Before you answer, think hard if you’re black and you dressed up as Superman, Snow White or Batman this Halloween. I think the Beyonce Stans were upset because the Beyonce Fake Baby Bump costume was the most popular get up this Halloween.

During a Halloween party held for members of the Coyotes, [Paul] Bissonnette posted a photo of a costumed Raffi Torres, along Torres’s wife, to his followers on Twitter. Torres was dressed as Jay-Z and his wife as Beyonce Knowles. Both of them were in blackface.

Blackface is a style of makeup used for imitating a black person. It has a history of being used in forms of entertainment based on racist stereotypes.

The photo quickly spread, sparking outrage amongst fans. Bissonnette later defended his teammate.

“As far as everyone trying to call ‘racism’ because Raffi dressed up like Jay-Z can simmer down,” Bissonnette tweeted. “He’s a huge Jay-Z fan.” Source