Two suspects are being held in the shooting deaths of 3 men in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jake England, 19 (left), and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested and charged in the homicides. Two other men were injured in the shooting spree which occurred in the span of one hour early Friday. The 2 injured victims are unidentified and remain hospitalized under heavy security. All of the victims were black. The shooters are white.

One of the gunmen, 19-year-old Jake England, reportedly took to his facebook page to express rage that his father was killed by a black man two years ago. But police say there was no connection between the 5 victims and the death of England’s father.

Police Chief Chuck Jordan told CBS News Sunday that the victims “appeared to be totally random.”

The shootings in Tulsa comes amidst reports of increasing race-related incidents around the country.

The media’s self-serving, race-baiting coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder case in Sanford, Florida, might be the trigger for the increase in racial violence and hate crime incidents.

In complete disregard of journalistic standards, FOX News and CNN have become cheerleaders for George Zimmerman, the man who gunned down Trayvon in cold blood inside a gated community on Feb. 26.

FOX News and CNN have repeatedly distorted and twisted the facts and evidence in the case to favor Zimmerman, who claims to have acted in self defense when he shot Trayvon as he walked home from a convenience store with a bag of Skittles in his pocket.

In one incident related to the Trayvon murder, racist graffiti was spray painted on a black cultural center at Ohio State University, and a racist message displayed on an electronic highway road sign called Trayvon a ni**er.

The NY Post reports that Neo-Nazis are “goose-stepping around the Florida town” where Trayvon Martin was killed.

The “white civil rights organization” claim to be preparing for a race war.

A grand jury will convene tomorrow (April 10) to decide if there is enough evidence to charge Zimmerman.