By Sandra Rose  | 

Unlike androgynous realty TV star Joseline Hernandez, University of Kentucky standout Anthony Davis has thick skin.

From the time he set foot on the UK campus, his teammates prevailed upon him to shave his unibrow. But Davis took the taunts in stride.

To the 19-year-old future NBA star his unibrow was his trademark -- and now he's making it official.

Davis, who is expected to be the top pick of the Hornets in Thursday's NBA draft, plans to trademark the phrases "Raise the Brow" and "Fear the Brow" -- in reference to his uniquely fused eyebrows.

"I don't want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it," Davis told CNBC. "Me and my family decided to trademark it because it's very unique."

Even when Davis cashes in his top draft pick status with a multimillion NBA contract, he won't consider separating his eyebrows.

"It changes none whatsoever when I'm in the NBA," he said. "I'm not going to change who I am. It's me."

Other stars with unique unibrows include Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon, and R&B singer-turned radio jock Al B. Sure.

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    • CivilEngineer

      Ohhhh but what about those teeth???

    • Audacious2


      Someone needs to trademark a dentist up in that lower-grill. He's a gorgeous guy. I wonder does he suffer from a genetic disease that cause an over growth of teeth.

    • brown_skin83

      k, what is he going to do about those teeth??? :no:

    • blkboytn

      Dem teefs doe...omg

    • scorpio

      What in the?

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Forget the eyebrows look at those teethe :eek: :ghost:

    • MrsWDE

      Y'all are hilarious

    • Audacious2


      I just saw a photo of his parents and he resembles his father dearly. I think it is a genetic mutated disease the reason for all the extra teeth. However, they are very proud of Anthony's success & I'm sure he's a very joyous person. Hope he just watch out for the gold-diggers in training, cause that uni-brow and them teef's can be fixed in a matter 48hrs.

    • deedeegirl

      Dude has three rows of teeth. His daddy must be a shark!

    • JMO

      *huge gasp* :tape:

    • BlackBeauti

      Hi unibrow has nothing on his teeth... Jesus Christ hopefully his first check he can get those suckers pulled and get veneers a la Nicki Minaj.

    • deedeegirl

      I just read this. No one can willfully grow a unibrow. Either you have one or you dont. There is nothing wrong with change for the better!

    • BlackBeauti

      Them white girls don't get a darn about his teeth. They will suck his tongue just to say they are dating a negro baller

    • teenbean

      I hope he get his :grill: fixed

      Hey yall :waves:

    • Sandra Rose

      Audacious2 says:

      I think it is a genetic mutated disease the reason for all the extra teeth.

      I don't see extra teeth. It looks like his bottom teeth were pushed in, during a rough game maybe? :shrug:

    • Sandra Rose

      deedeegirl says:

      I just read this. No one can willfully grow a unibrow.

      He doesn't come across as very intelligent. But his money will compensate for his lack of smarts.

    • I Run New York

      His father's teeth are busted as well. Maybe, it's genetic.

    • luVn_liFe…

      The brow is the least of his issue(s)

    • missmiami

      Wow he is feeling himself a lil too much :coffee:

    • luVn_liFe…

      :wtf: How come im watchin JVelez and she's showing the day after Zimmerman Killed TrayVon...
      he has two black eyes :blink:

    • Ty

      Maybe he should trademark the "double unibrow" :shrug: The one in his mouth clearly matches the other one :coffee:

    • Ty

      Audacious2 says:

      I just saw a photo of his parents and he resembles his father dearly. I think it is a genetic mutated disease the reason for all the extra teeth.
      Mutated..I knew that shyt wasnt human :rofl: He still could've gotten his teeth fixed, it looks like it hurt :coffee:

    • rjk8

      He has a girlfriend :kiss: :rofl:

    • Genevieve..

      Every time I see his face all I can say is whew chile!!! But the groupies will still be chasing him down.

    • Taboo01

      Sandra…Sandra…Sandra…Im with everyone else the unibrow is the least of this child's worries. What they need to do is call the paramedics and rush him to the dentist cause them teeth are through…done…done like he just chewed a bag of river rocks AND DIDNT BOTHER TO CHEW WITH HIS MOUTH SHUT no: its not the unibrow…ITS THEM TEETH… ALL 44 OF THEM!! :dead:

    • lovezoe

      Can we get your thoughts on Toua's husband Mistress show?

    • whatdoesitmatter

      Wooo them teefesses gots to go!

    • Ni ni

      That po baby, bless his lil ol heart but i think them gold diggers gon eat him alive. He'll look alright in a couple yrs tho.

    • TPtotalpackage

      What in thee...You know what....Ain't a groupie in the damn world.....

    • TPtotalpackage

      After further investigation..(Googling his parents) I believe he may be inbred. They look like they could be first cousins. :coffee:

    • charleybrown

      Damn his parents didnt have a dental plan when he was growing up..... My God why didnt they slap some braces in his mouth?? F@#k the unibrow. He needs to cash his first NBA check and get that grill together. He looks like he could chew through a block of cement!!

    • Tertra114

      He's actually a cutie, and seems like a nice dude, i hope he really does let those comments roll off his shoulder, cause some of the shyt i've seen written about him by commentors were truley horrible, it's one thing to joke but another just to type the nastiest thing you can think of about another person

    • Sunkissed404

      Lmbo! Yeah, he's so cute! But Great Goobally Goo!!

    • J2201987

      Those teeth look like they hurt.

    • rozb

      He's got a mouth like a shark, poor thing. :no: He could never bite anyone and not get caught - forensics at the crime scene will look at the teeth marks and go straight to him. :kona:

    • lakiesha76

      I had to login for this. He is a ugly mf damn!!!!! Hopefully when he get the money he will look like it.

    • Brenden’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

      Interesting...Owning your flaws :think: Hmmm has anyone trade marked keloids? I got one on each ear,,,Maybe there's sumthin there...Eartiddys...Earloids...Keylears...Hmm...Ear bags,,,Thats it...Ear bags...Lemme hit up my lawyer :pc:

    • Brenden’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

      No whiplash for me...Ive got ear bags :thumbsup:

    • Nhere

      Trademark that yuk mouth.

      J/k I appreciate the championship he brought this town, the best piece of action I've seen since landing a year ago.

    • Nhere

      Lol, @ ear bags.

    • Secret

      Please tell me Sandra photoshopped this :/

    • beenaroundtheworld

      I'm LMFAO at yall!!!!! Both his parents are retired Army and they could have afforded a dental plan.

    • datsmdubya2u

      New Frontline documentary finds that one in three Americans can't afford a dentist

      that was on tonight....

    • datsmdubya2u

      100 million americans cannot afford to go to the dentist

      One in three Americans can't afford to see the dentist.

      More than 100 million Americans do not go to the dentist for checkups and cleanings because of the cost, according to PBS FRONTLINE and the Center for Public Integrity. As a result, many go broke trying to afford dental care or suffer from extreme pain. Some die.

      Forgoing dental care sometimes is fatal. Kyle Willis, a 24-year-old father from Cincinnati, died from a tooth infection last year because he could not afford antibiotics or to get the tooth pulled out, according to ABC News. He was unemployed and had no health insurance. The infection spread, caused his brain to swell and then killed him.

    • yallcrazy

      Welcome to Sandra Rose Anthony Davis :yahoo:

      I had a name I was gonna font but Imma be nice *bats eyes*

      Good Night Mr.Piggy :lol:

    • yallcrazy

      Oop, came back just to say that HE DID get work done on his mouth, look at the upper teeth yall :lol: #linedupsamecolor

      :shrug: I guess he didn't think everybody would be all up in his mouth. #shiddddddd :rofl:

      <--just finished her final paper :danban1:

    • datsmdubya2u


      he just ain't had time to get to bottom done ylet :rofl:

    • San

      Is he crazy? Ppl will be avoiding this, not doing it. Who can just grow one anyway?

    • datsmdubya2u

      it don't matter unibrow, jacked grill and all he's bout to have 50-11 baby mamas if he wants em.

    • Ni ni

      I’m LMFAO at yall!!!!! Both his parents are retired Army and they could have afforded a dental plan. by beenaroundtheworld................ :hailnaw: he got to have some thick skin then. Im so glad my mom got me braces cause kids can be so cruel.

    • GAGIRL87

      He gonna be sanging Mike Jones soon :whistle: Back then they didn't want me NOW I'm hot they all on me :no: :coffee:

    • FuturedocDonte

      :thinking: Is his unibrow arched?

    • candibfly


      everything's already been said tho :(

    • free

      it's too early in the morning for those bottom choppers.... and how the hell do you trademark a unibrow? it's not something you create, you're born with it. so if i have a unibrow and i want to make money off of it, is this fool gonna try and block me?

    • BoogieNites

      his unibrow is indeed threaded AND ARCHED, Future :yes:

      morning, people :hi:

    • free

      Audacious2 says: Someone needs to trademark a dentist up in that lower-grill. He’s a gorgeous guy. I wonder does he suffer from a genetic disease that cause an over growth of teeth.


      looks like the problem is in the gums. they can extract the "extras" and try to put some steel around that thang but i don't know if they can fix gums.

    • NaijaGal

      so anybody else see the trailer for "Mistresses of Atlanta"

    • lovezoe

      Naja- I had asked Sandra a few posts up was she gonna post something. I think this kinda proves Memphitz is a bum.

    • lovezoe

      On topic: Soon as chicks realized he had NBA potential, he as in Tommy would say "Gettin the draws dawg"

    • Smokie

      Come on Sandra... new post please! I can't take the grill.

    • ImSuchaLady

      lovezoe says:
      Can we get your thoughts on Toua’s husband Mistress show?
      I think it's a hot A$$ mess!! Since when is being a mistress something to brag about? I swear these days these hoes be winning.

    • pointhimout

      man, them black and decker weed wacker teeth homey? no sir, the minute you sign that deal, flight yo red behind over to a dentist. I can appreciate a person embracing their flaws and all, but his mama need her ass whooped for that. whooped.

    • Mother Jefferson

      :kona: until we get a new post

    • Bootcampgirl

      Good morning ladies :yahoo:
      So, what's this show "Hoes of Atlanta" about? :popcorn: Whose hoes supposed to be on there, who they about to put on blast, what channel does it come on?

    • NaijaGal

      LOVEZOE yeah I wonder what the disussion was with Toya when he said he wanted to put hoes on display

      BOOT - you can see the trailer on missjia's site...there's a white guhl that is so lost besides wanting to beat her ass, you want her to bathe in hot bleach water

    • lovezoe

      Boot- Toya's husband gave a sneak peek. The two up there that is known outside of ATL is Maliah and Mary Jane (Shaq mistress at one point). This one girl Sarah said men don't want no black puzz with that pink in the middle.... Yep. She said that.

    • lovezoe

      Naja- The fact it is about MISTRESSES and he himself is married, is just. Dude really does portray himself as Ikeish.

    • Kei_lyme

      6am and I'm up....

      GM All


    • pointhimout

      Sandra, u hear about the 2 young ladies (late teens) shot in Texas? They were a couple, both were shot in the head, one died. Idk if they were targeted because they're gay or not, but that's how the media's reporting it.

    • DTowns Finest

      i can deal w/the unibrow i just hope and pray that he gets he parts ways with his grill...

    • FeFe Feminine

      wow, everything has already been said about jabber jaws up top.... :kona:

      Ok, well *ahem* good morning everyone! :waves:

    • Kei_lyme

      :hug: Fefe

      We're naming our girl Meredith Anastasia :)

    • NaijaGal

      KEI, FEFE :hi: :hug:

      *I love the name pretty*

    • FeFe Feminine



      Hey mama...that's a beautiful name! I know you are old is she, is she a newborn?

    • FeFe Feminine



    • missmiami

      :offtopic: Kids say the darnest things....... So my woderful stepson told me his mom says when u cant find your toothebrush use your finger :rofl: even went into detail by explaining u put it toothepaste on your finger and swish it around your teeth :dead:

    • Kei_lyme


      She is due August 21st!


      Thank you after my best friend.

    • FuturedocDonte

      So i had to :pc: to see to the trailer for Mistresses of Atlanta and I have decided that......... I need to take a sabbatical from TV :coffee:

    • goat76

      Someone on twitter said if he bit into an apple it'll leave a Wu-Tang symbol.


    • FeFe Feminine


      awww, that is SO awesome...sending blessings your way!

    • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

      DID HE CHEW ON ROCKS.. :eek:

    • Kei_lyme

      doesn't watch these reality shows... :shrug:

    • FeFe Feminine

      :ghost: @goat

      dude looks like he's been snackin' on nuts and bolts... :no:

    • Kei_lyme

      Thanks fefe!

      Let his mushmouth behind be great!

    • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


    • NaijaGal

      @Goat to the :kona: with you sir :rofl:

    • Gigi26

      :dead: @Goat!!

      I'm sorry but this kid is retarded. Unibrows have been around for ages and he's gonna waste his time/money on this shyt?! He's already headed for ruin.

      @LoveZoe and Naija, I saw it last night on another site and I was beyond floored. And how Memphitz know dude huh? :homo: HOW YOU DOIN!?! These are all the products of failed parenting.

    • lovezoe

      Kei- Congrats!

    • prynsexxx


      :dead: @GOAT! That is some FUNNY SHYT! :rofl:

      @Dats I watched a bit of that Frontline documentary last night.

    • prynsexxx

      Congratulations @Keily Me :clap: :cheer:

    • lisaROSE

      my momma always said "we are too advanced in technology for you to have messed up teeth and bad acne"..... AND IN THAT ORDER !!!!!

    • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

      MORNING SR LADIES :waves:

    • Gigi26

      Awww Congrats Kei!!!

      :waves: Morning Everyone :-)

    • BoogieNites

      same post, huh ? :hi:

    • Tertra114

      Yall are Horrible people :coffee:

    • lovezoe

      :waves: to all my fave peeps!!

    • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

      is him gone trademark them teefis too? :coffee:

    • NaijaGal


    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Morning everyone, we still in here :waves: Dem teef though :tea: I have never seen nothing like em , :coffee: first time for everything

    • NaijaGal

      jenie :waves:

    • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

      <–just finished her final paper :danban1:

      YALL!!! :cheer: :dance: :yahoo: SO proud of u mami!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:) says:

      is him gone trademark them teefis too? :coffee:

      He don't ever have to worry about folks wanting teef like that girl :nono: Morning Fay Fay :yahoo:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Naija :hug: :cheer:

    • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

      NAIJA! :kiss: gm beautiful!!

      ZoeZoe! :yahoo: whatcha know no-good?

    • prynsexxx

      I wonder if the tip of his tongue is dented, imprinted and chewed up. The tip of his tongue probably looks like salt on a snail. :hurl:

    • prynsexxx

      How the hell does he floss? He CAN'T just brush everyday for 5 minutes. CAN'T!

    • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

      Jenie :rofl: don't nobody want that damn brow neeva but he spent cash to TM them chits :shrug:

      Bless his heart :coffee:

    • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

      prynsexxx says:

      I wonder if the tip of his tongue is dented, imprinted and chewed up. The tip of his tongue probably looks like salt on a snail.

      :dead: :dead:

    • NaijaGal

      FAYLA :kiss: gm sun-kissed beauty :hug: ... :yahoo: on knocking that paper out

    • KDub

      I think Shemar Moore is this kid long lost daddy with them teeth. Both of their bite marks got extra deena (DNA) and shat

    • Usual Suspect

      Morning Errrybody :kiss:

      Smithsonian, will check to see what SHARK family he's from.

    • MzDimplez1123

      I couldn't get past the teeth to see the iBrowse. Man Sandy, why you pick THAT pic? :no:

    • Audacious2

      Sandra Rose says:

      I don’t see extra teeth. It looks like his bottom teeth were pushed in, during a rough game maybe

      ++++++++++++++ :blink:

      Ha, that had to have been a few real rough games to get them teeth arranged like that.

      Someone said his parents are former military. So he may have had a dental plan cause his top grill looks great, maybe the plan max-ed out. He's seems very humble and parents are proud of him.

    • J Said it!

      yoooo he make Fab teeth look good!!! But good luck tho Davis... go get em!!

    • Elle_Brooklyn

      He looks just like that cartoon character Helga from that show HEY ARNOLD... LMAO

    • Destinee

      How does this compare to people saying Josephine is a tranny or a homorphidte? Not the same...thick skin or not saying a women looks like a man and is/or use to be a man is not the same. That is hurtful. But ole boy needs a dentist BAD!!!

    • Destinee

      Sorry Joseline

    • kandi-gyrl

      speaking from a dental point of view, he would have to break his jaw and wire it shut. you cant do that until you are done "growing"(18 ish) most people dont think its worth it at a certain age.... but he come holla at me i'll do it for season tickets each year:)

    • butterfly197420

      Gotta LOVE my SR Fam! Yall be cracking me up! :rofl: Always a reminder to NEVA, EVA EVA EVA post my pics on here. Yall are brutal - but keep 'em comin' as long as it aint about me! :D :hahaha: IDK Auntie, it looks like he has a couple extra teefus' in there. Glawd hamercy!