for the same job...and the job depended on headshot alone. He gonna be back at the unemployment line...thats the point im making

  • Doc Holiday

    @ Sandra

    my mom whipped me...and now that Im glad she did

  • Mother Jefferson

    :cosign: Sandra

    You do not need to humiliate your kids to discipline. Slaves had to endure emasculation and that has manifested in black people. That is why there are so many black men in jail like this fool here. No need look at any history to see that. If these kids only get in line by getting they a$$ beat then as adults they will get that a$$ beat by the system. If you are constantly yelling and beating your kids you are doing something? wrong. :coffee:

  • sugar-booger

    I do not think they should have taken this child away but I do think that he went tooooo far with his discipline. He just needs so parenting classes is all. Bless both of their hearts.

  •! His_Mommy623

    everyones children are NOT the same so everyone cannot raise them the same...

    my son is not bad at all but i remember one time he went to his friends house and the boy was one of those lil rich spoiled bastids who told his mother what he was gonna do when he felt like it and so child thought for about 52 seconds that he could try that in MY house. Hi, I'm mom and im crazy *waves* so when i told him to wash them dishes and he got to mumbling i popped the shyt out of him. he even admitted to me later on that he knew it wouldn't fly in our house but he was mad that he had to do dishes when gawd damn dragon ball z was on :wtf: boy...smh

    we haven't had that issue since...i'm sure he pops shyt about me in his head but i bet u he won't mumble over my dinner plates again...

    got an issue with it? see me about it. Kids don't run my house and MY kid doesn't fear me...he fears my crazy (as he should)...IDGAF who ship is running smoothly over here. He's running for student body vice president *takes a bow*

  • iheart405

    I love how people that don't have kids are so quick to say what does and does not work for disciplining children. :rolleyes:

  • Cinderella

    I can't belive that I actually agree with Sandra. Whippings are NOT the only way to discipline a child. The father's actions were extreme and he deserves to be in jail, IMO. If your child constantly acts up, you need to look at your parenting skills. Instead of whippings, my parents took away my toys, dolls, games, etc... away when I misbehaved. I couldn't go outside or go to dance practice. Staying in the house all day, looking at the wall, was enough punishment for an active child.

  • Bootcampgirl

    I worked as a nurse in two jails and I asked them if they were disciplined harshly by their parents or caretakers. Every one of them said “yes.”

    @Sandra-I can't completely agree with this part of your statement. I currently work in a prison and none of the guys who are willing to share their stories were disciplined harshly they were abused, cig. burns, broken bones, black eyes, etc., now that there is what you call abuse..

  • Doc Holiday

    So wait...when kids act up..what is the proper way to disciplin. Better yet when a 7 year old come up and say "F*** You" what is the proper response??

    If a 10 year old decides to be apart of a "grown" conversation...should it be allowed??

    Some of yall dont know what its like to have little kids and how to mold them

  • free

    Sandra Rose says: I worked as a nurse in two jails and I asked them if they were disciplined harshly by their parents or caretakers. Every one of them said “yes.”


    ok, it's a wrap! it's ready to publish in the journal of child psychology!

  •! His_Mommy623

    Sandra do u even have kids? a half of kid? do u have sperm in a napkin? no? so what are u talking about?

    as much i love this blog, i'm gna have to respectfully advise u to not tell a parent how to parent if ur NOT a parent..

    parents are human. they will fugg up from time to time. but if they love their child unconditionally and is trying to do what they think is best for THEIR kid, who are you or ANYONE on this blog and beyond to tell them what to do with their child? i cannot...

  • iheart405

    @ His, you betta :preach: :applause:

  • Doc Holiday


  • free

    Doc Holiday says:

    So wait…when kids act up..what is the proper way to disciplin. Better yet when a 7 year old come up and say “F*** You” what is the proper response?? BAT HIM IN HIS MOUTH!

    If a 10 year old decides to be apart of a “grown” conversation…should it be allowed?? NO, THEY SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THE SAME ROOM.

  • Bootcampgirl

    To be quite honest none of us know what other measures he has used before. At this point some of us are speculating that he just beats his kid on the reg. We see one incident and start making assumptions. And I still thinks he's stupid for sending it in..

  • FeFe the Leggy Lynx


    MANY people addressed your slavery question, and IMHO it is ridiculous to compare the two. What people fail to realize about discipline through spanking is that it should not be used as the ONLY method of discipline and should be accompanied with other tactics. For instance, I was spanked as a child, but after the spanking my mother would talk to me and tell me why she spanked me and what I could and should do to avoid it in the future. When I got older and spanking was less effective I got things I enjoyed taken away from me. A lot of parents these days just beat the chit out of their kids and then go on about their business with no rhyme or reason as to why they did it. This man should NOT be in jail. He talked to the boy, told the boy why he was about to get his azz beat and then he spanked him... :shrugs: nothing wrong with that...where he fcked up was when he decided it was a good idea to video tape it and send it into WSHH....

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Kids crave discipline and stability. Beat they asses on the regular.

  • Bootcampgirl

    Kids crave discipline and stability. Beat they asses on the regular.<----- :rofl:

  • free

    great post fefe!

  • Aprilbaby

    Just because you have a child doesn't mean you know how to raise a child. I have a few friends who are sucky moms. Their kids listen to me more than they listen to them. Some people just don't know what to do with kids. Probably didn't have much guidance themselves. Some kids you can ground some you have to jack up. You as a parent should figure out what type of child you have.

  • iheart405

    FeFe the Leggy Lynx says:

    What people fail to realize about discipline through spanking is that it should not be used as the ONLY method of discipline and should be accompanied with other tactics. For instance, I was spanked as a child, but after the spanking my mother would talk to me and tell me why she spanked me and what I could and should do to avoid it in the future.

    I totally :cosign: I have a 7 year old and this is exactly what works for him. I RARELY have to spank him because me taking things away from him that he likes works just as well if not better that beating him

  •! His_Mommy623

    @Fe, hey mama :hug:

    and I :cosign: ur post...

  • Doc Holiday

    @ Free

    Thats my point..when I first met my girlfriend her daughter was 5 and thought she was 25..I once was having a very grown conversation with her and the little girl walked in and tried to chime in...I remember once i did something like that in the 80's and got "jap-slapped" in the mouth.

    According to some views in here the proper response is to take away their crayons.....

  •! His_Mommy623

    @Fe and iheart

    ahhh nothing is as effective as taking the controllers from my kid. I will leave the Xbox sitting dead ass in his face but the controllers go where I go. i have taken them mufuggas to the supermarket before. oh he HATES that :lol:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • FeFe the Leggy Lynx

    :hugs: back @His...morning everyone!

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • iheart405

    @ His, :yes:

    I leave the game and controllers right where they are and DARE his lil azz to touch em...

  •! His_Mommy623

    :rofl: @Doc

    i got jumped and slapped on the back with a wet dishrag once for telling my mom and her twin my opinion on their grown convo. My mom and my aunt share a retarded type of crazy. So when i strolled up in that convo, both of their "oh hell no she didn't" radars went off...i didnt stand a chance :hahaha: bet u i took my ass on down the hall and stayed there...even if they were wrong (in regards to the conversation)lol

  • Mother Jefferson

    There's a difference between spanking/beatings and humiliating your kids just to make you feel like you are a better parent. :coffee:

  • vero

    :Cosign: @Fefe & His

    No one says spanking is the only method. But it sure helps.
    My son got a little spanking 2 weeks ago because he lied. I made sure after I spanked him and put him on time out for 10 minutes to explain him why he was spanked and why he shouldn't do it again.
    And I made sure he told his dad, and his grand parents that he got a spanking and why he got it and why he wouldn't getting more.
    Now he KNOWS he must not lie.

    This guy was only guilty of sending the video.

  • vero

    BTW morning fam !!! :waves:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    @HIS :2dance: HEY MS. MAMA VICE PRESIDENT :grin: OH AND MY MOMMA SIMPLY WOULD GET UP AND GO TO WORK HARD ON A BISH WEN I FUKED UP :karate: <<her geting ready in her room to beat the shyt outa me!!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Doc Holiday says:
    Thats my point..when I first met my girlfriend her daughter was 5 and thought she was 25..I once was having a very grown conversation with her and the little girl walked in and tried to chime in…

    Oooh, I can't stand "grown" kids! My grandma used to punk the shyt out of me and my cousins when tried to be in the room with adults. I had a friend who had a habit of discussing adult topics in front of her 8 year old son, who also chimed in and would sit down between us. :blink:

  • Tainted_Love

    Of course physical action isn't the only method.The father displayed two. He grounded him, he made him exercise and then beat his a$$. He also explained why he did it. The father used the same tactics they use in the military. If solider misbehaves their head will be shaved and will do physical activities. Most of the criminals I know didn't come from a stable household. Their moms were running the street, their dads were either hustlers or no where to be found. I'm glad my parents and grandparents beat my @ss because I could have easily ended up like others in my neighborhood but they kept me grounded!

  •! His_Mommy623

    Lakerrrrrrrrrrrrrr :2dance: hey mama!

  • Tainted_Love

    @Vero Yes! That's the only thing he is guilty of ...the video!!!

    Hey Everybody :waves:

  • free

    !*LaKErCHiC@*! says: MY MOMMA SIMPLY WOULD GET UP AND GO TO WORK HARD ON A BISH WEN I FUKED UP :karate: <<her geting ready in her room to beat the shyt outa me!!


    lol!! that minute or so where they had to go get the weapon of mass destruction and come back was worse than the d*mn whipping. wasn't nothing you could do at that point. i would always try "i'mma be good! i'mma be good....OOWWWWW!!!"

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • Bigbadwolf

    This is the BS. True he shouldn't have posted the video, but he should be able to discipline however he's sees fit. I've tried spanking my kids, but that doesn't work all the time. Time out works more than anything yeah I know it sounds crazy. A spanking hurts for a min and it's on to the next, but standing in a corner for 10 minutes, not being able move, talk, or time starts over is devestating, especially if your on minute 9 and got to start over. Keep in mind I have 5 and 7 year old boys, but my 14 year old son hates that chit too. He's kind of past the whoopings from me, but not his Dad. So I put his big azz in time out,he thinks it stupid and embarassing, especially with the little ones pointing and laughing at him.

  • TPtotalpackage

    I am going to have to agree with Sandra, although I am raising a young lady and not a young man. I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to spank her in in her six years of life. I was bad as hell as a child and was spanked with everything from switches to the rod off of the blinds, didn't phase me one bit. With my daughter I find that behavior modification works best. We set goals and have check list. Also lots of positive reinforcement. I don't scream or yell :cuss: at her that just creates unnecessary chaos. I stern calm whisper does the trick. I always said that I would never hit her when I was angry. Then there was the one time that she actually hit me, I drove her little 4 year old ass to the homeless shelter and told her to get out. Never had that issue again. Bottom line is I understand his sentiment but there are other ways.

  • free



    the worst thing you can do is to threaten and not back it up. it might be a day later, but my parents ALWAYS did what they said they were gonna do!

  • Bigbadwolf

    But I don't think the type of discipline or person you are actually makes or break a child. There 8 of my mom and em and they are all different. They were all disciplined the same way and A couple are really into church, a couple likes to party, others don't even act like family and they grew up with the same parents in the same household. It all depends on the child/person. They ultimatley make their own decisions no matter what you say or do. There are kids that are bipolar and have ADHD and no matter what you try, it doesn't work.

  • Doc Holiday

    good discussion

  • YSoSerious

    This is abuse, not discipline. The father should be locked up.

  • Moe

    Im sorry that type of discipline is what these unruly disrespectful children need these days. I dont see what he did wrong. As a matter of fact after I saw the video my partner and I made sure our 3 children got to see it.

  • Jazzy Mommy

    I agree wholeheartedly with Sandra :cosign:

    Just take a moment to read every comment that has been posted thus far. Do you notice the pattern? Several times over its stated that kids were given beatings for their behavior and the next day they were back it again...exhibiting the same behavior that got their azz whooped the day before. Now if that isn't proof that beating kids is not conducive then I don't know what is.

    Somebody :please: tell me why its so damn hard for black folks to grasp the concept of trying to learn different techniques to manage behavior problems with children? The father even mentioned in the video how he had recently beat the little boy for the same thing last week, so obviously beating him did not work. Open your eyes as to why our race is still phucked up when slavery happened over 400 years ago. They didn't want us to be educated. Once we were able to overcome that restraint black people have made some of the most innovative contributions and inventions to society. They wanted to divide and conquer us by placing lighter shades against the darker shades. We still haven't mastered overcoming that obstacle, but we're doing a helluva lot better as a race once we realized we could achieve greatness by coming together. The main thing holding us back is chit like this. WE ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR OWN CHILDREN AND THIS TIME AROUND WHYTE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BLAME!

    One of my old "friends" from my younger days recently came home from doing 10 years for a drug charge. In the town I grew up in, and even a few surrounding urban areas, he got respect. If you mentioned his name, you mentioned it with respect because if you didn't you knew you just wrote a check your azz wouldn't be able to cash. Whenever I was around him I would watch him give orders to people to do certain things and they would just do it. One day I asked him "What is it about you that makes people do what you say?" He told me that he earned his respect in the streets because of the fact that he beat a lot of people up and wasn't afraid to shoot at someone to get his point across. He told me the stories of how him and the guys who ran with him would pull up on other "blocks" if they had a problem with somebody and they handled it "HOWEVER IT NEEDED TO BE HANDLED."

    Once he came home I ran into him and of course we chopped it up about old times and things that happened while he was away. The majority of the conversation was him reminiscing about his days out in the streets and things he used to do that he wish he could change. One of the things he told me was that his mom used to beat him and he just needed to take his aggression out somehow. He said he knew better than to hit his mom back but he had anger inside from her hitting him. It took multiple stints in and out of jail...gun charges...drug charges...and ultimately a ten year run away from his children, family and friends for this to surface. He earned an Associates degree while in there, but he's so institutionalized that its going to take a while for him to get caught up in society. By the way. I think he's 40 years old now.

    Moral of the story? All hitting your kids does is implant suppressed anger and emotional issues. We laugh at whyte people for talking TO their kids as opposed to talking AT them. We laugh at whyte people for giving their children A TIME OUT. How about we try to use the same child rearing techniques they use to raise their children, and see if it yields better results.

  • YSoSerious


    Thank you. :claps:

  • Jay Bee

    Child abuse is a child being maltreated for no reason by a perpetrator with the intent to cause harm due to circumstances that are out of control and serious enough to the child where they need to seek hospital treatment or where the normal activity was imapaired... The abuse must be on-going.. Things that may trigger abuse.. Drugs, finances, child lack of development, caregiver seeing the child as a threat etc.... Child abuse iis not an ISOLATED incident ...

    This man will be redeemed... I would encourage him to use other methods of discipline but he was not in the wrong due to the son's behaviors.. There was a negative action and there was a consequence..
    LORD i wish we had more fathers like him.. Just maybe we would'nt have to see sooooo many R.I.P t-shirts and hoodies in the hood.. or maybe so many that died a sensless death would still be here today... JUST MAYBE!

    And lastly , this man will be released with anger management classes and thats about it HOW about the arrest the man or mens that kill ray ray, cheese, pimp and lil man.... Waste of space!!!!

  • BklynJa

    Just because he's in the video doesn't mean he was the one that sent it in. If you listen to what he says he explains to the little boy why everything was done to him. He shaved his head becuase the boy was being a clown and and wanted to make others in the class, if you want to be a clown well here's something for you to laugh at. He also mention talking to him and his grandmother talking to him and the child completely disregarded anything that was said to him. I do believe you have to use different types of discipline on children and not just one form. My family and myself have worked in the prison system and the stories we heard we about abuse i.e. black eyes broken bones and the such not get a beating cause you crossed the line

  • Jay Bee

    Jazz Mommy thats his story.. Not every man....

  • Jerrica

    I grew up around white kids and all their parents did was talk to them and that sh*t didn't work. Every child you can't talk to, it has to be an action behind it.

  • BklynJa

    Sorry for the typos my ADD kicked in and my mind started moving faster than my fingers

  • YSoSerious

    Abuse is not just about bruises and broken bones. There is such a thing as mental and emotional too. What is that boy really expected to learn from this?

    For that is supposed to be the point of discipline, is it not? To teach a person to make better choices, not shame or scare them. Never mind. :no:

  • BklynJa

    @ Yso your right there is such a thing but if he continues to make himself the "class clown" doesn't that harm him as well and no shade but don't you think taking him away is abusing him.......

  • Jay Bee

    And Florida states better give him an justice invesitgation.. Why is the child in State custody first alternative is family members and if im not mistaken the grandmother is available.. The goal is reunification and the father will go to paretning classes and be with his son.. The crazy thing is, some children are removed from their homes to go into the states custody (foster homes)and get "abused" sexually , mentally and emotionally... middle finger to the system!!!!!

  •! His_Mommy623

    omg...i'm glad i left this post.

    i cannot with the "beating ur kids is equivalent to slavery" shyt...

    its dumb and it doesn't make sense. parent ur OWN fuggin kids and stop tryna force your beliefs on parenting on other ppl. i'm gonna do what i feel is best for MY kid and whoever got a problem with it can start sending me a damn check er' month THEN we can talk because i'm doing the damn thang and b4 i care what anybody thinks, MY son better know that and respect that...GTFOH with all the black folk beat their kids yadda yadda yadda. That man didnt abuse his son and anyone saying so is foul as hell...he was parenting HIS damn kid. get off ur high horses..ya'll docile and timid parents might be raising a damn serial killer since all u wanna do is whisper at ur kids when they do wrong.... :rollseyes:

  •! His_Mommy623

    and that excludes my YSO just on the strength that I love her so much :hug:

  • West Coast Chick

    that's a damn shame! He was a little harsh, but you HAVE to teach kids consequences early in life to save them from self destruction

    I'm praying for that man.. there are tooooooooooooo many fathers that wouldn't even lift a finger let alone full out displine there own kids, at least he IS a father, and that boy will be just fine… I bet he wont be acting out in class anymore

  • BayMami_de4

    Discipline should be consistent but it shouldn't be to humiliate the child. I won't humiliate my children or allow anyone else to. If the parent doesn't have control by the age of 5, how the h3ll do you think you would be able to control a teenager?

  • free

    the smoking gun reports that this is not really his father but a "mentor" that the grandma set him up with. also that the child had marks on, or injury to, his legs from prior beatings. so this makes me understand more why he was arrested.

  • YSoSerious

    Well now, I guess since he was only a "mentor" some folks will call this bullsht for what it is. :coffee:

  • I Run New York

    The father doesn't even have custody of the child, the child only comes over to play video games with him. I'm puzzled as to why the child is with CPS as oppose to relatives like his grandma.