You still don't believe Drake is the biggest rap star in the universe right now? Drake was the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" last night. In addition to performing his latest singles "Headlines" and "Make Me Proud" off his upcoming album, the former 'Degrassi' star was also featured in comedy skits with Andy Samberg and "Weekend Update" with Jay Pharoah. Drake showed his range as an actor/comedian in a couple of promo skits with SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis.

Drake's 2nd studio album, Take Care, is due out on November 15.

Watch Drake perform "Make Me Proud" with label mate Nicki Minaj, and all the skits after the break!

Drake performs "Make Me Proud" with Nicki Minaj

Drake performs "Bag Jackin'" With Jay Pharoah:

Drake performs "Headlines"

Drake Interview With Andy Samberg:

SNL Promos


  • Jamillah

    Great clips, Sandra! I love some Drake.

  • SweetP1984

    Sandra I didn't know you were a fan.

  • Femme Fatale

    Nicki could use a serious dose of energy drink, mixed and served up wit some 'it factor'. Not a bad concept tho. She found a look that entices both young girls and grown men.

    Drake is an excellent performer. Still get 'soft' from this dude tho. Like he'll share his feelings with you and chit.

  • nybrn2

    Love Drake:) Can't wait for his new album!

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    Drake was good on here including the performance

  • Nita-No-Clothes

    Drake has really grown on me. It's not like I didn't care for him before, I just never paid him that much attention. He seems fun though and actually down to earth :)

  • wilhelmina99

    Saw SNL last night and enjoyed watching Drake and Nicki perform. Great chemistry between them.

  • Ms. Everything

    I enjoyed the show last night :clap: Drake did good, the teenage werewolf bit on the Weekend Update had me :dead: and even Nicki looked pretty to me.. :thumbsup: to her makeup artist

  • tld007

    what's with superstars always wearing onesies?

  • Ms. Everything

    :lol: @tld I hate onesies on anybody over the age of 2 years but compared to the ish she usually pulls outta her closet the onesie looked good :lol:

  • Tainted_Love

    Saw this last night! Love Drake :yes: I wish Drake would have performed solo :/

  • Fieryearthchild

    Cool! Nice Weekend Post. Drake did his thing. Laughed out loud a few times. Nothing seemed forced. Interview w/ Sam was too funny. Drake's face at the end was hella funny. Good Post. :cya:

  • YSoSerious



    That is all. :coffee:

  • kingstonn

    ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm just so damn... *fans self*

    I :heart: this guy! :cheer:

  • C. Maria

    Oh, Drake. :love:

  • kingstonn

    wait. @ Sandra,
    didn't you used to call him the ghey rapper when I woul ask for posts on him? what changed? :think:

  • GAGIRL87

    Nikki looks pretty, but :stop: I have NOTHING for Drake :coffee:

  • Dee1127

    Was it even a question to ask if Drake performed well on SNL?? NO!!

    A talented man indeed!!

    Drizzy :love:

    OAN: I couldn't look pass Nicki's nose that whole performance.

  • ATLPrincess

    Yay him.
    Been a fan since Degrassi. Lol. Had the mega crush on Jimmy!

  • OutsidetheBox

    I :heart: Coogi. They look fab and funny as hell. :lol:

    Aunty, Ive been bumping Drake's new joint you put me up on. :yes: