In this graphic video, a 62-year-old Bronx, NY woman is mauled by two pit bulls as they broke away from their owner. Surveillance video from a nearby store caught the attack Monday as the dog handler frantically tried to restrain his dogs. After the attack, the dogs’s unidentified owner is seen beating one of the dogs with his fists.

Carmen Cabrero’s daughter translated for her Spanish-speaking mother. Cabrera told Fox News that the two dogs pinned her against a refrigerator on the sidewalk, and were going for her face but she blocked them with her arm. Cabrera said her jacket saved her arm from being ripped off by the vicious dogs.

Cabrera said she called the police after being treated at a hospital for dog bites. But the man and the dogs were long gone. She said something needs to happen before the dogs strike again.

Video source: Fox News

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