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What happened to the dress code that the NBA instituted a while back? I have never seen LeBron James cleaned up nicely except in that Vitamin Water commercial. Anyway, thanks to Greg for this shot of LeBron arriving in China for the Summer Olympic games.

About the only thing stylish in this photo is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall LeBron is wearing. So he gets a pass for the rest of his getup.

Greg pointed out the $350 Beats By Dre headphones that LeBron has -- and that all the Olympic basketball players received for free from Apple. LeBron is wearing his with the red accessory wire for his iPOD. The Beats By Dre headphones use the same noise canceling technology as the BOSE QuietComfort Noise Reduction headphones which, coincidentally, also retails for $350.

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  • bklynchick

    @ pagesinadiary
    That was the only thing that was worth looking at in the picture. Lebron is very talented brother but just not cute at all to me.

  • Abhor_

    From the looks of it it seems like hes been traveling. I don't know too many people who "dress up" to travel..oh well!

  • Kymystry

    ummm .. who cares? ...
    All I wanna know about LeBron is .. did he hire a housekeepr yet ? ? ? ?

  • j-lo843

    I could care less about him every since he told his mom to sit her *** down...If you don't respect your mom then who do you repsect...????

  • hellava10

    he's a bit too fertile for my liking

  • brenden

    Funny that the very thing you gave him props for is the very thing that throws me off. Im not mad at the way he looks. An athlete who just stepped off the plane, he's got that look down pact,,,nothing wrong with that. The man bag however....I just cant. When my girl makes me hold her purse because she's going to the bathroom or what have you I sits that sh*t on the ground in front of me,,,,I cant get with men holding purses. Doesnt make them look gay, it's just weird. The fact that it's an expensive man purse doesnt make it better. Especially since the knockoffs they got at the dollar tree look just as good, if not

  • Sharonda

    I don't see nothing wrong, acutally.When I travel I like to be comfortable and being in a suit all the time will probably leave him hot.You have to be in a suit 24/7, I don't think this is a business trip or anything???

  • katgirl33

    Sandra says:

    What happened to the dress code that the NBA instituted a while back?

    They still have it. TEAM USA is not the NBA......they are representing the U.S. for the Olympics...NBA has no say.

    LOL He looks happy about that, with his junky house having azz....LOL

    I hope he cleaned it up before he left the country

  • Mspeng I the only one who feels like this guy's mom LIED about his age because how on earth is he 23. I'm older than him and I honestly look like his daughter. SMH...I just don't get it. He looks like he's pushing 40 to me. No comment on the rest of the pic because it's pretty irrelevant.

  • katgirl33

    brenden Says:

    When my girl makes me hold her purse because she’s going to the bathroom or what have you I sits that sh*t on the ground in front of me,,,,

    You better not let your girl hear about you putting her purse on the ground....LOL LOL That's a no no....

  • katgirl33

    Ms Peng,

    They coming out the womb at 18 now...LOL LOL LOL These young people ARE looking at LOT older than what they are....

    Greg Oden (SR brothers, help me out)- the 1st round draft pick from last year - plays for the Portland Trailblazers - but got hurt on the coffee table - he look like he could be Lebron's daddy!

  • brenden

    j-lo843 Says:

    I could care less about him every since he told his mom to sit her *** down…If you don’t respect your mom then who do you repsect…????

    Hello jlo...Can I just defend him right quick. I think he had every right to speak to his mom like that. She jumped in harms way (she could have seriously got hurt) And even worst she was opening her son up for criticism. No grown man needs some woman, let alone his old a*s mama going to battle for him! Let this man be a man. Sit yo a*s down! What was she gone do??? Reminds me of this situation I saw jump off a few weeks ago. I saw a woman tell a man she was gone kick his muthafu*kin ass if he didn't get out of her way...She was talking to the bouncer at a club who wouldn't let her in without proper I.D. She started getting loud, stomping her feet, then she spat in his face. He pushed her a*s to the ground...Next thing you know 1 of the guys who was traveling with the group of people she was in line with jumps on the bouncer and he too got knocked to the ground,,,,All of this could have been avoided but for big bad what ever her name was thinking she could take on a man. Stop the nonsense...If all you can do is hoop and holler and talk a good game then indeed you need to just sit yo a*s down! Now that I think of it that example is far from the incident with Lebrons mother, however it could have turned out the same,,,Im just saying...

  • Kymystry

    It's not a man purse .. it's a piece of luggage .. a carry-on ....

    Callin his mother "an old azz woman" .. not cool ... My mother used to say this when we had the audacity say mommy you gettin OLD ... She'd calmly say .. Baby you are going to be OLDER ALOT longer than you'll be young...and the alternative to getting to be an "old azz woman" .. is dying ..
    I'll take aging gracefully for 300 Alex.

  • candycane

    I could care less about him every since he told his mom to sit her *** down…If you don’t respect your mom then who do you repsect…????

    Did he say that? I thought he just said, Ma! sit down! I didnt notice the azz part. But moms was outta line, how she gonna jump bad with player because dude pushed Lebron into the stands. LOL!!!!!! Momma SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!! I'm a grown azz man, and this is my JOB!!!

  • j-lo843

    @ brenden

    Ummm..I see you don't have any respect for your mom...regardless of the situation he shouldn't have cursed at her...that in my book is disrespectful...whatever happened to "respect thy mother and father"...and if i recollect I think they fell into the stands so....she really didn't put herself in harms way..her mother instinct just kicked in...and opening up criticism...he got more criticism for talking to his mom like that than her doing something that comes naturally to her...and on that note....i'm just saying...

  • brenden

    Im gonna have to disagree. I dont consider aging gracefully and jumping at the opportunity to fight go hand and hand. A lady of grace would never do such. There's nothing wrong with growing old. I think its the fear of ageing that has these folks running to botox at record numbers...Im not old....Yea you are. Accept it, embrace it, and worst of all dont fight it. Cuzz at the end of the day-you'll I too will be old 1 day,,,,Hell Im already old, but Ill be even older...And as long as I take care of myself by working out and eating right...Ill be just fine....No botox for me, no toupees on my head...And by no means will I be running around trying to pick fights. I cant imagine the stress of fighting would blend well with my viagra prescription...

  • Kymystry

    ^ jlo .. we on the same page girl ... had me ready to take my belt off and whip his hind parts ... lol

  • Kymystry

    @ brenden since you called me old ... BOY please...NEXT !

  • brenden

    @ brenden

    Ummm..I see you don’t have any respect for your mom

    ^^???? My appologies for quoting you to begin with. Youre entitled as am I. God bless...

  • j-lo843

    @ Kymystry

    In the words of the ladies from Waiting to Exhale"...and you still look good...:)

  • brenden

    Kymystry Says:

    @ brenden since you called me old … BOY please…NEXT

    Wow. I wasnt calling you old at all. I called myself old. I thought you were speaking of your brother and your grandmother. I had no implications of how old you were. Some how this has gone somewhere Im not willing to go....God bless you as well.

  • Kymystry

    @ jlo .. all day everyday ... lol

  • Anna

    My 2 cents is that Lebron's mom is not that much older than he is and he was raised by his grandmother. No excuse for him to call her out like that, dude is under pressure and you don't need ghetto mama at your game acting a fool. I don't care how much money you have 15 year olds should not be having babies. It must be hard to respect your mother when she is old enough to be your big sister and may not have been around all the time. You have to remember his mother is a grown ass woman who still has issues. When she got pulled over for a DUI driving a SUV she did not have a valid drivers license or insurance. Her son is Lebron James! She should never hurt for money unless he cut off.

  • j-lo843

    @ brenden

    God Bless you as well..point is NO child has a right to curse or speak direspectful to their parents regardless of how they feel that the parent is in the wrong...when a person does it says alot about their character...and they lose brownie points with me.

  • dj_dceezy

    the nigga make $100 million. he tell his momma whateva. lmao

  • eastpointvet

    the nba has a policy for dress the usa mens team can wear anthing as long as its team usa related

  • prynsexxx

    Sandra, you better not be trying to slip this in as "Morning Wood" either, after you gave us that toothpick called Chris Brown and that GI Joe, top half twisted West, bottom half twisted East, picture of Nelly.

    The day is almost over and we haven't even received ONE notable piece of chipped wood and you promised us TWO. Wishful thinking, huh?

    I mean commmmmeeee ooooonnnnnn!

  • ggouch

    I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LaBRON!! I do I do I do. He is the only thing about OHIO I like. He so big and so beautiful. I just want to climb him like a tree in the rain forrest. I dont care what the hell he wears. My heart flutters when I see him. I would be his Burger King and he could have it his way...every DAYUM Day!

  • miamore73

    He just flew to China I'd look a whole lot worse.