Authorities are hot on the trail of an online pimp who sought out underage girls on social networks such as Like most predators, Marquist Bradford, 26, prefers young runaways who are easily impressed by a smooth talker.

Not surprisingly, Bradford is a rapper wannabe whose favorite pastime is flashing fake iced out jewelry and stacks of cash.

According to the Smoking Gun, Bradford, who is on the lam with one of his young prostitutes, has been charged with “sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion, a felony carrying a prison term of 15 years to life.”

Bradford first came to the attention of the FBI two months ago, when a 15-year-old girl told cops she ran away from her pimp.

The girl told police she was introduced to Bradford by a 17-year-old prostitute whom she befriended, named “Princess.” The unidentified minor said she communicated with Bradford on Facebook for several weeks before he sent her a Greyhound bus ticket from Fresno to Sacramento. She began living with the alleged pimp and Princess in his apartment.

The teen told investigators that Bradford immediately “posted advertisements for her as a prostitute” on one escort service web site. Then the beatings began.

From the Smoking Gun:

The girl told federal agents that she worked as a hooker for Bradford “for at least two weeks” in Santa Rosa, Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, and San Jose. The teenager added that she believed that “Princess” had been “working as a prostitute for Bradford for the past three years.”

The 15-year-old said that she fled from Bradford after he beat her for not listening to him. The girl said that the alleged pimp “knocked her to the ground, then began stomping in her upper body.” She added that Bradford had, days earlier, administered a similar beating to “Princess,” who “still had visible injuries.”

Bradford, whose Twitter username was @King_cutta, described himself as a “fresh fly nigga love doin me and love liven!!$$ money is my movation and bein broke is my Fear!” In another tweet yesterday, before deleting his account, Bradford wrote, “Just put a new bitch down $$ let’s see if she can keep dis money comin round $.”

The FBI continues to monitor Bradford’s Facebook account which is still active. They believe Bradford is continuing to pimp Princess in Chicago, Virginia, and New York.