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The last post I wrote on Body Image Disturbance (BID) profiled a 23-year-old woman who died of complications related to her sixth breast augmentation surgery.

Despite the increased media focus on botched butt enhancement injections, many women continue to put their lives at risk.

Miami Gardens police have arrested a man (pictured above) who posed as a fake doctor to conduct unauthorized plastic surgery procedures on a woman who required hospitalization afterwards.

Cops say 30-year-old Oneal Ron Harris injected a substance consisting of cement, "fix-a-flat," mineral oil, and "super glue," into his victim as a butt enhancement and then sealed the incision with "super glue."

The injections resulted in what police called a "serious medical condition," requiring the victim to be hospitalized.
Miami Gardens Police say Morris also performed a similar procedure on himself. Source

Body Image Disturbance (BID), or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a mental illness that is on the rise in the black community. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian help to perpetuate the myth that bizarrely altering a woman's body parts will bring them riches and fame.

Rather than improve a woman's low perception of herself, the illegal butt injections often results in depression, serious illness or death.

Acording to

Body image may be seen as “disturbed” when one’s self-evaluation of appearance is at such a level that it interferes with social and/or occupational functioning, or causes elevated levels of anxiety and depression in the individual.

Women (and men) who suffer from this disorder tend to focus irrationally on one or more body parts. Assuring her that she looks great won’t do any good because she suffers from a mental disorder that limits her ability to see herself realistically.

There is no known cause of BID or BDD, and no known factors that might predispose a person to BID or BDD.

Most sufferers do not seek medical attention until they are deathly ill from the illegal injections, or their depression interferes with their daily lives.

Treatment of BID and BDD includes medications, such as antidepressants, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. If you believe you are a sufferer of BID or BDD, contact a licensed mental health professional.

This has been your Medical Minute.


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  • dabunique

    This happens all da time here in Miami, people want botox, fake titties, and fakes asses this is jus one of many arrests here. I'm like heffer u know this stuff ain't no good when u doin this surgery in a garage of a house. Fix a Flat and Cement dios santos what r u thinkin lol SMH

  • BayMami_de4

    OHMY - i'm so confused. Don't really see this in the Bay but who in their right mind would go to someone's house for surgery?!? WTF. And this is a man............whoa

  • ZenChickAtl

    That just looks extra unnatural. I am surprised that this fake doctor and the person he injected didn't die from this "fix-a-butt" concoction.

  • Aekelani A.K.A Beyonce’s Surrogate

    This is tragic.

  • AprilRain

    Ok I need to know if that body shot up there is real, because if it is, that is disturbing. So with these "shots", does one have to continue with them or is it for life? And,,,,,, if the shots need to be continueous, and one does not go back for more, does it just leave loose skin, kind of like when someone looses weight? I was not blessed with a big butt, although I wish I was I would not put my health at risk. So yes I do believe one has to have mental issues to do this. Its what society has protrayed as (sexy) these days. I just hope this way of thinking ends before our young generation grows. But if all our youth has is celebs like N.Minaj and Kim.K as their people to look up to then we are in bad shape.

  • Bella770

    I dont understand why big asses is this important that you would get fix a flat (funny) and everything injected in your glutes inside Loquesha's garage. I guess its all for male attention. :shrug:

  • Redeemed777

    '' He that sinneth before his Maker, let him fall into the hand of the physician.''

    Ecclesiasticus 38:15
    ( Apocrypha )

  • Crickett

    Question? I wonder if these so called doctors are American because it seems that foreigners (Dr. Murray;s and such) prey on American women.

  • MsPretTiTi

    The funny thing is, when you show up to this "things" house and see what the it looks like then y the hell would you trust it with your body... Yes, I agree these people have some serious mental issues... Look at those so called hips, soo unnatural looking smh. Im not surprised at what it was using, look at it!!

  • whatdoesitmatter

    Wow! :no:

  • Chgoprime

    I noticed this in Miami among black girls too a while ago. The girls I've seen were Jamaican girls. There was a time when black women prided themselves on not needing this crap.

    @Crickett They doctors are usually foreigners, also black women from the UK and west Indies BEEN doin this mess...

    Sandra do a post on latina's and plastic surgery. They're getting their butts done at 16 in Columbia, Brazil and DR. It only cost $500 in those places. Just saw the documentary, so disturbing.

  • African1

    Please please tell me my phone is acting up and I have missed the pic of the man arrested? The person who looks to have the botched butt job above is not a woman?

  • A.J.

    Dumb heaux! Looking a fool!

  • vero

    It's sad that society has made it the norm to have a big butt. Now not only men check them out, but also women.
    it's become a competition. Very sad

  • FeFe

    Ummm wow, that person pictured above is a man???? :shocked:

  • Jay Bee

    I blame the night life!... I guess they think they r going to be in their 20's and 30's forever...

  • African1

    @FeFe say it ain't so!!!

  • ryand91

    Ive always wanted a more rotund backside but I'll be satisfied with the cakes God and genetics blessed me with. Because this bootleg plastic surgery is getting entirely out of hand. These women end up looking worse than they started out looking.

  • His_Mommy623

    WHAT tha duece?! *Stewies voice*

    ion'eem know what 2 do with this story.

    *backs out the post*

    *peeks back in*
    heyul nawl... :no:

  • thegifted1

    Why on earth would you want to do this to your body... How the hell are you going sit in a comfortable seat... at the movies, airplane and etc. Its looks so stupid!!! EPIC FAIL!

  • Ms.Tangie baby

    Who in there right state of mind would believe that thing is a doctor. I strongly doubt that thing even finished high school.

  • Daisy

    I will not buy a booty although I could use some extra cushion :nono:

    Now I will have lipo or a tummy tuck after kids :yes:

  • Fayla aka NotSammySosaSister

    this chit right here?? :nono:
    glad they got ole mips (man hips) off the street. i got a donk, but average :boobs: am i gonna get some salty plastic ones tho? :no: imma just work with what i got. variety is the spice of life. it'd be boring if we were all shaped the same. i'm good. no surgery required. #bootlegorotherwise. :thumbsup:

  • JMO

    I had to log in because I thought something was wrong with my phone :blink:

    :nono: I don't feel sorry for anyone who went to this thing and said "yep, make me look like you" :wtf:

  • trenee

    whaaaaaa?! <------ and that's not because that's a man!

  • Hershey

    You get what you pay for :shrug: this man must have grabbed whatever was available in the garage at the tragic

  • Wigtrepreneur

    This is JEOPARDY! Answer...*That will be a no on the lace wig Alex,for $2000*:tape:

  • GAGIRL87

    Cops say 30-year-old Oneal Ron Harris injected a substance consisting of cement, “fix-a-flat,” mineral oil, and “super glue,” into his victim as a butt enhancement and then sealed the incision with “super glue.”


    :shocked: I really don't feel bad for the victim I hope she makes it though

  • Creamychic

    yall cannot convince me this is real :nono: no way possible. :nono: bye :kona:

  • brownsuggababe76

    @Chgoprime where did u see the interested in seeing it

  • Anna

    FeFe says:

    Ummm wow, that person pictured above is a man????
    Someones Science experiment.
    Love your gravi, the cat w/a mouse.

  • cougar lover

    i bet some dude some where prolly checking into the prison that area to get a chance at this maam'sir

  • Unpredictable

    :blink: Da hell?????? It's a damn shame that women are willing to die for a big azz. Bishes better learn how to do some squats. SMH

  • MzDetermined

    First of all...fixaflat, super glue, or none of that ish would be injected into my body.