Whitney Houston’s ex-sister-in-law, Leolah Brown, appeared on CNN’s Dr. Drew last night to comment on the LA County coroner’s findings that Whitney had cocaine in her system when she died in a hotel bathtub last month.

In Brown’s opinion, Ray J was Whitney’s drug supplier. She also disputed reports that Ray J and Whitney were dating.

“I am going to believe that Ray J — who Whitney told me she had no relationship with … he was, like she said, a runner boy. He was buying [drugs] for Whitney for what I know, and giving her drugs,” Leolah told Dr. Drew.

If Ray J was anything serious to Whitney, surely she would have named him in her will, right?

From Radar Online:

Leolah said when she found out about the singer’s February 11 death, her first thought was, “My God, Somebody gave her a bad bag” of cocaine.

“I promise you that was the first thing that came out of my mouth,” she said. “Then I saw Ray J: And it all added up.”

Leolah said that in private conversations, the “I Will Always Love You” singer laughed off rumors that she and Ray J — best known for his roll-in-the-hay with Kim Kardashian on their 2007 sex tape — were romantically involved.

Ray J’s rep emailed a statement to the media, including us bloggers, denying Brown’s allegations. Furthermore, the email threatened possible legal action if we re-published any of Brown’s statements.

Of course, that would be a violation of our free speech which we are entitled to at least until President Obama changes the Constitution.

Leolah is someone that I know was a close associate of Whitney’s at some point. I have no reason to believe she’s lying. But neither am I confirming that her allegations are true.

An excerpt from the rep’s email, along with videos of Brown’s accusations are posted below.

Even though Leolah Brown was nowhere near the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the day Whitney Houston died, CNN proceeded to broadcast an interview with Ms. Brown in which she falsely claimed that Ray J was at the hotel and contributed to Whitney Houston’s death. Even the most minimal inquiry with anyone actually in contact with Whitney would reveal that Leolah Brown had been out of contact with Whitney for more than a year and was no where near the scene on the day of her death. We urge you not to republish these defamatory stories and caution you that doing so without attempting to verify the truth of same will cause significant damages to our client which may result in legal action.

Photo: Wireimage.com