Track star Lolo Jones, 30, broke down and cried after reading a NY Times article criticizing her for being just another pretty face with no real athletic accomplishments.

“They just ripped me to shreds, and I just thought that that was crazy,” said Jones during an appearance on the Today Show Wednesday.

In addition to the harshly worded article, social media critics on took pot shots at Jones for finishing fourth in the 100m hurdle race at the 2012 Olympics in London.

“Putting your heart out there, obviously, it opens you up to a lot of negativity,” Jones said as tears ran down her face.

Calling the criticism “heartbreaking” Lolo added: “They should be supporting our U.S. Olympic athletes and instead they just ripped me to shreds. I just thought that that was crazy because I worked six days a week, every day, for four years for a 12-second race and the fact that they just tore me apart, which is heartbreaking.

Lolo made headlines prior to the Olympics when she revealed she was saving her virginity for the right man.

Jones said she wasn’t interested in spreading her legs for just any man, she’s looking for a “life partner.”

“That’s one of the main reasons, because literally there are so many people who aren’t willing to wait for their future spouse. They want to have sex now, they want to hook up,” said Lolo. “That’s their life. My life is something else.”

Jones said preserving her virginity was more difficult than training for the Olympics.

“I’ve complained about this to all my friends,” Lolo told Access. “‘When am I going to finally meet the man of my dreams, my husband, and experience, you know?’ Please, end this drought.”

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