According to, Kim Kardashian allegedly invited herself backstage at Beyonce’s Revel concerts in Atlantic City last weekend.

Kim, who is reportedly banned from Beyonce’s inner circle, strolled backstage with her friend, socialite Brittany Gastineau, who started taking random pics as if to prove they were indeed backstage.

But Gawker is adamant that Beyonce did not invite Kim backstage — as evidenced by the lack of pics with Beyonce in them.

Gawker quotes CelebDirtyLaundry who alleges that, not only are Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian not friends, Kim Kardashian was not even invited backstage but, rather, “crashed” it, and now “Beyoncé and her people are furious at Kim for doing such a thing.”

In desperation, Kim tweeted a pic of her and Brittany sitting in the audience at Bey’s show at the Revel Resort and Casino.

And after the show, Brittany posted a pic of Kim posing with one of Bey’s background dancers.

She tweeted: “Just walked backstage through Beyonces dressing room…no big deal….haha..surreal moment.” But Brittany doesn’t actually mention seeing Beyonce backstage.

How desperate is Kim? First, she pulls off a fake relationship with Beyonce and Jay Z’s pal Kanye West — and then she pretends to be one of Beyonce’s besties when the fact is Beyonce can’t stand her.